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Limited Understanding of Total Vision of Islam Is the Reason for the Girls' Band Fatwa








 Limited Understanding of Total Vision of Islam Is the Reason for the Girls' Band Fatwa: Hameedah Nayeem

in an interaction with IBN Live Readers

(Hameedah Nayeem, Chairperson Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies)

 Feb 06, 2013

Q. Why is a self proclaimed committee pressing their self assumed ethics on someone who do not follow them? Well i feel the answer is to gain cheap publicity. But how far is it justified to get this cheap publicity by means of threatening innocents (that also in name of religion)? Do you believe in these so called 'Fatwas' which prop up like mushrooms, every hour, from impure soil? Asked by: Ahmed

A. I do not believe in these Fatwas which are basically, not well thought out. In J&K, the practice has been very tolerant culture. Everything we do is not strictly Islamic. There have been women poet & singers who have contributed to the art & culture of society & nobody has ever raised a finger against them. In the present case, it is a very trivial issue. It is basically some boys who also formed a rock band who have actually threatened this group of girls. Because of professional or gender rivalry. This is unfortunate that Grand Mufti who has never been part of active social life & has never talked about such issues & suddenly he has become custodian of Islam.

Q. Mam, is it that these so called custodians of religion from all faiths are facing a serious problem of identity crisis. Irrespective of religion or faith you see them dictating some or other ban. Is it only to tell the youth of country that they are there? Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. I don't think so.

Q. Dear Prof Hameedah Nayeem, My name is Karin Johansson and I have a question which is related to KSCDS but not to the fatwa against Kashmir's all-girl band. I hope it is ok that I take the opportunity to ask you: Would it be possible to read the report on sexual violence that KSCDS has submitted before the Justice Verma Committee in Delhi? I am writing a master thesis about how sexual violence relate to other forms of violence against civilians and I believe your report would be highly relevant to my research. Most respectfully, Karin Johansson. Asked by: Karin Johansson

A. I will definitely do that.

Q. So madam, do you think the problem is in Islam or its interpretation? Asked by: Ravinar

A. Limited understanding of total vision of Islam is the reason.

Q. Will you be supporting the girls? In a democratic country, what is legal standing of fatwas? Asked by: Nidhi bahuguna

A. Well, Kashmir has not seen real democracy in true sense, so the question doesn't arise. Yes, I support them, why not. Within the limit of decency they are free to do, whatever they want to do.

Q. Purdah is religious matter. There are so many cases till today, where Purdah is misused in carrying terrorist activities and escaping themselves from identification, don't we see the necessity not to use it in public places like rail stations, banks etc? Asked by: Chenna Keshava

A. Well Purdah is a personal matter. Nobody has the right to dictate to anyone to use it or not to use it. I don't subscribe to the idea that Purdah is misused in carrying terrorist acts. There are however men & women who have use it to carry out activities which they will otherwise not do publically.

Q. Sufi music is religious, how can one live without music, all Muslim emperors were lovers of music and art? This is unfortunate to co-relate Islam with no music. Asked by: Nidhi bahuguna

A. Even saints & Sufis were lovers of music because they use it to uplift themselves spiritually. It is like Plato banning poets from his ideal state & at the same time producing highest form of poetry in his book 'The Republic'.

Q. If the religion forbids music or entertainment of any sort. Should it not become the responsibility of the Government to take care of the minority rights. India is a secular country and people within different groups might find others' doctrines unreasonable. It is up to the Government to see that no one's right are compromised. And with very able and highly intellectual Ministers we can be assured that rights of the innocent minorities will not be compromised. Asked by: Sameer

A. Where is the question of minorities here? It's question of women rights here.