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Jamaat Wreaks Havoc: They Must Be Reined In


Daily Star Editorial

September 19, 2013

The Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing have again unleashed a reign of terror across the country by enforcing a 48-hour Hartal from Wednesday. We condemn the scale of violence they have been committing since February when the International War Crimes Tribunal started to pronounce judgements on their senior leaders. The violence triggered by Jamaat protests, took the lives of 70 people including eight policemen, in one week’s violence, after Sayedee’s verdict was announced on 28 February 2013.

Called to protest the death sentence awarded to Abdul Quader Mollah, they have again wreaked unprecedented havoc on public life destroying vehicles, attacking police and unsuspecting pedestrians and commuters.

Again, the bad memory have come back to haunt us, thanks to Jamaat’s unrepentant view about its role in 1971 and its policy of continued defiance and contempt towards law and the judicial system of the country. Would their leaders stand back for a moment, put their hand on their heart, and ask themselves whether their leaders under trial had not stained their hand with the blood of innocent Bengalis   in 1971?

But what do those who run Jamaat hope to achieve by their senseless and violent methods?  And did they gain anything so far except subjecting people to limitless suffering? If anything, they have earned only hatred of the public.

Jamaat must shun the path of violence and learn to respect law. The law enforcers, on the other hand, must act firmly to rein in the violence-mongers and ensure safety of common people.