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Quranic Encyclopaedia: A Revolution in the History of Islam due to its comprehensive and in-depth analysis of Quranic verses

By S Kaleem Geelani

December 28, 2018

THE Muslim Ummah is passing through some of its most difficult times in history. In the modern world, Islam is facing different types of challenges both internally and externally. While external challenges come from our surroundings most of them created by the west to control and destroy us and internal challenges are more dangerous than external due to our very own lack of Islamic knowledge and understanding of Quran. We are today living in a multiracial, multi-religious and multi cultural society. To live in harmony, peace and friendship, it is important that we understand each other’s traditions and faiths and religions, which have great impact on human sensitivities and emotions. While inter-religious dialogue is in full swing today, the religion of Islam somehow seems to have been excluded from the circle of goodwill.

After the long research and struggle for five decades, world renowned scholar Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri has brought forth all the way revolutionary and groundbreaking asset of Quranic Encyclopaedia for the concerns of Muslims all over the world.

As the word “Encyclopaedia” speaks itself, it’s the book which provides information on many subjects or many aspects of one subject. From ancient to modern and from depths of earth to the limits of sky, the Quranic encyclopaedia will provide us knowledge about any field from Quran.

There have been limitless contributions in the history of Islam from time to time but Quranic Encyclopaedia is one of the rarest contributions in the history of Islam. This versatile book has surely come as a revolution in the whole course of Islamic knowledge due to its comprehensive and in-depth analysis of Quranic verses. We have become busy to such an extent in our day to day life that we are even finding it difficult to spare some time for our duties and responsibilities towards Allah.

Due to this, we have landed into different troubles and concerns in our lives and always look for the Islamic solutions to our problems in a less time and comfort. In this growing era of timeliness in our lives, we hardly bother to dig deeper for the solution to our problems through which we are going frequently. The people of modern times have been bestowed with the glorious book of Quranic Encyclopaedia by the hands of Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri.

This revolutionary book has surely come as a sigh of relief for the difficulties prevailing over the Muslim Ummah all over the world. By the introduction of Quranic Encyclopaedia in the history of Islam, whole Muslim Ummah has been delivered with a treasure of understanding and comprehension of Quran in an easy and understandable language. Understanding the Quranic verses and its meaning and then complying them with our lives, has never been so easy but with the help of Quranic Encyclopaedia, it has become easy for us to understand as the verses have been translated into Urdu with the pretext of current problems faced by the Muslims.

Let’s talk about the structure of Quranic Encyclopaedia. It consists of eight volumes in which 5000 topics have been covered. The list of the topics covered is on 400 pages, the abstract of these topics are covered by eight volumes.

 ‘Volume I’ consists of 400 pages compromising of the topics of Existence of Allah, Faith on Allah, Caste and attributes, Grace of universe, Purpose of creating universe, Solar system, Formation of day and night, Creation of mankind, Extension of sky and earth, Reality and utility of mountains and seas, Philosophy of life and death, Intellect of knowledge, Paradise and hell and other topics related to faith. Furthermore, it contains answers to some important questions i.e. what is Tawheed? Greatness of the names of Allah? Attributes and roles of Allah? Need of faith and its importance?

‘Volume 2’ compromises topics like Shirk and its types, Faithfulness, Faith of books, Faith of angels, Values of faith and faith on hereafter. The second volume continues with the topics of faith. After covering all the topics related to Tawheed in the first volume, the second volume comes with the topics of Reality of Shirk, Factors of Shirk and its related issues for which thousands of Quranic explanations have been provided.

‘Volume 3’compromises of topics like The Day to Judgment, Worships, Rights and duties, Science and technology, Degrees of hell, Punishments. It also carries essentials and terms of prayers, Importance of wisdom and blessings, Fasting and its commandments, Zakaat and Sadqaat, Issues of Hajj and Umrah at present etc. Besides these, several other issues have been covered.

‘Volume 4’ compromises of topics like Peace and Love, Need of rectifications in the society, Protection of human lives, Sectarianism, Unity among Muslims etc. It also carries the issues of Protection of holy places and life and property of non Muslims and Religious knowledge and its importance etc.

 ‘Volume 5’ compromises of the topics like Government and political system, System of justice, Eternality etc. This volume discusses about Social ethics, Islamic government and governance, Responsibilities of the leaders and Ummah. It also covers issues like economic and financial issues, principles of trade, interest permissibility in Islam, Islamic economy and other related issues.

 ‘Volume 6, 7 and 8’ compromises of easier Urdu translation of Arabic language word by word so that we get proper and complete understanding of Quranic verses. This will also help the reader to develop an expertise of Quranic language which will in turn help us in finding the solutions from Quran. Because the topics covered are vast and thousands in number, we can’t sum up and include all the topics here but I have just tried to highlight some of the important topics of volumes. Now, that the book has been delivered to us after 50 years of struggle and research, it becomes obligatory upon us to read and refer to this unique book. Let us all expose and manifest ourselves towards the light of Islamic knowledge and Quran so as to bring betterment and solutions to our lives. Lighten yourself by the light of Quran and its understandings.

S Kaleem Geelani is freelance columnist.