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Iranian Dance On the Edge of the Abyss Will Make the Mullah Regime Fall

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

25 July 2019

IT seems the Iranian dance on the edge of the abyss will make the Mullah regime fall into the deep abyss. It will not benefit from all of its current maneuvers, because the words of its leaders contradict reality.

When Hassan Rouhani declares that “the security of the Strait of Hormuz is the responsibility of the Revolutionary Guard,” he violates international agreements which consider the strait a conduit for international navigation. Therefore, any contrary act puts Tehran in the circle of those who violate international law; hence, the need to deal with its actions accordingly.

When Rouhani says that his country will not lose the chance to negotiate with the United States at a time the Revolutionary Guard is intensifying provocations, this shows the level of confusion the Mullahs have reached in their search for a way out of their predicament.

The whole world realizes that this regime is used to practicing terrorism and extortion. It will not be trustworthy internationally because it has chosen to go this way since 1979; up to the extent that allies have been affected and harmed by it – whether in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Venezuela or Latin America. Iranians are becoming more isolated due to the blockade imposed on the regime.

In fact, the Mullahs of Tehran missed all the opportunities they have had over the past four decades. Instead of proceeding with the internal construction, they set aside the development plan laid down during the Shah’s reign known as the ‘Plan of 1970-2000’ with the aim of transferring international industries to Tehran and developing infrastructure.

We may say they threw everything into the trash bin. Mullah leaders have been searching for slogans and ideas since the Middle Ages as if history stopped during the lifetime of mankind. They worked towards exporting the revolution and even made it an article in their constitution.

They also sought to overthrow regimes in neighbouring countries and a number of Islamic countries.

Today, Iran has become the world’s largest drug-trafficking station and money laundering platform with an evil plan to ignite sectarian strife and attempt to change the beliefs of societies because its leaders are imagining their ability to subjugate the world according to their will.

Actually, they have brought hostility from four sides of the earth and intensified tensions in the region; prompting major powers to put more pressure on them until Iran became a pariah throughout the world.

It would have been better if this regime made the great Iranian people avoid all these troubles, extended hands of cooperation with its neighbours and the world, and kept the region away from the wars it caused. It would have been better if the leaders of Tehran heard the voices of the hungry and the poor, instead of being arrogant while hunger and poverty are intensifying.

Undoubtedly, a rational political mind is necessary to answer these questions. Unfortunately, this is not available in the present Iranian leadership. It does not benefit from futile slogans which neither make you fatter nor feel less hungry. These slogans fuel public anger. Sooner or later, this will lead to a major revolution as the international community continues to tighten its grip on Iran while the regime closes all windows of hope to save it.

Consequently, Rouhani’s remarks are nothing more than a red herring and do not reflect the truth. These remarks will not convince the whole world that strongly believes the regime cannot be entrusted with a big country like Iran.

Ahmed Al-Jarallah is Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

Source: The Arab Times