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The Holy Vedas: Part - 5

Edited and Prepared By Pandit Satyakam Vidyalankar

We offer obeisance to Thee, 0 Lord Supreme, the Ordainer,

Reverence to Thy fierce form of punitive power,

Obeisance to Thy divine bow and arrow,

By which Thou destroyest the wicked,

Reverence to Thy mighty arms that support the pious,

And assail the evil-minded.


 We offer our reverence to Nature's great bounties,

To those who are old, and to the young,

May we speak with the force at our command,

The glory of all Divine Powers.

May we not overlook any of them, however big (or small).

(Rig.I 27.13)


The Supreme Lord is omnipresent like space 

And Eternal like His word.

And all Nature's bounties have their repose in Him.

What will be there, who knows not this (divine principle)?

What will they do with the Veda?

But those who know it come close to the Lord.


One God

He knows truth who knows

This God as One.

Neither second nor third

Nor fourth is He called;

Neither fifth nor sixth

Nor seventh is He called;

Neither eighth nor ninth

Nor tenth is He called.

He surveys all that breathes

And that breathes not.

He possesses the Power Supreme

He is the One,

The One Alone.

In Him All divine powers

Become the One Alone.


May it be called Agni, Aditya, Vane or Chandrama.

All are the names of the Supreme Spirit.

He is Brahma and Prajapati, the Supreme Lord of all

He is the ultimate power, protector of all beings.


The perennial divine flame is one

That alone is kindled in various forms.

The sun is one and one alone, gives us warmth and life

It glows in vibrant colours through all that is

And breathes on earth and elsewhere.

The dawn is one, one alone, that beautifies the face

Of the universe, with, its multicoloured lustre.


That one supreme reality has been styled

By various names by the learned seers,

They call one by many names.

They speak of Him as Indra, the Lord resplendent;

Mitra the surveyor; Varune the virtuous;

Agni, the adorable;

Garutaman, the celestial and well-sung;

Yama, the ordainer; Matarishvan, the cosmic breath.

(Rig.1.164. 46)

Such is Thy greatness, O Liberal Lord! Innumerable bodily forms are Thine.

Millions are in Thy million, or Thou art a billion in Thyself.


He is one and one forever remaineth alone; believe it.

There is no second in God.


That was Supreme in the worlds, whence sprang the mighty God of splendid power.


He is the One Lord of all holy service.


God is One the Lord of men, exceeding far and wide.

We observe His holy laws.


There is no parallel to Him,

Whose glory is truly great.


He is one.

Come together, you all, with power of spirit, to the Lord of heaven,

Who is the only One, the Guest of the people;

He the ancient desireth to come to the new;

To Him all pathways turn; really, He is One.


Glorious Lord

He is void of form, dwelleth in and out of everything with form and shape,

He is free from lapses, faults and impurities.

He transcendeth all the bodily facilities,

Being the Divine Poet He is Genius,

Maintaining peace and harmony

He manifesteth He sustaineth Creation in perfect order.


He is the creator and controller

Our kith and kin;

He knows all the domains

All the places and origins.

All the enlightened souls

Attain immortal bliss in Him

And they reach the loftiest goal,

The ultimate salvation.


He, the Lord of this cosmic energy,

Verily understandeth both, the warp and woof.

And in due time He is to tell what ought to be told.

He is the progenitor of all that is eternal and immortal.

He freely moveth hither and thither,

Above or below

With an eye on all dimentions and directions


It is He who fashioneth the universe.

He possesseth multifaceted knowledge

He pervadeth all effulgent bodies,

He supporteth and sustaineth everything, being the Creator.

He seeth all and is exalted above all,

He is called 'The one without a_second.'

In Him the soul, by means of the seven vital airs enjoys bliss.

He accomplisheth for the souls things which yield happiness.

He, the Supreme Being, is to be worshipped.


He is omnipresent and all powerful,

He ruleth over all the three regions,

Earth, mid-region and the celestial.

His one step is rooted in the deep dark mystery,

Beyond knowledge of mankind.


He preserveth the indomitable universe,

Createth three regions, the earth, mid-region and the celestial.

He sustaineth and protecteth the sanctity of all vital functions

That keep the constancy of universal life.


Seek Him everywhere

All is within His reach.

He knoweth all the things.

Full of wisdom,

He determineth

What ought to be done,

He is our only recourse,

All powers are vested in Him

He fulfilleth all our aspirations.

He is the source

Of all our nourishment and vigour,

Intelligence and strength.


He is an all-pervading, unchanging supreme being

Is the purest of the pure.

He is there in the hearts of holy men.

He inspireth sacred words like priests at the altar,

He is dear like a guest in the household.

He permeateth all eternal laws

And manifesteth throughout

The universal life forces—

The seas, the earth, and the mountains.

(Rig.4.40. 5)

He manifesteth every form and is to be identified

With all Nature's richness.

His manifestation is seen everywhere in creation.

He moveth in forms by his creative charm.

His Divine Energy is the life force -

Which animates all created things. 


The Only Path

I now realise the presence of the

Almighty Lord, the universal entity, the one who is self-illuminated and radiant like the sun.

He is beyond all darkness; with this realisation, now I fear not even death.

I proclaim, this is the path, the only path to salvation, to the goal of life, the eternal bliss.


His eyes are all-seeing

His arms and feet stretch out in all spaces.

He is omniscient, the creator,

Invested with dynamic energy

He sustaineth the heaven, the earth

And everything else that is therein.


He alone ruleth over men

The whole universe is His kingdom

He alone controlleth and directeth our five cognisant senses.


He the sovereign of the universe,

Sustaineth the tree's stem (the universe)  in the baseless region.

Its branches spread downward

Its roots rest high above.


None can ignore Him

None ventures to displease Him.

The obstructions cannot threaten His glory,

Neither those who tyrannize over men can do so

Nor the ones whose minds are bent upon wrong-doing.


He rescueth good human impulses

Causeth the spiritual Elixir to flow forcefully

(Love, truth, benevolence, austerity,

Contentment, generosity and knowledge).


Never is he defeated, who has been protected by

The virtuous, wise surveyor and law-giving Lord.


He gets prosperous whom divine powers take in their own arms,

 And whom they defend from the malignant.

He overcomes all obstructions.


He is never vanquished. He easily gains the best treasures

Of the world.

He is also rewarded with brave offspring like himself.


Seated amidst all is the most glorious, all-wise

And vigilant Lord, breathing like a swan.

His mouth is immersed under the veil of cosmic vapours.


Bearing in his hand all might,

He abides and delegates His strength to the true seekers.

The sages realize him through deep meditation and sincere devotion.


He is the Resplendent Lord who createth

All this fast-moving universe.

He driveth away to oblivion the dark evil forces.

He snatcheth off the riches of the malicious

Like a hunter striking his prey.


To Him, the most exalted Supreme Lord, offer reverence,

To him who rules the past, the present, and the future

Who presides over the entire universe

Who is the overall sovereign of the world and cosmos,

Who is above the reach of Time and Death,

Who is immutable and absolute bliss

(Atharva .10.8.11)

God, the Beloved

O most revered and resplendent

And loving adorable Lord;

Surely Thou bestowest on Thy devotees

All the attributes that vest in Thee.

May Thy love fill our body and soul.

Thou alone fillest man's empty life

Turning it into an ocean of fullness.

Let us dedicate the best in us at Thy feet,

And surrender our ego in Thy service.


O Lord of material and spiritual powers,

Thou art powerful and kind as kinsmen.

We solicit friendship and affection from Thee.

Desirous of possessing wisdom, we have

Recourse to Thee for full protection.


O Lord, will I ever be worthy

Of Thy love again, or am I lost? In my dreams

I converse and pray

Let me be with Thee, face to face, O my beloved

Lord, let my cup of happiness be filled to the brim.

Whenever I search my heart in my dreams

I encounter and converse with Thee.


Our hearts full of love for Thee

We pray, with all humility for the purity of Thy resplendent glory.

The flame in our heart has the soul of

Thy omniscient aurora, the source of all conscience.

We pray to Thee, the progenitor of all that exists,

With hearts full of love.


O Radiant Self, bless that my virtues and deeds conform to Thy wishes.

May love for Thee above the selfish ego rise.

Bless me with a vision to transcend the barriers of 'thine and mine'

Let there be neither me nor mine, only Thou and Thine.


The Supreme Lord is too near

To be abandoned,

Too close to be witnessed.

Behold Nature's splendour

And the Lord's divine poetry

Both are beyond decay and death.


Be Thou our Saviour;

Looking after and showing mercy to the worshippers

Friend, Father, Fatherliest of fathers,

Who for the loving worshipper provides all comforts.


These offerings have been made by us with adoration. May the Goddess of Speech be pleased with each of our prayers;

Under Thy protection, Thou most beloved!

May we approach Thee for shelter.

(Rig.8.95 5)

Supported by Thee, O God! may we answer all who defy us.

Thou art ours and we are Thine.

(Rig.8.12 32)

Draw thy Friend to Thee like a cow for milking:

O Singer, wake up God the Lover!

Move the Hero for the gift of bounty

Like the vessel filled brimful with treasure.

(Rig. 10.42.2)

O Effulgent One, Thou hast made the sun, ageless star to mount the sky conferring light on men.

Thou, O Effulgent One, art the people's Light;

Best and dearest art Thou by our side;

Think of the singer, give him life.


I, the devotee,

Am standing in the midst of

Deep waters,

Yet I feel thirsty.

O Blissful Lord,

Have mercy,

Slake my thirst,

And bless me with happiness and contentment.

(Rig. 7.89.4)


O Adorable Supreme Lord!

Thou art the Protector of the unprotected

Cosmic sacrifice of the creation.

May Thy blessings from all sides

Assuredly reach the seeker of truth.


O Resplendent Lord, the wielder of adamantine justice,

Thou art the co-coordinator of all elements.

At Thy command all cosmic energies are harnessed

To the richly-decorated canopy of the universe,

And they come speedily to our help everywhere.


Great art Thou God, greater than the greatest,

Beyond measure,

Thou art boundless, much beyond the celestial space,

Surely, Thou art the source of all greatness.


Infinite are Thy powers and capacity to draw

And discharge like oceans.

Thou protectest the entire creation by Thy radiance.

Like oceans Thou collectest and

Like the sun-rays Thou disperseth.


O Omniscient God, Thy glory enlightens the celestial,

Terrestrial and all the other regions of the universe.


The man whom Thou protectest

In the internal and external conflicts

Becomes free from all.  Vices, And attains eternal wisdom.


O all-wise and all-seeing God,

Direct the ignorant worshipper;

And help him to revert to acts

Which will reclaim him.

Always Thou protectest in times of conflict—

Those who are feeble, but tread the path of truth;

Against those who are strong but tumble on the wrong path.


O adorable God!

Thou liftest up mortal man

To superb immortality

By providing sustenance.

Thou bestowest happiness and sustenance

On the wise

In both the lives, 

The present and the one to come.


Creative Fancy

Nature's beauty is an art of God.

Let us feel the touch of God's invisible hands, in everything beautiful,

By the first touch of His hand rivers throb and ripple.

When He smiles the sun shines, the moon glimmers, the stars twinkle, the flowers bloom,

By the first rays of the rising sun, the universe is stirred;

The shining gold is sprinkled on the smiling buds of rose;

The dawn is the dream of God's creative fancy.


Adorable Supreme Lord,

Thou art so gracious to us that we feel

Thou art our Father, our life-giver,

And we are Thy close kinsmen.

Invincible as Thou art,

Thou lovest brave people.

Defender as Thou art of the pious,

So things most prized—

Speed unto Thee in hundreds,

Why, in thousands.

(Rig 1. 31.101)

We call on Thee,

Lord of Hosts, the Sage of Sages;

The most reputed of all;

The Supreme King of Spiritual Knowledge,

O Lord of Spiritual Wisdom! Listen to us with

Thy graces;

And in the place of worship.


I bow down to Thee just like a son

Who bows to greet his father.

Mayest Thou grant Thy healing cures to me.


With Thy excellent guidance

Thou leadest a person and protectest him,

No danger would overtake him

Who offers Thee his offerings.

Thou punishest the one who despises knowledge

Thou doest humble the wrath of a violent man,

Supreme is Thy greatness, 0 Lord Supreme.


None can break Thy dispensations,

O Supreme Creator,

Even the wild beasts roaming the desert in search of water

Are refreshed by the thirst-allaying rivers

Which Thou hast endowed.

Woods are there for birds .to feed on.


With great reverence I proclaim the truth—

That whatever exists exists by Thy blessing.

That Thou art the Master of all this Universe

Of all the wealth that is in Heaven or on Earth.


O Divine Creator, surely first Thou grantest  immortality

To the highly elevated man, dedicated to learning  and devotion;

Thereafter, Thou completely shieldest him with

Thy protection

And continuously showerest Thy blessings on him.


None can ever obstruct or deviate Thee from Thy way,

O sustainer of the whole world,

Thy touch is widely visible over the extent of  the earth,

And the magnitude of the heaven.


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