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Angelina Jolie Not Happy With Her Visit to Pakistan

By Zeenat Rehman

The philanthropist, soft-hearted world’s number one female actress, Angelina Julie is not at all happy with her visit to Pakistan to see the flood victims. She came here, held the hands of the victims, made donations, stood up with the miseries of the people, denied any photo sessions, met with the aid agencies, but then she talks about the darker side of the things.

She is not happy with the attitude of the authorities and the government, who were more interested in toeing her line, watching her make movements, trying to please her while pushing the flood victims. She was also perturbed at the Prime Minister’s wish that his family wanted to meet him. Prime Minister’s family was especially flown down all the way from Multan to Islamabad and they presented expensive gifts to Jolie and had a sumptuous meal with her.

She said that she was feeling awful at that time to see so much food at the table, suffice for hundreds of flood victims who were fighting like crazy to get a small bag of flour and a small bottle of water. She was ill at ease when she saw the interior of lavish Premier house and some of the government buildings and the chartered planes and other such luxuries, when there was so much misery outside.

In her report to the United Nations, she has recommended UN to ask Pakistani government to first cut down on their expenses and to first cut down their luxuries before asking the aid from the world.

How true she is.

Source: The Pakistani Spectator, A Candid Blog

URL: http://www.newageislam.com/NewAgeIslamDebate_1.aspx?ArticleID=3536


Khaleej Times Online > EDITORIAL 

Jolie spills the beans

10 October 2010 It is said a friend in need is a friend indeed. Similarly, friendly advices are often hard to come, as people prefer to play to the gallery or try to avoid an embarrassing situation by calling a spade a spade.

Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie, however, was categorical and realistic to the core when she made a candid observation on her visit to flood-ravaged Pakistan. Jolie, who raised funds for the deluged Pakistanis, said that she was not happy with her visit as she felt that authorities concerned were more interested in photo ops with dignitaries and are less or least bothered about the impending human tragedy at hand. This demands genuine courage to say it so many words. And Jolie did that right away.

In her report to the United Nations, Jolie who is also UNHCR’s goodwill ambassador and has been to flashpoints across the world, recommended the UN to ask Pakistani government to cut down on their luxurious expenses before asking for aid from the world at large. What compelled her to say it in no small words is anybody’s guess. But she has inevitably made a point. The dual-standards at work in Pakistan, and for that matter in any developing country, when it comes to addressing pressing issues of humanitarian aid, is no rocket science to observe and interpret. Moreover, governments profess of austerity measures and at the same time indulge in extravaganzas at the cost of taxpayers’ money. Jolie says she was perturbed to see that no less than the prime minister’s family was interested in dining with her in fanfare and bonanza, and had the audacity of doling out expensive gifts. No doubt, Jolie is a celebrity but she was in Pakistan at a time of national tragedy, and that too to offer a helping hand. It is quite natural that she was disturbed to see dichotomy at work in the corridors of power. And that too at a time when the incumbent political dispensation is in the range of fire on alleged charges of corruption and mis-governance. She is right in saying that charity begins at home. One can only hope Jolie’s advice and regrettable feelings would spur 
some introspection.

Source: http://www.khaleejtimes.com/DisplayArticleNew.asp?xfile=data/editorial/2010/October/editorial_October17.xml&section=editorial&col


Pakistani Responses on the blog:

saeed khan on September 26th, 2010 :

Angelina Jolie, has spoken the truth, many Pakistanis, wish to help flood victims, think alike.

I don’t wish to curse the evil, or predict their end either. Wait, and See,

Kashif on September 27th, 2010:

Will we ever change? I mean these Zardaris and Gillanis are a reflection of us, we all are like that—————Jaisi Qaum Waisay Sardar

Arias on September 27th, 2010:

Angelina Jolie for President (of Pakistan).

Like she or any sane person would do better than zardari

Ammar on September 27th, 2010:

Could you cite any sources for this write-up or is this your opinion? While more efforts are needed we must also acknowledge the good work that is being done, so bickering won’t do any good be a part of rebuilding

Asam on September 27th, 2010:

Well, this link is telling a different story altogether: S


Hira Mir on September 27th, 2010:

Seems to be an interesting made up story, without authenticity. Do not flow more depression into the nation than there already is. We must unite to support our brethren rather than such write ups.

Junaid qadri on September 27th, 2010:

Zillat hi Zillat, Ruswai hi Ruswai Pakistan ki aur Pakistanio ki: Kia dia hey iss govt. iss key siway

Farukh Sarwar on September 27th, 2010:

Cutting down the expenses is perhaps a very pertinent request and I believe the government is already doing a lot in this regards.

Aftab S. Alam on September 27th, 2010:

3. Arias “Angelina Jolie for president (of pakistan). Like she or any sane person would do better than zardari”

Why her? Why not you —— you sound like a “sane person” to me.

Sadia Hussain on September 29th, 2010 :

Corruption can never be taken in a lighter vein, accountability is needed across the board and more so for a country in Pakistan whose track record is questionable in proper utilization of funds. Democracy has revived after nearly a decade and for strengthening democratic regimes the donors are playing a vital role

Zahid on October 9th, 2010:

I believe every word of it to be accurate. If you remember Gilani’s son attending the wedding of Shoaib Malik/Sania Mirza to show off in a so called “high profile” gathering.

khalidm on October 9th, 2010 :

Poverty is classified in to two broad groups,

1. Financial poverty from Almighty and is accepted as NORM

2. Mental Poverty, self acquired. Our Prime minster, President and whole of the \political \ bureaucracy \civil and? are suffering from this type.

khalidm on October 9th, 2010 :

Mentally poor.

Basit Yousuf on October 9th, 2010:

Why we have too much faith on the media. We usually believe what they write, broadcast and market. My comment is based on the story of SIALKOT where mob had beaten two youngsters. At first day I was so concerned that this is INSANITY and CRUELTY to kill a human like this. Second day, I rad a different story in newspaper that they both were robbers and were trying to rob a bus or some individuals and when an individual identified them they shot fire on him and killed him. Then my mindset had changed a little and again next day newspaper confirmed again that they were not robbers but innocent. At one side an MNA’s statement is different from media. So now even SEEING IS BELIEVING (On Media) doesn’t works.

1 Billion Rs. bounty on Musharraf's head - Page 2 on October 10th, 2010:

[...] Originally Posted by saad445566 Asim bro, no one is that bad. I mean all of the political jokers of GHQ and political parties did something bad and good during their tenure. I think that a care taker government should take over for 120 days, free and fair elections should be held and the courts should open all the cases against the political parties and armed forces individuals. here, check out what dear Politicians are up to Angelina Jolie Not Happy With Her Visit to Pakistan | The Pakistani Spectator [...]

@Asam on October 11th, 2010:

He can’t be that goooood actor Asam

cmon Angelina, r u serious?

Angelina got impressed by his acting of showing that he loves his people!

Zed. on October 11th, 2010 :

At least somebody had the balls to speak up! Way to go Jolie!

These dogs need to be taught a lesson for sure!

Babar Haq on October 12th, 2010:

The author does not mention source for this. Interestingly I could not find any other link talking about Jolie saying all this.

Sifting through BS: ‘Jolie not happy with her visit to Pakistan’ « Pakipedia on October 12th, 2010:

[...] At this point, the originator of the report seems to have been a certain Zeenat Rehman of the blog PakSpectator.com (registered from [...]

salma on October 12th, 2010 :

Angelina Jolie is no angel. I dont much like women like her BUT ….what she has said is so right. We are like the nations of Aad and Thamud and Madyan and Lut. And I fear we will end up like them too. She may be forgiven on the day of judgement for her loose morals because she harms only herself but we as a nation will never be forgiven. We claim to be Muslims and yet our actions are pure simlple KUFR.I am disgusted to hear the things she said about us and my head hangs in shame.

Ajmal Abbasi on October 12th, 2010:

Angelina Jolie has unveiled the dirty face of our rulers who boast to serve the country but in fact just trying to bag as much luxury as they can during their tenure. This is really pathetic situation and at the time when country is having such a big disaster, we have a huge team of ministers enjoying fully on the wealth of poor nation.

Shame on such rulers! We need change; we need leader like Imran Khan to save this country.

Naveed on October 12th, 2010:



Sonny on October 12th, 2010:

I think some people are missing the point, whether she said it or not we all know what the current government is worth, Mr Gilani’s she’s come from Italy along with his suits, and the same goes to Zardari and we surely cannot argue over his position on corruption and amassing/looting Pakistani monies and shipping it abroad, and his love for Pakistan is so much that he didn’t even bother to cancel his holidays which he stated was on official business and we all know what that was…as for Gillani well there are reports and gossip in circles that his son is taking money for getting things sorted out via his father the prime minister and anyone who has any connection in Lahore should know this and i believe it’s been reported on TV, plus the amount of corruption his wife has been up to plus the debts he has had wiped off …………………plz these guys were not born multi millionaire and they are living a better life style than millionaire in Europe or the states are living……………….the luxury life styles, the parties they hold …………………..they could feed so many, but if only they carried, but for them this flood disaster is as if its “eid come early”…plenty of money to plunder in the name of disaster relief…………….they even go as far as setting up fake camps and then have been caught a number of times but how low are these leaders that they don’t care and are carrying on as if they are untouchable, in other words they are the pharaohs of today………………….but the reality of it all is that even death came to him…………………..

Asif Abbasi on October 12th, 2010 :

Well Angelina is right.. But she should know that these people of Pakistan vote for Dakku and Luteras like these to get them in power.

As a nation, it is our own fault to have rulers like these…. We have seen in the number of by-elections where people who had taken oath on Quran and cheated were again re-elected. In some cases, when they were barred to take part in election by Supreme Court, these people took to the streets against Supreme Court decision, and elected daughter, wife, etc of the person who was barred.

You have to note that corruption is deep rooted. These rulers are Allah’s azab…. Each one of us is corrupt from head to toe, and we expect to be gifted with rulers like Omar, Abu-Bakr, Ali and Usman R.A.

Wake up, Pakistani nation…

Yousaf on October 12th, 2010:

This is in continuation of the baseless propaganda against the present democratic government.

All prime minters and presidents of the world are enjoying this type of status everywhere.

zia arfeen on October 12th, 2010 :

That’s correct but who can help us to get out from this den of hooliganism …, We are getting these Natural Hadsaat coz of our Behis Leaders…. May Allah protect us from these EVILS?

Masood Usmani on October 12th, 2010 :

Another shameful blow to us. another loss to nation as the nation will suffer the people who are eating luxurious lunches and dinner will continue and the poor people will suffer .

But who cares as the government including the president and the prime minister are least bothered about it , what the rest of the world is saying and what Pakistan and Pakistani nation is losing . They are doing what they best known for plundering the wealth of Pakistan .

Misery of this great nation is that we are not sincere to ourselves. We support or reject person not their deeds. The person we support no matter what he does. we support we don’t look at his/ her action

Classic example is lyari in Karachi, the pathetic condition in which the people are living and can u imagine candidates elected from that constituency have become prime ministers of Pakistan not once but more than 2 times and still the people vote for the same person or party .

This weakness of the people is being and will continue to be used to rob the rights and wealth of this nation. Unless the people themselves take the decision in their owned hand and decide what’s wrong and right for them .

Pakistan and Pakistani nation has the great potential to become a modern developed peaceful respected nation of the world.

We have got one of greatest Human Resource.

We are rich with mineral (World 5th largest copper mine ) one of the largest reserves of coal

We have all four seasons and very very fertile land.

We are nuclear power (which means nobody can dare to threaten our safety )

We have all but one aspect is missing which is a true sincere, honest and competent leader.

I know one such man would make a difference as it has been proved in history times again and again and again that One man has changed the course of the history.

China, Malaysia, turkey are just few examples

Lets pray that ALMIGHTY ALLAH ( S W T ) grant us one such good leader Aameen

Ismail Khan on October 12th, 2010:

100 bulli khaake Angelina Jolie pakistaaan ko chali

Muhammad Ali on October 12th, 2010:

Those who thing it is a made-up article read this from Khaleej Times:


Noor on October 13th, 2010:

She is right! You are super Angelina Jolie!

Angelina Julie is not at all happy with her visit to Pakistan | Geo Tau Aisay Pakistan on October 13th, 2010:

[...] By Zeenat Rehman [...]

Sameer on October 14th, 2010 :

Angelina Jolie has spoken the truth. I hope that she can help and teach the Pakistani Government at thin g or two more and our Pakistani government is corrupted and need to get on the straight path.

GOD BLESS PAKISTAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

URL: http://www.newageislam.com/NewAgeIslamDebate_1.aspx?ArticleID=3536



  • I agree that the government needs to control their expenses and luxuries and concentrate on finally doing what they owe our country but what I also find hard to understand is that isn’t it a customary thing for most governments to treat their guests well?
    America is a country which is facing the worst liquidity crunch in decades. Every other day people are losing all their assets, committing suicides, facing natural catastrophes but their government also enjoys the best of luxuries and offers the same to their white house guests in parties...
    For God sake stop taking criticism from every end and firstly and on the most important note lets improve our image as a civilised and humane nation ( if not literate) ... and also it’s not like we don’t know what publicity stunts and political games are played by US and their socialites and humanitarians in form of aid and all such crap...
    By sana iqtidar -

  • Sorry but something is not right here.

     The original news report published in Khaleej Times is missing this addition by Zeenat Rehman:

     She is not happy with the attitude of the authorities and the government, who were more interested in toeing her line, watching her make movements, trying to please her while pushing the flood victims. She was also perturbed at the Prime Minister’s wish that his family wanted to meet him. Prime Minister’s family was especially flown down all the way from Multan to Islamabad and they presented expensive gifts to Jolie and had a sumptuous meal with her.

    Now the readers are wondering where the truth lies?!!!?!!!

    By Mubashir Inayet -

  • Mr Haque, we are only commenting on a news story. We are not trying to determine whether Angelina Jolie or Prime Minister Gillani should be admitted to Heaven.


    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin -

  • I always thought and was made to think that I was a conservative. But I really am not concerned with ‘individual Jolie’ baring her body for a living and I know quite a lot of women have to do this in this mad bad world. But as matter of principle I am against women being pushed to baring their bodies for making a living, if possible. I also have no interest in her sexual orientation but as matter of principle hetro-sex should be the way of the world. Having said that, I think men and women are permitted to live with their sins and deal directly with their Creator. As per the Islamic doctrine they can always set-off their sins against their ‘sawabs’. That should propel believing men and women to cut down on their sins and add up on ‘sawabs’ by means of their deeds.

    I wouldn’t also bother to know if she is a Muslim unless she proclaims herself to be one.

    I am coming to the Prime Minister part, which is more important to me as being symbolic of the breakdown of social contract in Muslim society; otherwise I have little interest on commenting on the conduct of Prime Minister of Pakistan.  Of course to the extent it helps India and the civilized world to rebuild social contract amongst Muslims or at least arrest its deterioration further, I am all for it.

    I wish social contract was as simple as being good and doing good. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Suppose I am too credulous and extremely good too. It is likely that I will believe in the first bad news, and with my typical goodness I will rather react strongly – even without checking the authenticity of the bad news. Suppose Angelina Jolie did not say any of those things or some of those things, with a telling consequence on the story!

    Suppose the news that I have received is correctly conveyed to me in its form, but not in its essence. Then also my over-reaction would not be justified. Suppose the Prime Minister did not gawk at the movie star more than perhaps I would have gawked getting a chance!

    Suppose Angelina Jolie does believe in the perfectly noble mission of carrying the Whiteman’s burden, and suppose the food laid out was the stupidity of the caretaker, because surely it is impossible for any Prime Minster to control a dining table!

    Suppose awkward Muslim leaders lose their bearing in facing up to men and women of the White races exactly as we non-leaders do and therefore try to overdo a thing lest we should be accused of trying to underdo because of our inferiority complex!

    Suppose the nouveau riche of the Pakistani Muslim Society (the ruling class) is one tenth as rich as the nouveau riche of the Indian Hindu  Society (again the ruling class), but because of Muslim’s penchant for equality, the criticism of the ruling class is only ten times more.

    Suppose these entire suppositions of mine are out of sync with time and there is a genuine need for the restructuring of the Muslim society in Pakistan to replace the failing sticking glue, which actually is the social contract, by a new sticking glue. 

    What shall be the nature of that glue to hold on, in the interest of the world civilization and for the world peace? Of course this is for the Pakistanis to think and I have no further words than this.

    By Manzurul Haque -

  • Our social contract consists of being good and doing good. Angelina Jolie not only made a generous contribution for the victims of the worst floods in Pakistan's history but also found time to visit them. Her profession often requires her to expose her body, and in her personal life she is a bisexual, but she is a better Muslim than the Prime Minister who, in the midst of a national energecy, thought that it was important for his family to visit and gawk at a movie star.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin -

  • Dear Mr.Rizvi, can intrinsic goodness be at variance with the true ‘desire or liking’ of God?

     “Angelina Jolie is truly moral indeed. Angelina Jolie is also a declared atheist.  I wonder where her morality comes from.” So what next? When you find an answer to your question, please do share.

    By the way I have great admiration for Western achievers because of their philanthropy and not atheism, of which it is difficult to be as sure. Generally such ‘achievers’ in the West, which includes Newton and Einstein too, don’t rejoice in atheism.

    What about thinking as hard about the ‘social contract’ thing in Pakistan (is that the country of your origin?).

    Footnote: What I meant is that Angelina Jolie never spoke those words, as indeed they don’t act so cheaply, and she would not know or understand a thing about our enormous discussion of what she presumably said, because those people cannot match up with our credulity.

    By Manzurul Haque -

  • Manzurul Haque says:"....this may also not earn us any ‘sawab’ either ....."   

    My comment:

    As long as we are doing things for earning (or more correctly hoarding) more 'sawabs' rather than for their intrinsic goodness we are not truly moral. 

    Angelia Jolie is truly moral indeed

    Syed Rizvi

    By Syed Rizvi -

  • Let me put down something. Angelina Jolie does not know a thing about what she said, and what others are saying about what she said.

    But the posting of the piece and opinions on the posting, reflect the thinning away of the ‘social contract’ in Muslim society.  This is a serious matter and needs to be arrested by the intellectuals since no other group can handle this task. We all are short of time but time has to be spared for this kind of job. This work may not earn a farthing to us and from the classical viewpoint, this may also not earn us any ‘sawab’ either, but If Allah is Wise, He will certainly reward us for rebuilding up the ‘social contact’ - in my humble view.  

    By Manzurul Haque -

  • Angelina Jolie is also a declared atheist.  I wonder where her morality comes from

    I am ashamed of our young Pakistanis that are nothing more than a bunch of exhibitionists with the right lengths of beard or with hijab to draw attention to publicize their piousness.  These are nothing but a facade and through which God can see their motives. Since He is all knowing.

    Syed Rizvi

    By Syed Rizvi -

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