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Promoting Valentine’s Day: Pakistan Media’s Hypocrisy about India’s Cultural Invasion Exposed


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February 15, 2013

Pakistani media regularly pits out outrageous rants about the cultural invasion of India in Pakistan trying to destroy the Islamic values among the Pakistanis but its hypocrisy was once again exposed on the Valentine’s Day when despite the warnings of the religious scholars against promoting Valentine Day, the  Pakistani media, particularly Jang promoted the celebrations. The widely circulated daily published a full page of Valentine Day messages on Thursday. It should be noted that the electronic and print media often see the cultural exchanges between India and Pakistan with suspicion. Even the participation of Pakistani children and adult artistes in Indian TV programmes like Laughter Channel are criticised saying it is a conspiracy of India to blur the notion of the Two-nation theory in the minds of Pakistani children so that they forget their Islamic identity. They have become so suspicious of Pakistani artists performing in India that sometimes they brand their own celebrities agents of RAW and other Indian intelligence agencies. For example, two years ago, an English daily called Rahat Fateh Ali Khan a RAW agent because he visited India too frequently on singing assignments.

Only a day before Valentine’s Day, a Pakistani minister gave a call to the Pakistani people, particularly the media to thwart the cultural invasion of India. Earlier, the clerics of Pakistan appealed to the Pakistani media not to promote Valentine’s Day in Pakistan but all the appeals of the mullahs fell on deaf years as the Jang published the Valentine’s Day messages of the readers . Other newspapers also published small articles and features on Valentine’s Day popularising the celebrations which have nothing to do with Muslim culture.

However, to dampen the criticism of the religious hardliners, the Valentine’s Day messages were given a little moral colour. The readers sent messages not only to their lovers but also to their teachers, wives and children and their mothers or both the parents. This way the Pakistani media tried to give Valentine’s Day an Islamic look by publishing the message of love and affection by a son to his mother, or a husband to his wife and so on to silence the religious circles. But in doing so, they made a mockery of a day which is only specifically celebrated by romantic lovers. It speaks of the obsession of the Pakistani youth with the western culture that they cannot ignore the Valentine’s Day even if they have to change the nature of the festival. It also speaks of the hypocrisy of the Pakistani media which gives preference to their business interests to the interests of the nation or the appeals of the ulema. It reminds one of an Indian joke which sums up the cultural dilemma of the Pakistani people.

Two simple lovers finally got married. On the first night, the husband asked the wife to sing a song for him. The wife first shied away and said that she did not know any song. But the husband insisted that she sing any song she remembered. So she sang:

Bhaiya mere, rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana

Bhiay mere chhoti bahan ko na bhulana

Then the wife requested the husband to sing some song. The husband acquiesced and sang this song:

Tu kitni achhi hai, tu kitni bholi hai, tu kitni pyari hai, o Ma, o Ma.

Here we reproduce some of the messages that were published by Jang for our readers.

Har dil aziz mushfaq ustad Prof. Zaheer Ahmad Khan, allah karim se apki izzat, sehat aur darazie umr ke liye dua go hun.Happy Valentine Day--- Farhana Advocate

(Very popular and affectionate teacher Mr Zaheer Ahmad Khan, I pray for your dignity, health and long life)

Muhabbat ke  is khas din hum dono bhaiyon ki taraf se mama aur papa ko valentine day Mubarak ho. Kabir Khan Kaif khan

(Happy Valentine Day to Mama and Pappa from us two brothers on this very special day)

Dear romana, tum meri zindagi ho, mai tumhare bagair zinda nahi rah sakta. Tum mere liye bahut khas ho. Mai tumhe bahut pyar karta hun.  Owais

Mujhe apne ma bap se bahut pyar hai. Happy valentine day.. Irshad  Ali Khan

(I love my mummy and papa so much. Happy Valentine Day)

Mere waldain aur family members ke nam valentine day ki sari muhabbatein aur chahatein. Md Aslam Karachi

(All the love and good wishes to my parents and family members on Valentine Day)

Meri pyari ma, mai tum se bahut pyar karta hun.  Au hamesha karta rahunga. Aj ka muhabbat bhara din ma ke nam...

(I love you so much my dear mother and will love you always. This day full of love is dedicated to you)

When they talk of cultural invasion of India in Pakistan they forget that Valentine’s Day is not a festival having originated in India.