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The Holy Vedas: Part - 6


Edited and Prepared By Pandit Satyakam Vidyalankar

Restless Swan

Life is a perennial search for truth.

The restless swan—the human soul—is on the journey infinite to find the truth.

For thousands of years he is flying and flying with his wings outstretched and the will to reach the unscaled heights of heaven, higher and ever higher;

The restless swan is on the journey infinite.

He has all the blessings of the mighty

God, his piercing eyes perceive all the universe below, yet he knows no rest, no peace and keeps flying higher and ever higher;

The restless swan is on the journey infinite.


Thou raisest Thy worshippers to the highest level, 

Just as the sun riseth above the vast clouds.

They are provided dwellings filled with all comforts,

The more they rise in their levels, the more

Thou fillest their hearts with devotion;

And the more they are in possession of Thy love,

The more they obey Thy command.


O Inspirer of Benevolent Deeds!

The divine powers honour Thee

As the benefactor of all

Thou art the inspirer of men and mankind.


All the cosmic forces adore Thee, O Lord

The cosmic fire, abiding in mysterious darkness.

Let the Immortal Adorable Divine preserve us with

His protection; afford us all provisions.


O doer of great deeds, perfouner of cosmic sacrifice.

Thou knowest the paths and ways

And also how to travel and function with speed.


Wheresoever and upon whomsoever

Thy kindness is directed,

Thou makest him eminent

And givest uncommon vigour;

And in his heart Thou makest Thine own abode.


Thou blessest this adoration, O Self-sustaining Lord,

Thou art heartily appreciated.

That we succeed in retaining what we have earned

And are able-to acquire more through Thy grace. 


Thou art divine amongst mortal men, and art preserver of their sacred deeds. Therefore, we worship Thee in every benevolent task. 


Thou art the same in any place.

Thou art the Supreme Lord Amid all the people of creation.

In fray and fight we call on Thee..


O Lord, Thou bestowest upon the true seeker the joys of attainment, a body free of desires, a mind pure and virtuous and an intellect sharp and discriminate.


We humbly invoked Thee from far-off places.

And besought Thee to protect us everywhere,

And emancipate us from decay and death.

Our invocations were listened to.

And from all directions

Thy blissful benedictions were showered on us.

(A tharva.19.52.3)

O Lord of Cosmic Light and Energy,

Thou Thyself bindest Thyself to cosmic orders.


Eternity is sky, eternity is mid-air

Eternity is mother, father and son.

Eternity is all that exists

Eternal is the social consciousness.

Eternal are all that have been born And shall be born.



Day and night, we approach Thee, with reverential homage through sublime thoughts and noble deeds.


Remember, when God's earnest seeker

Pursues the ultimate salvation,

He ascends from one summit to a higher one.

The Lord firmly supporteth him at every step forward.

God's loving care and guidance enlighten his path.

He is bestowed with divine blessings.


With bent head and folded hands

Every hour of the day and night

Surrendering all at the Divine Feet,

The devotee must pray to the Lord:

"O Lord! bless and guide me on the path to self-revelation."


O Supreme Lord, speed us on with pure and exalted love, priceless blessings; bestow upon us wealth abundant, thereby enabling us to tide lover all the ills of life; dower us with charming eloquerice, good fortune and fair name.


Come, O Lord, towards us and bring along with

Thee the divine powers for participation and enjoyment.


Come, O Universal Divine Power,

Hear our invocations; and be established in our hearts

As if Kusha, the sacred grass, is used as a seat.


We hurry to unite with the Lord divine: as rivers unite with the ocean

May we not drift to lands unfertile in search of things that are fertile

May we on Thy banks dwell, live and love each other well.


At the break of day invoke the Lord Supreme,

Lord of CosMic Light and Plasmathe pair of twin Divines,

The Lord Of Riches and Nourishment,

Lord of Bliss and Vitality.


Pious souls, may you sing sacred hymns with intense devotion, like flying swans and associated with Nature's bounties, partake in the sparkling glory of the Supreme Lord.


Friends! Let us with one accord offer reverence and oblation to the Lord.



To Him we dedicate our life

Who is the giver of life's breath, power and vigour,

Whose command all the Divine Powers obey.

Who is the Lord of Death whose shadow is life immortal.


To Him we dedicate our life who ruleth whatever breathes, moves, or is still,

Who is the God of man and cattle.


`To Him, to Him alone',

Whose grandeur is reflected in the snow-clad mountains,

Whose songs of glory are echoed by the thundering ocean waves,

Whose expanse is confirmed by these extended directions which are like his arms,

Whose cosmic arms embrace the whole universe,

We dedicate our life and offer obeisance.


May the earth's Creator never harm us,

For He maketh the heavens and observeth the norm.

He releaseth the powerful and crystal waters.

To what God other than Him could we dedicate our life?


O Father of all creations, Thou alone embracest all these created things

And none else granteth the wishes of our prayer.

To what God, other than Him, could we dedicate our life?

(Rig. 10.121.10)

He maketh the heavens and the earth strong,

He establisheth the dwelling place of the sky and of the gods, 

He measureth the regions in mid-air.

To what God other than Him, could we dedicate our life?


Firm Resolve

May this mind of mine

Which travels too far,

Which is the light of lights,

The only source of all wisdom

Which wanders to far-off places,

Whether I am asleep or awake,

Resolve on what is noble.


May this mind of mine

By which assiduous and intellectual persons

Perform their God-assigned tasks

In all social assemblies and congregations

The spirit that lies in all creatures

Resolve on what is noble.


May this mind of mine

Which is the source of highest knowledge

The source of wisdom

The source of the power of memory

The immortal flame of consciousness

Within all living beings

Without which no action whatever is performed

Resolve on what is noble.

(Yajur.34. 3)

May this mind of mine

Which guides men like a good charioteer

Who controls fleet-footed horses with the reins

That which abides in the heart

Most swift and vigorous

Resolve on what is noble.


May this mind of mine

That immortal spirit

By which all the past and present

World is comprehended

By which all the benevolent works

Are promoted and conducted through

Seven sense-organs 

Resolve on what is noble.


May this mind of mine

Which imbibes and holds the teachings

Imparted by the Rig, the Sama, the Yajur

Like spokes in the nave of a chariot-wheel

In which all thoughts of the living world

Lie interwoven

Resolve on what is noble.


Peace Eternal

O Lord of Peace!

May there be peace in heaven and earth

May the waters, plants and herbs give health and life to us,

May all the divine and material forces be merciful to us.

May all the forces of material and spiritual world be benevolent to us.

May peace itself bestow eternal joy on us.


Divine Assurance

All the powers of existence help those who are involved in good benevolent work.


His bounteous gifts, His divine wisdom and wealth

Are given to His devotees as spontaneously

As ripe fruit drops from a loaded branch.


God is all in all, but only those devotees who completely and in full faith surrender to Him find

His helping hand ever ready to guide and protect them.


A firm faith in God is the only ray of hope that penetrates this gloom of fear and ignorance.


The one who has faith and trust in the Lord invariably conquers adverse circumstances and emerges the winner, rich with bounty in the struggle of life.


The one who dedicates his life to the service of the

Lord, whom the Lord takes in His loving fold,, finds himself twice blessed by the supreme celestial powers and basks happily in the sunshine of God's love.


The pious soul who is ever awake in God is loved by divine hymns,

The sacred songs seek him;

Addressing him the Blissful Lord assures,

"I shall ever be your friend, fast and true."

(Rig.5.4 4. I 4)

The wise innocent man, engrossed in selfless service to mankind, is ever dear to God. He attains oneness with God.


Those parents who offer oblations to God are blessed with the privilege of bringing up brave, fearless children.


The man who has firm faith that God is abiding within the heart and soul of every man finds enough strength to surmount and bear the greatest of tragedies with a sublime contented smile.


A mind that is in the state of perpetual worship is never overshadowed by the dark clouds of sorrow.


O Resplendent Lord!

Thou never lettest Thy devotee

The philanthropist be humbled,

Thy bounty is showered on him

More and ever more.



Bless me, O Lord of Resplendence, with prosperity

And lustre of fame and magnificent majesty,

So that I may shine like the blazing sun in the sky.


O Cosmic Vital Physician, greatest amongst all born,

The mightiest of the mighty,

Wielder of adamantine justice,

Carry us safely beyond danger,

And cure sickness of the body and the mind.


O Divine Architect of Creation, the Dextrous Doer,

The Possessor of Wisdom, the Observer of Truth,

Bestow upon us those things which are necessary for our preservation.

O wise sages, associated with vital elements, make us joyful.


Bless that we be sinless in Thy judgement,

O the Supremely Virtuous Lord,

Thou showest mercy even to the sinner.

Bless, that we obey the commandments of Mother Eternity.

May She preserve us with Her blessings.


O Glorious Lord, Giver of nourishing food,

Bless us with a happy life, peace and prosperity.

May the Divine Architect with His ever moving cosmic chariot

Continue giving wealth, wisdom and happiness to us.


O Lord Suprascient, may we master

The well-disciplined wealth of wisdom and vigour.

Bestow on us excellent posterity.

Mayest Thou, the Lord of all, listen to our invocations

Addressed to Thee through divine hymns.

(Rig. 2.24.15)

May the Lord of Light and Bliss grant us prosperity'

May the guiding spirit of the firmament

And Goddess of Riches grant us prosperity

May the Adorable and Resplendent Lord prop us;

O, spirit of invincible fullness,

Thou bestowest all prosperity upon us.


O All-wise Lord, bring us wealth with good posterity.

O performer of benevolent deeds, destroy the demoniac forces.

(Rig. 6.16. 29)

Grant infinite, happiness and most agreeable wealth to the person who uses his riches for the service of others.


O Supreme Lord, of both the earth and heaven,

Bring them to Thy threefold jurisdiction.

Refulgent in Thy undecaying splendour,

Invest both the worlds with brilliance.

(Rig. 7.5.4)

Bless that our prosperity lead us to peace;

The social discipline leads us to harmony;

The intellectual pursuits result in sublimity;

The aim of our riches is harmony varied in all nature and society.

May the varied systems of law and order

Result in all round peace, progress and prosperity.

(Rig.7.35. 2)

Bless that the people of creative endeavour,

The people in charge of sustenance

Bring in peace for society.

May the wide earth, with all its provisions,

Be productive enough of peace and prosperity.

May the vast heaven and earth be for our peace and harmony.

May the mountains inspire peace and reverence.

May our pious invocations of Nature's bounties secure us peace.

(Rig.7 .35.3)

The fire with the splendour of flames provides peace.

The cosmic light and bliss, and the divine twins

Secure peace.

May the impetuous wind give our body and mind

Peaceful sustenance.

(Rig.7.35. 4)

Bless that the heaven and earth,

Invoked from the earliest times

Be helpful to our happiness;

The mid-space be for our happiness

With health and charming appearance;

The herbs and forest trees provide us happiness;

The victorious divine powers of distant regions

Favour us with felicity.


Thou manifestest Thy glory in firmament, waters,

Rocks, forests and plants of the earth,

O self-effulgent Lord of the cosmic world.


Bless that the sun, with extensive radiance,

Rise for peace

May the four quarters of the horizon

Be auspicious for peace and harmony.

May the firm-set mountains bless us with happiness

May the rivers provide us with nourishing water

And make our fields fertile.

(Rig.7 .35. 8)

Bless that the Mother Infinity, through holy observances,

Bring us happiness.

The All-pervading and the Nourishing One,

Bring us happiness.

May the cosmic waters be propitious to us.

May the wind blow for our happiness.


May the Divine Refulgent Lord, the Saviour,

Bless us for our peace.

May the Radiant Lord provide inspiration to us.

May the clouds inspire us to attain harmony.

May the Sovereign Lord of the Universe bless us for happiness.


May the divine universal bounties bring us peace,

May the divine speech, with holy thoughts, be gracious,

May the priests assist us at our sacred works

And the liberal and large-hearted givers

Be conducive to our peace and stability,

May the celestial, terrestrial and heavenly powers

Provide us with peace and happiness.


May sustainers of eternal truths

Be conducive to harmony.

May our thoughts and actions

Contribute to our happiness,

May the virtuous men of experience and wisdom

Confer peace and progress on us,

May the ancient sages be kind to us  

And respond to our invocations in our social ceremonies.


O Divine, Unborn, the One-Footed One

(Whose one foot measures the entire universe)

Bless us for peaceful existence,

Bless that the clouds of mid-space shower prosperity

The cosmic oceans provide harmony;

The heart and power, born of water, be gracious;

The mid-space, the sky, guarded by divine powers

Provide us with happiness.


O Supreme Lord

Endow me to-day

With that divine vision

Which the enlightened and realised ancient sages enjoy.


Bless that Mother Nature be kind to us;

The heavens give us peace

The earth be gentle;

Gentle be the waters that flow;

Gentle be the plants and herbs that grow.

May the past be kind; the future benign.


Divine Guidance

Establish Thyself in the innermost chamber of our heart.

Let the smoke of ill-thoughts be dispersed.

Enable us to see Thy spotless spiritual radiance.


O Lord, grant us and our men of faith,

That, they be inspired to devote their life to the service of humanity and work for the welfare of mankind.


O Supreme Creator, grant us spiritual strength and purity

That we may never be tempted to commit sin,

And be guided by Thy light.

Help us to rest all our life

In the clasp of Thy everlasting arms.

And earn the right to be the recipients of worldly joys.


Dear Lord, grant us wisdom to enjoy Thy blessings.

These may be showered on us, who obey Thy order.

May the wind filled with fragrance blow softly.

May the rivers flow calmly, echoing sweet melody,

And the plants grow their yield with fresh vitality

For us, the law-abiding devotees.


O Resplendent Lord, bless us with that divine vision, which gives valiant spirit, name and fame.


Bless us that liberated from sin

We perform diligent service

Like a dedicated servant to Thee,

O Divine Dispenser of Blessings,

O Sagacious Lord, give wisdom to the unwise

Guide Thine worshipper on the path of prosperity.


The sun, the sky, the moon, the stars move in celestial harmony,

Never violating the canons of the Divine Powers.

Let man learn his lesson from Nature's theme

Live in peace and harmony

No matter how strong or how wise,

Live within the realms of the Divine Scheme.

(Rig.10.33 .9)

O God Almighty,

Lead our mind towards the virtuous path.


O Lord of Universe, bless that our speech be  eloquent, vigorous and faultless.


O Resplendent Effulgent Lord!

Lead me whither go the sages

Versed in spiritual knowledge and rigorous discipline;

Give me insight to follow the righteous path

Traversed by the sages and seers.

I submit to Thee, O Lord,

Let the kindly light guide me to immortal bliss.


May the luminous sun take me to the realm of spiritual heights and may it enlighten my mind with its bright light.


O divine Agni! Self-refulgent God, please lead us on the path of virtue for the acquisition of physical and spiritual wealth.

Please remove the sinful acts from us which make us stray. Bless us that we remain ever engaged in uttering Thy praises.


Torture us not, O Lord of Strength, by making us victims to nascence by turning us into cravens.

Doom us not to abject submissiveness and the itch for unbridled captiousness.


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