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Man Beaten Up For Skipping Friday Prayers in an Indian Village: Rise Of ISIS Ideology Impacts India Too

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01 July 2015

Recently, the dead body of a man was prevented from being buried in a Muslim graveyard in a village near Saharanpur in India. Now a man was beaten up for skipping Friday prayers. According to reports, a man called Naiyar in a village called Pathanpurva in Bahraich district did not go to the mosque to join Friday prayers. Three men from the same village named Salim, Jamil and Kalim charged him with a fine of Rs 100 for skipping Friday prayers. Naiyar promised to pay the penalty within a few days. The three again demanded the penalty amount on Saturday evening. Naiyar refused to pay the money. A heated argument followed which turned into a fight. In the ensuing fight more than 18 people including women were injured. A heavy picket of police has been posted in the village to prevent any untoward incident.

Enter the Mufti of nearby village. Though the mufti of madrasa Jamia Ashrafia of a nearby village called Chhoti Takiya condemned the incident saying that it was wrong on the part of the three men to charge Naiyar with a fine for not offering prayer, he said only a mufti had the right to fine a person for skipping Namaz. Flaunting his knowledge of the English phrase, the mufti said that no Tom, Dick and Harry had the right to put a penalty on anyone not offering Namaz. Therefore, he believed that a mufti can charge anyone for skipping Namaz and can recommend physical or financial punishment for him.

It seems the ISIS-Taliban ideology is catching up fast even in remote Indian villages. Recently, two young boys of 18 years were beheaded by the ISIS police for breaking the fast in a market place. People have been ordered to grow beard and women have been told to cover themselves from head to toe in the ISIS caliphate, as it happened in Taliban's Afghanistan.

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