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The Holy Vedas: Part - 8

Edited and Prepared By Pandit Satyakam Vidyalankar


Divine Justice

0 Lord of Justice, Sitting on the pinnacle of the cosmos, Sustainer of the universe, Make the arrow, held in Thy hand, tender and benign, Let not the fierce power of Thy bow and arrow Strike the innocent man and put him to death.


 Only with full faith the devotee is able to declare: O Lord! We seek Thy divine justice;

 Let the deceitful and tyrants and the exploiters Be defeated at the hands of the honest and virtuous Their sharp,

alert wisdom is backed by Thy gracious blessings.

(Rig.1.11. 7)

O Effulgent Lord! May the person who enslaves us Be crushed under Thy feet, Whether he is near or far. Mayest Thou be with us For-our progress and prosperity.

(Rig.1.79.11) Deprive them of wealth who are hostile towards Thy faithful devotees. Carry us through all troubles as a boat carries men across the river against all hurdles.


The one who incites sinful acts loses the favour and love of the Lord as well as of his fellow-brothers. (Rig.5.3.7)

-O Lord, deplete the wealth of those

Who enjoy the rewards of others' efforts

Without a thought of sharing their wealth with he less fortunate.

O Sun, with Thy radiance Thou mayest not bless those

Who go astray from the right path and piety,

And those who multiply their progeny unwanted.

They merely indulge in sensual pleasures.


Thou over-spreadest on all the accessible places Of the earth with its energetic power and impelling force. Mayest Thou drive away all perils with

Thy conquering might,

Fight out against our adversaries And burn up those who harm us.

With Thy sharp flame, cast away and consume the forces of destruction.

(Rig.6. 16.28)

Let us not suffer for the sin of others, O universal cosmic powers, controllers of the' universe, May the one, who hurts us, be the victim -of his own. designs.


May the sun in heaven scorch and may the agonies of burning be inflicted on the unbeliever, who thinks himself superior and seeks to depreciate the work of others.


Consume, 0 Effulgent Lord, all my evils

With that strong flame

Which consumes old worthless things.  (Rig.7.1.7)  

Through Thy fear, O Lord,

The dark evil forces come under control.

O Adorable Lord, shine upon all men,

And burn the roots of their vices.


O’ cosmic God-blessed powers,

Physical and spiritual,

Burn those who plot evil against us.

Direct Thy unyielding strength

Against flesh-eating, cruel infidels.


May the evil-doers fall into the abyss,

Of the endless darkness,

So that not even one would come up again.

Let this angry strength be for the benefit of godly people. (Rig.7.104.3)

Slay the hostile, malicious evil-doers

Who torment pious men.

Let there be no happiness for the evil-doer. (Rig 7.104.7)

 In the eyes of the Lord, no one is big,

No one is small; all are alike; all are recipients of Godly Love and blessing for prosperity. (Rig 5.60.5)

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Hymn on Revelation

May the divine speech that

Perfect our understanding and divine knowledge,

 And all-satisfying divine culture

Be with us at our faultless Yajna and worship

And protect us for our welfare. (Rig.3.4.8)

Great streams of divine words flow out from the minds of sages

With the speed of a gale,

Like rapids rushing down a slope;

Surging with the high waves of wisdom

They beat through all obstacles As does a courageous war-horse.


The divine words are repositories of wisdom,

They unequivocally draw themselves to God.

Just as loving wives, faithful and smiling, approach their husbands.

These solemn words highlight every aspect of God. (Rig.4.58.8)

May all sons of the immortal ones hear our words And be the source of happiness to us.


Expound to us the three Vedas

Which are packed with all radiant wisdom,

They are for us an udder, providing a store of rare excellent

Milk of unmingled bliss.

Then will He, Who fulfils all desires,

Who makes seeds shoot forth into seedlings and saplings

Spring up constantly into our divine awareness,

So much that He voices about His presence.

(Rig. 7.101.1)

Sarasvati, the Divine .-Speech.

May the divine speech, Saraswati

The fountainhead of all faculties (mental and spiritual)

The purifier and bestower of true vision,

 The recompenser of worship,

Be the source of inspiration and accomplishment

 For all our benevolent acts!

She sets in motion all the energies of

The soul and intellect.

She imparts deep knowledge to all who are seekers of truth.


It is from Her that vast oceans of scriptures spring up.

 It is because of Her that the Universe is full of life,

 Through Her, indeed, the imperishable God unfolds Himself And from Her,

 Verily, the whole Universe draws its sustenance.


Four are the definite grades of speech,

The learned and the wise know them.

Three of these are deposited in secret, they indicate no meaning to the common nun Men speak the fourth grade of speech,

which is Phonetically expressed.


O Divine Mother of Speech,

That ever-full breast (with inexhaustible vocabulary)

Which is the source of delight With which Thou bestowest all good things,

 Which is the container of wealth

The distributor of riches The giver of good fortune

That bosom dost Thou lay open at this moment

For our sustenance.


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