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Motor-Mouth, Rapist and Murderous Clerics of the Mid-East Bringing Shame to Islam


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February 22, 2013











Egyptian Salafist cleric Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah, known as “Abu Islam”

 It is Halal to rape female protestors. You might think that this fatwa was issued by some Talibani or Al Qaida leader out to suppress any voice that criticises them, right? Wrong. The fatwa was issued by an Egyptian Salafist cleric Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah, ironically known as “Abu Islam” who owns a TV channel Ummah. He had issued the fatwa to silence the female protestors who were against the policies of the Morsi government. The Islamists had molested and raped Muslim women protesting against the Morsi government at Tahrir Square. He had said that these women were “crusaders” who “have no shame, no fear and not even feminism” and therefore their rape was justified.

After the Arab Spring the rise of Islamists in the African and Middle East states has seen a sudden and demonic rise of the Salafists who have defied the entire Islamic ethos to support the Shariah based governments. They have even gone to the extent of declaring the rape and molestation of Muslim women who have expressed their opposition to the government. This is a very disturbing trend which was hitherto unheard of in Muslim countries, that too from the mouth of so-called religious scholars. Though a case of defaming Islam has been filed against him and an arrest warrant has been issued against him, the damage has been done. These so-called Salafists and radical Islamists have brought shame and disrepute to Islam which protects the rights and dignity of women at any cost.







 Al Ghamdi




But Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah is not an exception. Recently, a celebrity cleric of Saudi Arabia, Fayan Al Ghamdi did what even a Jew would shudder to think of and many have been shocked to hear the news. Al Ghamdi raped and tortured his five year old daughter Lam’a Al Ghamdi because she was behaving inappropriately. This led him to think that she had lost her virginity. He was so suspicious about her behaviour that he hired a medic to check the virginity of his five year old daughter who did not even understand what she was going through. Then the beastly father raped and tortured her and burnt her private parts in punishment. She was admitted to the hospital with crushed skull, broken left hand and ribs and bruises, burns and injuries.  Al Ghamdy was given a prison sentence of three months and was let off by the courts on the payment of blood money to his divorced wife.

Al Ghamdy would appear on TV channels and talk about Islam but he himself seemed to be devoid of the real soul of Islam who could torture his own daughter to death for silly reasons.

And to rub salt on the wounds of the wronged women here comes another motor mouth cleric of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Muhammad Al Arifi who said that if the daughter dresses improperly or indecently and the father harasses her (read rape her) he would be justified in doing so because ‘after all he is a man’. With these Fatwas from Saudi and Mid-East clerics, the dignity and safety of women seem to be in jeopardy as the Fatwas will only encourage and give immunity to the men to kill the women inside and outside their homes on silly grounds.

The same Al Arifi demonstrated his support to Al Qaida by saying that al-Qaeda does not shed blood or hurl apostasy accusations easily. Though when his statement was criticized, he retracted saying his statement was based on his lack of knowledge, it exposed his inner soul which was a terrorist in disguise. The motor mouth cleric Arifi also invited severe criticism from the Muslims for his blasphemous statement that the Prophet Muhammad (sa) might have sold alcohol to his companions and his companions used to be drunk while performing prayer behind the Prophet (saw) in the Masjidun-Nabi in Madinah as alcohol then was consumed as juice. According to him, the Prophet (saw) might have been given a couple of bottles of alcohol or he might have gifted (alcohol) and might have even sold alcohol even if he personally did not use it. However, when he was criticized for defaming the Prophet (pbuh), he retracted the statement. But his hypocrisy was exposed when a young man wrote something uncalled for about the Prophet (pbuh) on twitter and then apologised on the TV channel before the public and the people forgave him, Arifi said he did not apologise by heart and was lying. And at his behest, the man was arrested and is in jail for the last one year.

He also fomented sectarian feelings by calling the spiritual leader of Iraqi Shias, Ayatollah Seistani, a heretic.

These hard-line Islamists have spoiled the revolution in the Arab and African world by not allowing dissenting voices against the policies of the newly formed governments which have not succeeded to fulfil the expectations of the people focusing more on the religious aspects of the government and less on the economic and human rights of the citizens. In Tunisia, a left-wing opposition leader Belaid was killed probably by the ruling Islamist party Ennahda.

Soon after that a cleric in Egypt issued fatwa declaring the murder of the leaders of opposition party National Salvation Front Halal even naming El Baradei and Sabbahi. In support of the fatwa he presented the verses from the Quran which say that those causing anarchy, lawlessness and bloodshed on the land should either be killed or their hand and leg amputated from opposite sides or they should be driven out of the area.

It seems that the Salafists are out to destroy the beauty of Islam. They have become the greatest threat not only to the non-Muslims but to their own women and children. The so-called Islamic governments of Pakistan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudia Arabia have either failed to contain or bring them to book or have simply turned a deaf ear to their wrongdoings because it is on the Fatwas of these fatwa-wielding motor-mouths that their dynastic regimes have been surviving. The fact that a cleric like Abu Islam owns a TV channel speaks of the easy flow of petrodollar to these Salafists from the Wahhabi dynasties of the Arab to spread their ideology and continue their tirade against the Shias and the people of the book.

No doubt Al Qaida, Taliban and other terrorist organizations are a threat to Islam but these seemingly peace loving clerics are a greater danger to Islam as they have given legitimacy to rape and murder of women and political opponents for political and personal reasons.  And the most intriguing aspect of all these sinister developments in Islam is that all these anti-Islamic events are taking place under the nose of Al-Azhar which has not yet come up with their strong word of condemnation on all this. It is also a fact that most of the clerics and religious scholars in the region are a direct or indirect product of the Al Azhar.