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The Meaning of Ayodhya


By Dhirendra Sharma

04 December 2017

Meaning of Ayodhya in Sanskrit:  literally: The   place where there is NO Fighting.

  In entire Ramayana epic no one fights for land, kingdom or property. If there was a fight that is only to protect the honour of Maa Sita.  That is the Meaning of Ayodhya. And that was Mahatma Gandhi' Ji Ram Rajya, where women were honoured and no one fought for property.

The Current communal politics heading towards rather dangerous future where religious/ communal forces would like to survive /and play politics of belief systems based on Holy books of the dark ages.

But today, our girls are not safe and almost 80% legal fights are for property and family feuds.

In India 60-70 % legal cases, and family fights are for land-property.  If we are really Ram-Bhakt we should follow the Lord Ram's message:

 We must not fight for a piece of land in the name of Sri Rama.

  Better if there is no communal politics. But the exploitation of Ayodhya is totally unethical - rather against all ideals of Ramayana teaching and the divine message of Lord Ram.

There is no Exclusive Blood group that divides us Hindus and the Muslims. I have once discussed this with

Atal Ji who had welcomed the suggestion that at Ayodhya, we can build All India Medical Research Institute and Hospital, unitedly,

That is also the Modi mantra:  The world is One Family. (Vasudhaive Kutumbakam)

Dhirendra Sharma, Ph.D. (Lond)

Shastri, Nyaya-Kavya-Tirt, Sahityacharya

Founding Editor, Philosophy & Social Action (qty)