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City Of Non-State Actors Loses 250 In 31 Days, Karachi Bleeds Profusely While Rehman Malik Waves Fist In the Air


By New Age Islam Edit Desk

February 1, 2013

Rehman Malik and Hafiz Sayeed had lapped up Shah Rukh Khan’s personal remarks about the communal bias and sense of insecurity the Muslims face in the country and had offered him citizenship of Pakistan oblivious of the fact that the former could not provide safety and security to the citizens of his country in the capacity of home minister and the other, the head of a terrorist organisation, is accused of plotting and organising a terror attack in Mumbai and promoting sectarian hatred in his own country. When the Indian government had demanded that Pakistan take action against the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks, it had come up with the alibi that Pakistan could not take any action against them because they were non-state actors.

Rehman Malik and Hafiz Sayeed offered Shah Rukh Khan Security in Pakistan but before doing that they could have done some introspection about the safety and security of their own country where only in Karachi, 250 people were killed in 31 days in terrorist attacks and target killings.  The killers have been operating on a daily basis not taking leave even on Fridays and on the auspicious occasion of the Prophet’s birthday, the 12th Rabiul Awwal. It is a shame that the human blood is so cheap in a country that boasts of being an Islamic country. Given below is a table of fatal attacks and deaths in Karachi in the month of January.

January                           Nature of attack                      casualty               Remarks

1st                                   Target Killing, Blast                  10     

2nd                                                                              8

3rd                                   TK                                          3

4th (Friday)                                                                  14

5th                                                                              8

6th                                   TK                                                        father and daughter

7th                                                                              4

8th                                                                               5

9th                                   “ , Car bomb blast                    4

10th                                                                           13

11th (Friday)                                                                 11

12th                                                                             7

13th                                                                             3

14th                                                                             7

15th                                                                             5

16th                                                                             5

17th                                                                            12       MLA Manzar Imam and others

18th (Friday)                                                                  6


20th                                 “, Motorcycle blast                  7

21th                                                                            8

22th                                TK, Bomb blast                        16  Father, son both Muslim League leaders

23th                                TK                                          5

24th                                 TK, Blast                                 7           dead includes DSP

25 th(Prophet’s birthday)     TK                                        6

26th                                 TK                                        10

27th                                  TK                                       11

28th                                 TK                                        11

29th                                                                            7

30th                                 TK, blasts                              15

31th                                TK                                         13          dead include three ulema


Apart from common citizens, those who are killed include member of Assembly Manzar Imam and other religious leaders, not to speak of police officers and security guards. Even on the day of 12th Rabiul Awwal when the government suspended mobile services and banned pillion ride to prevent attacks, the killers killed at least six people. They did not take rest for a day during the entire month and the police and the government remained helpless spectators. It seems that the only action the Pakistan government can take to prevent the attacks is ban mobile phone and sms services and pillion riding though that too does not work. Out of the two and fifty people killed during the month of January, 80 are political and religious leaders. The law and order situation has completely broken down in Karachi.

According to a report, there were 14 terrorist attacks in Pakistan in 2000 before the 9/11 happened but after that the number increased to 600 attacks per year. The situation is becoming worse by each passing year while the Pakistani government claims that it is doing all that can be done to contain violence. The security situation in the Islamic country is on a downslide and Rehman Malik and his government have to do a total rethink on how to deal with the law and order situation in their own country without bothering about Shah Rukh Khans of India. Shah Rukh Khan is safe. Is Rehman Malik safe from Taliban? Seeing the fate of Salman Taseer, one cannot be too sure.