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Contentment: The Trait of a True Muslim قناعت:ایک مسلمان کا امتیازی وصف

By S. Arshad, (Translated from English by Samiur Rahman,

Therefore, contentment teaches man patience and piety. The heart gets solace and spiritual peace with acknowledgment of God’s favors and bounties. A grateful person neither takes undue pride in his worldly possession nor expresses his disappointment at what he does not have.

“No torment befells a country or your life that is not already written in the Book. Verily, it is easy for Allah so that you do not complain about what you do not get and do not boast of what he gave you, and Allah does not like anyone who boasts.’ (Al Hadeed: 22-23)

Thus, the Quran emphasizes on contentment on four occasions. It forbids man from being jealous of others for their wealth and prosperity and at the same time it enjoins on him not to have a lust for more. God says:

“And if you have patience and piety, it requires courage.” (Al-i-Imran: 186)

Therefore, the Quran clearly teaches Muslims contentment because it makes man grateful to God and also helps him to shrug off greed and covetousness as greed compels man to resort to all the means, good and evil, for acquiring wealth and material prosperity whereas contentment makes man pious and considerate.

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