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A Heart-Warming Truth in the Heap of Lies about Kairana Exodus

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By Mohammad Ali

June 16, 2016

When 42-year-old Fahmida had to flee her home in Lisadh village during the 2013 riots, it was Sukhpal’s brother Yashpal who gave her family shelter by taking them as tenants.

Fahmida was curious about the list released by BJP leader Hukum Singh of the 63 Hindu families who had supposedly been forced out of Kandhla.

Herself a riot victim who fled from Lisadh village during the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, she said she could relate to the trauma of being forced to leave one’s home.

This reporter ran into her on Wednesday while verifying the addresses of some of the families who, the Shamli MP claimed, were forced to leave Kandhla by Muslims in the area.

Sukh Pal Singh lives at the head of the same lane which ends at the rusted black iron gates of Fahmida’s house. The name of Sukh Pal, a 49-year-old farmer, figures at no. 44 on Hukum Singh’s list of 63. It was late afternoon and Sukhpal was not at home. His wife Darshan Devi was surprised to see her husband’s name in the list. Neither she nor her husband had left home, she told this reporter. Fahmida, watching all this from a distance of two metres, could not resist speaking.

She said she failed to understand how Muslim neighbours could terrify Sukhpal in a settlement constituted of both Muslims and Hindus. And then she revealed something.

When 42-year-old Fahmida had to flee her home in Lisadh village during the 2013 riots, it was Sukhpal’s brother Yashpal who gave her family shelter by taking them as tenants. “I still remember how he was the first one to offer us shelter when we did not know anybody here,” recalled Fahmida.

'He makes his tenants feel at home'

It was Yashpal Singh, brother of Sukhpal who had allegedly left under duress from Kandhla, who gave shelter to a Muslim couple fleeing Lisadh village during the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots.

Fahmida said her husband Mohammad Yameen did not even try to approach a landlord in a Muslim area. “Frankly speaking, a Muslim landlord would have asked a thousand questions about our background. But these people did not ask even a single question.”

Fahmida was soon joined by her daughter Naziya (18). “The month of Ramzan is going on. I must tell you that our landlord wakes up at three in the morning to give us chilled water bottles at the time of Sehri (the pre-dawn meal eaten before fasting) only to make sure we don’t feel alone.”

Naziya went on, “We have formed a warm relationship. It feels comforting to have met such people after seeing so much bloodshed happening right in front of our eyes.” Standing in front of her rented house which was painted with Hindu symbols, she said she shared a warm relationship with the daughters of the landlord, “After we saw 13 people being killed in our village, we lost all hope in life. But in this family we found a trusted friend. The fact that we have such people helping others in traumatic times gives us hope.”



I Still Stand By My List, Says Kairana MPon Hindu Migration Row

By S Raju

Jun 14, 2016

Hukum Singh, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Kairana in Uttar Pradesh, triggered a political storm after he alleged last week that there has been an exodus of Hindus from the Muslim-dominated town of Kairana in Shamli district. He likened it to the migration of Pandits from Kashmir.

His claim has since been found to be incorrect by the local administration. Many Hindus he claimed had fled the town in recent times on allegedly being targeted by Muslim criminal gangs were found to have left more than five years ago. Most appear to have left in search of jobs. Many Muslim families were also among those who left Kairana.

The controversy over his claim continues to rage and the spotlight remains firmly on Singh. He spoke to Hindustan Times:

Q. What is the issue and how and when it came to your notice?

A. Kairana is a town which has experienced a drastic change in the ratio of population in the past few decades. It is now dominated by Muslims and for the past few years’ people approached me with complaints of deteriorating law and order situation with frequent demands of extortion by different criminal gangs. When they refused to fulfil their demands, criminals killed a few in broad daylight and police did nothing to nail them. As a result many families migrated from here especially in the past three years in search of a safe place.

Q. You released a list of 346 families who migrated from Kairana in the past few years and your rivals are criticising for not mentioning the names of Muslims who also have moved out.

A. My party workers have prepared the list on the basis of door-to- door survey. I came to know about the family of Naushad who migrated from here after receiving a demand for Rs 10 lakh from a gang. He refused to pay the money and opted to go out leaving his Rs 2 crore-house behind. If there were other Muslims who left because of fear , I am ready to release their list too.

Q. Your rivals say that you have raised the issue for extracting political benefit during assembly elections in 2017.

A. They may think in their own way but how they can ignore the naked fact of exodus? Moreover, I am in politics for over 40 years, been elected MLA 7 times, had been a minister for 12 years and now I am an MP only because of politics. Doing politics is not a sin. Those who are saying such things don`t know that I have been raising the issue since 2013 and my ill-informed opponents are misleading people.

Q. Questions have been raised over the credibility of your list after verification by district authorities who claim that people have moved out in search of jobs and other reasons. Besides, a few families mentioned in your list, are still living in Kairana.

A. That is what the officials are doing on the direction of the state government. They have been adopting everything possible to prove my list and claims wrong. Teams of civil officials and police are visiting door-to-door for spot verification and mounting pressure on people to issue statements to discredit the list. They are even planting fake persons before media. I still stand by my list and challenge the outcome of their verification. They are government`s employee and will say what the government wants.

Q. What is your demand?

A. Its not a communal issue but a serious law and order problem. The state government should ensure infusing a sense of security among the people and should direct their officials to nail criminals. The superintendent of police and other officials should work instilling confidence among people instead of pleasing their political bosses by trying to contradict my list through so-called verification drive.

Q. Is there any political patronage to criminals? Who are behind them?

A. Yes, they can`t be so fearless without having political patronage. Police have been acting as puppets and are therefore not able to take effective actions against criminals. The local leaders of the ruling party and the family of MLA Naved Hasan are giving patronage to the criminals.



In Kairana, BJP Team Says Many More Families Ready To Leave

By S Raju

Jun 15, 2016

A BJP fact-finding team said on Wednesday many more families are ready to leave Kairana, an Uttar Pradesh town at the centre of a political slugfest over alleged exodus of Hindu families hounded by criminal gangs.

The eight-member team led by BJP legislator Suresh Khanna went round the Muslim-dominated town and spoke to people to gather details for a report which could be submitted to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), team members said.

Kairana, with a population of 86,000, shot into the limelight after BJP parliamentarian Hukum Singh raised the bogey of Hindu exodus, releasing a list of 346 families who allegedly migrated over the years from the town, around 100 km from Delhi.

After discrepancies were found in the list, Singh said those who migrated from the town included both Hindus and Muslims and “clarified” that Kairana was not a communal issue but a law and order problem.

The ruling Samajwadi Party (SP) has accused the BJP of giving communal colour to a law and order issue to polarise the state ahead of next year’s assembly polls.

“I believe that many more families other than those mentioned in the list are willing to migrate from the town,” Khanna said as he attacked the Akhilesh Yadav government for “total breakdown” of law and order in Kairana.

He also charged the state government with providing “facilities and punishment” to the people on the basis of their religion, which had created a sense of insecurity among the masses.

Satyapal Singh, former Mumbai Police commissioner and MP from Baghpat, said the people of Kairana were terribly scared and “it appeared that criminals controlled the administration here”.

The team also raised questions over criminals operating from within jails and said the matter would be raised in the state assembly and taken to the streets.

The committee members accused officials of pressurising people to give statements as per their wish in the name of verifying details of families mentioned in the list released by Hukum Singh.

Sudhir Agarwal, president of the party’s human rights cell, said the party may also seek the judiciary’s help to ensure justice to the people.

The committee will submit the report of its findings to the party leadership which will examine it and take final decision for action.

During the team’s visit to the Retawal locality, one man who identified himself only by his first name Sompal, said he paid Rs 10 lakh to criminals and they were now mounting pressure on him to pay Rs 5 lakh more.

“I sold my house at a throwaway price. My two brothers also want to migrate from here after selling their property,” he told the team. Dayaram Sharma of the same locality said he shifted to Shamali due to deterioration in law and order situation.

The team faced opposition during their visit to Chowk Bazar, as a group of people, including Muslims, shouted slogans and accused them of listening to the grievances of a particular community.

“The way they wanted to talk to us was improper,” said Khanna about the protest.



Allegations on Kairana Incorrect: U.P. DGP

By Vijaita Singh

June 16, 2016

Uttar Pradesh DGP Javeed Ahmed speaks to The Hindu on a range of issues like communalism, Mathura violence and Dadri beef row. The 1984 batch IPS officer was appointed as head of U.P. police in January 2016.

BJP MP Hukum Singh has alleged an exodus of families from Kairana in Western Uttar Pradesh due to communal tensions? What is the reality?

Kairana is a town that got left behind in development path, therefore people started moving to other industrial townships that have come close by like Rohtak, Sonipat and even Delhi. This is a socio-economic demographic change, part of a larger pull that industrial cities and metropolitan cities have. To link it to crime or communal problem would be very incorrect.

What is the authenticity of the list that has been provided by the BJP MP?

Why this list? I would not like to answer. The gentleman is a Member of Parliament and I have nothing to say on this.

Have you checked the veracity of the list?

The Superintendent of Police and District Magistrate have finalised a report in which they have done spot verification on 45 per cent of the list. The verdict is out in the open. It gives a picture that is different from what was portrayed.

Is there a larger attempt to step up communal tensions ahead of elections in U.P. next year?

Elections in India are a very interesting phenomenon. People try every trick in the trade. They go by the Kautilyan adage of Saam Daam Dand Bhed (by hook or crook).

But U.P. is a communally sensitive place…

U.P. has its communal hotspot areas. We are determined to see to it that communal elements of whether this community or the other are strongly dealt with. And we are determined to single them out and deal with them with all the force law can provide us.

Have you identified such groups?

At the thana-level (police station) and also at the district level this exercise has been done. Also we are keeping a watch on communal goondas and communal elements  that are operating (and) trying to operate and we shall deal with them if they cross the line.

Can you share the numbers of such elements?

I don’t think numbers are important but I can tell you that each of these elements have been identified at the local level and at the district-level. They are very much on our radar.

When was this exercise undertaken?

We did this exercise over the last two-three months because we are getting into election mode and therefore need to keep all our defences ready.

Which are the communally sensitive or vulnerable districts in U.P.?

There are some districts which can be considered more vulnerable than others but that is not important... we have to be careful and alert in all the 75 districts.

Can you name the districts?

Western U.P. continues to be more vulnerable and some districts of eastern U.P. are also there.

Which are the districts in eastern U.P?

Certain districts around Gorakhpur are vulnerable.

Was there a police failure in Mathura, which saw pitched battle between police and members of a cult group on June 2?

Mathura violence was a lapse in assessment, the intent was there. We suffered very serious casualties. To put it in perspective, Mathura is one of the 75 districts. It saw a bout of violence for two-and-a-half hours on the evening of June 2 and thereafter it has been totally under control. People there are satisfied with what we have done. We have learnt lessons, we wouldn’t repeat them.

Was there political interference?

I am not aware of any.

Are you probing any political interference?

There is a judicial commission which is inquiring into the Mathura violence.

There are allegations that SP Mukul Dwivedi was abandoned by policemen and he was beaten to death by the mob?

SP Mukul Dwivedi fell down after he was hit by a brick, then he was apparently belaboured by some of the rioters and obviously some of the police personnel accompanying him did not come to his rescue. These are facts. Why it happened and why they did not come is under inquiry.

Do you think Mathura violence could have been handled better?

In hindsight many things could have been done better. On that day also, after the initial setback, we achieved what we had to. After two-and-a-half hours, we cleared the park.

What is the solution to prevent communal built up before the elections?

The police doesn’t have a solution to this, I think the society has to think about it. We will be happy to be part of it.

Will the police appeal to political parties?

Political parties are mature enough; I don’t want to advise anyone.

Is radicalisation a bigger problem for U.P. or communal tensions?

Radicalisation and communalism both feed into each other. One leads to another. When a communal incident has taken place, we have to see that law is enforced in a fair manner and in a manner that is just and prompt. So that people are not let down by the system or let down by the law and their trust and faith in law process is reinforced.

What is U.P.’s share in the arrests linked to the Islamic State?

There are certain elements who have been known to have been attracted by this ideology. I am sure this ideology will lose its charm as the days pass by, I really wish that Muslim youth will realise that this is not the path of Islam.

How many men would be under the radar?

I would not want to share those details.

The residents of Dadri have demanded that an FIR be lodged against Mohammad Akhlaque’s family (lynched to death last year) for storing beef?

They have moved court, next date of hearing is June 23. Let’s wait till then. My views are very clear on it.

What Is the Police’s View?

The police view is that the piece of meat in question was recovered from a public place, which is a dustbin outside the house of Mohammad Akhlaque. To blame or put the responsibility on any one person living in the locality would not be correct. The fact of the mater that a person was lynched at his home and that is definitely a crime. We have charged the accused and the trial is on. Now to come up with this theory is more of an afterthought.

How did the report of the forensic department that the meat sent for examination was beef become public?

It was supplied to the court by the police and the court directed to give a copy to the accused persons. The counsel of the accused person leaked it to the press for  reasons best known to him.

What do you have to say about brandishing of weapons by Bajrang Dal activists in U.P. recently?

I don’t think there have been many such incidents like this. In Faizabad, we registered a case and one person was arrested. That is the only case I can recall. There have been no brandishing of weapons in the last four months, that is heartening to know.

Do you think that stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists during these self-defence training camps are justified?

Self-defence ends where someone else’s security begins, so that balance has to be maintained. Anyone trying to disturb that balance will be dealt with accordingly.

As long as they stay in (their) limits its fine, we will watch them.



Hukum Singh’s Plan Was to Promote His Daughter, Say Police

June 16, 2016

Under fire for taking a step back on the communal angle in the alleged exodus from his constituency, Kairana in western Uttar Pradesh, BJP MP Hukum Singh is now being accused of orchestrating the issue to promote the political career of one of his five daughters.

In his report to the DGP headquarters, Saharanpur Range DIG A.K. Raghav warned of a possible communal conflagration in the region.

He said Mr. Singh brought up the exodus issue to consolidate Hindu votes to benefit his daughter in the 2017 elections.

Rashtriya Lok Dal chief Ajit Singh, speaking at a rally on Tuesday, also came up with the same charge. Mr. Hukum Singh, however, dismissed the allegations and attacked on the Jat leader for making “cheap comments.”

“If a person of Ajit Singh’s stature can stoop to this level, trying to involve my family, you can infer what sort of a person he is. Check his background. He gained space entirely due to the BJP. Whenever he contested without the BJP, he and his son disappeared from the scene,” the BJP MP said. “He’s not bothered that he’s trying to promote his son. He’s only bothered about me, that I shouldn’t do anything for my daughter.”

BJP spokesperson Chandramohan said Mr. Singh’s daughter Mriganka Singh ran a school in western U.P. and had never campaigned for herself,

Mr. Singh described allegations of communal polarisation as motivated and baseless. “If I have survived in politics, it is because I am concerned about the welfare of the electorate. Frankly, I have been getting a substantial number of Muslim votes. Hold elections today, the number of Muslim votes for me would have only increased. I stand for a just cause,” he told The Hindu.

Born in Kairana in 1938 into a Gurjar family, Mr. Singh completed his LLB from the Allahabad University before commissioning for the Army in 1963. He served as a Captain in Poonch and Rajouri sectors in Kashmir during the 1965 India-Pakistan war and in Andhra Pradesh for a year. He then took voluntary retirement and started practising Law in Muzaffarnagar. He entered active politics in 1974, becoming an MLA for the first time on a Congress ticket. He went on to win Assembly elections seven times and held the post of deputy speaker of the Assembly from 1983 to 1985. He won his fourth term with the BJP in 1995 and his first Lok Sabha elections in 2014 riding on the Modi wave.

Surendra Rajput, a political observer associated with the Congress and a native of Shamli, said Mr. Singh’s release of the exodus list days before the BJP national convention in Allahabad was to make his presence felt.

“Why now? Singh has been MLA since 2012 and MP since 2014. What action did he take in the last four years to stop the migration? He is clearly projecting himself for the CM’s post,” Mr. Rajput said.

Post the Muzaffarnagar riots, the other accused Sanjeev Balyan, Suresh Rana and Sangeet Som shot into prominence. But Mr. Singh was sidelined, Mr. Rajput said.

Mr. Singh disagreed. “I am in the mainstream with the BJP and have always been. There is no question of sidelining me. My leaders are happy. My national president rang me up yesterday to extend support. Some people are hoping I will be sidelined. I am sorry if they are disappointed,” he said.

Asked about the role he expected to play in the 2017 elections, Mr. Singh said: “Let the time come. Let our high command decide.”



Opposition Team to Visit Kairana To ‘Ascertain Facts’

June 16, 2016

Five Opposition parties have decided to depute a joint delegation that will visit Kairana and Kandhla towns in Shamli district of western UP Thursday to “ascertain facts”.

The move comes in the wake of allegations that people were migrating out of the area in large numbers due to “harassment” by people of rival sections.

JD (U) secretary-general K C Tyagi announced that the delegation will comprise himself, Mohd Salim of CPM, D Raja of CPI, D P Tripathi of NCP and Manoj Jha of RJD.

Tyagi said the delegation would meet all sections of people in the two towns. The BJP, according to him, had created anxiety and tension in Uttar Pradesh by claiming that there had been an exodus of Hindus from Kairana. “They (BJP) have tested the waters in Godhra and Muzaffarnagar riots and seen the results. They are in search of a similar opportunity before assembly elections in UP,” he said.

He criticised the statement of BJP president Amit Shah on the alleged mass migration of Hindus and alleged that it has created anxiety and tension in western UP.

Earlier in the day, JD (U) leader Sharad Yadav cautioned against any attempt to foment communal tension ahead of the assembly polls.

“People from Kairana did come to me. They told me that what all they (BJP) are saying is a lie. It is nice that they (BJP) have made a U-turn from what they have earlier said. Soon there will be elections in UP, there should not be any tension on communal divide,” he said.