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Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who has been acquitted after eight years in prison for false accusations of blasphemy, says she appeals to the Pakistani governemt


Ayodhya Verdict and Decision of Supreme Court


Rep. Ilhan Omar raises her voice for people of Kashmir & Assam


Hafiz Ghulam Sarvar on Supreme Court's Judgement on Shri RamJanmabhoomi dispute.


Describing the Wrongs and Rights of Ghazwa-e-Hind


Discourse by Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq (September 7,2014)--Age of marriage in Islam and Slave girls)….


Renowned Pakistani Urdu Writer late Intizar Hussain talks about his growing up years in a Hindu school and Meerut College, harmoniously and subsequently, migrating to Lahore and becoming a writer…..



You must fight. I will say that this is a country where Sai Baba whose temples are across the country. Every devotee of Sai Baba knows he was born to Muslim parents. But because people have faith in Him, he is made an avatar and is worshipped. If you become helpful to the nation, you are put on a pedestal like a God....


In his speech, Azam Khan made it clear that Lok Sabha must be run on a constitutional basis, not on a religious basis. He added that no one can force him to say Vande Mataram nor stop him from saying.....

The panellists discussed many topics regarding Islam in modern society, such as Islam's place in modern culture, the events leading up to the modern public perception of Islam, and Islamic extremism. These topics were put forth with the final goal of collaborating to ensure a stable future of tolerance in the world....

Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy takes on a terrifying question: How does the Taliban convince children to become suicide bombers? ....



Wong, also clearly infuriated, told Hanson: “It is one thing to wear religious dress as a sincere act of faith and another to wear it here as a stunt in the Senate chamber.”

Hanson’s call for the banning of the Burqa prompted disorderly interjections from across the chamber.


Unite India against Communal Hatred
All India Da'wah Centres Association

A Panel Discussion "Unite India against Communal Hatred" Moderated by Umar Shariff and Participated by Various Interfaith Speakers



Tunisia's "Islamist" Ennahda party announced last month that it was moving away from so-called "political Islam". The announcement is seen as a move to broaden its following by a party that has been labelled "moderate Islamist" for 30 years. While the move is welcomed by many, others raise questions: Can Muslim-majority countries strike a balance between faith and democracy? Or, is there an irreconcilable tension between liberal values and Islamic beliefs?...


ISIS has lost the vast majority of its territorial holdings in Syria and Iraq, yet attacks continue from France to Indonesia. Many have pointed to ISIS’ online capabilities as an explanation. However, little known is that ISIS’ online capabilities owe their strength in large part to a group of Americans known as Revolution Muslim, who developed the template and network ISIS later adapted....



The unprecedented rise of majoritarian politics all around the world has led to volatile debates on the way we define nationalism, secularism and liberalism. While one puts identity and nation first, another frees us to pursue faith, the third involves a commitment to protect minorities.....


A Syrian teenage girl tells her harrowing story of her father forcing her into sexual jihad for the Islamic Jihadi rebels linked to Al-Qaeda. Temporary Marriage or muta is sanctioned under Islam for Muslims.....



Kashmiri Muslims living in the town turned up at the temple to celebrate Shivratri, the biggest festival on the calendar of Kashmiri Pandits. A local contractor Imtiaz Ahmad led the prayers after dozens of young men scrubbed the temple floor clean; pouring water on the Shiv Ling, the representation of the Hindu deity Shiva. He also offered fruits and sweets. It may be a small step....


The Rise of Reason
Pervez Hoodbhoy
The Rise of Reason
Pervez Hoodbhoy Tr.New Age Islam

I have been worried about the decline of reason and the resurgence of unreason. Now for quite a long time this is something that is quite universal. It is there in every country of the world but more and some and less in the others. It is something which has enormous implications for the future of human existence and for the resolution of our problems. Let me back up a little bit. About 300 years ago, Europe went through a phase which is called the age of reason. It emerged from darkness, from the fight against superstition, and this fight then led to the birth of modern Science;…



چند سال قبل میں نے اسلام اور سائنس کے عنوان پر پاکستان کی سب سے مشہور یونیورسٹی یعنی لاہور میں لاہور یونیورسٹی مینجمنٹ سائنسز میں ایک خطاب دیا تھا۔ اور وہاں بھی اسی طرح ایک مثال کے طور پر میں نے کہا کہ اس لمحے لاکھوں لوگ قحط کو دور کرنے کے لئے بارش کی دعا کر رہے ہیں۔ اور اگر آپ کو یہ لگتا ہے کہ سائنس کسی کام کی چیز ہے تو آپ کو یہ جاننا چاہئے کہ بارش دعا سے نازل نہیں ہوگی۔ وہاں بھی لوگ اسی طرح بھڑک اٹھے اور وہ واقعہ انٹرنیٹ پر شائع ہو گیا اور یونیورسٹی کی انتظامیہ کے پاس بھی یہ معاملہ چلا گیا جسے یہ بتایا گیا کہ میں ایسی باتیں کر رہا ہوں جو کفر اور الحاد ہیں۔ لہٰذا، یہ دوسرا رد عمل تھا۔



There is forth reaction which is claimed honour-ship by Muslims of all discoveries in science so if you go to the websites if you type Islamic Science in Google you will get typically internet banner which says that miracles predicted 1400 years ago and everything from black holes to quantum mechanics to antibiotics, everything is over there. I wish I had time or I could tell you about my experiences with conversation with Mullas, I asked one very prominent Maulvi, Mulla on television, and said if everything is over there in the Quran how come the west has invented all of these, and we do not have it, he said what you do not know is that before a western scientist goes to bed, he studies the Quran, in the morning when he wakes up he reads it again when he goes to his laboratory where he already knows what he is going to find……


کیا یہ حضرت ابو بکر صدیق کو مسلمان اور خلیفہ اول سمجھتی ہیں؟ حضرت عمر کو مسلمان اور خلیفہ دوم سمجھتی ہیں؟ حضرت عثمان کو کیا یہ مسلمان اور خلیفہ سمجھتی ہیں؟ کیا یہ حضرت عائشہ کو محمد ﷺ کی بیوی اور مسلمان سمجھتی ہیں؟ ان کا جواب دیجئے۔ ...


Sayyidina Umar is noted to have said ‘Beware of meat, because it has an addiction like the addiction of wine.’ Today, there are Muslims eating meat 3 times a day and then they start questioning why they have all these diseases. ...



“Why don’t Muslims speak out against terrorism?” This is as much a statement as it is a question. It implies that Muslims do not denounce terrorism because they implicitly support it. This is a fallacy...

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