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The Hypocrisy of Al Qaradhawi


By Mazhar Abbas, New Age Islam

July 3, 2013

Only the last week, the Egyptian cleric and Muslim Brotherhood ideologue Yousuf Al Qaradhawi had appealed to the Sunni Muslims of the world to rise against the Shias of Syria and take part in the Syrian jihad to topple Bashar al Assad’s rafidi regime and kill the Shias because in sync with the other Sunni Muslims mullahs of the world and especially of the Middle East and Africa and the Talibani outfits of Pakistan, he also believed that Shias are out of the pale of Islam, even more dangerous than the Mushrekeen and the Kafirs ( the polytheists and idol worshippers). According to such mullahs, the polytheists, atheists and idol worshippers may be spared but the Shias (Rafidhis, defectors) should not be allowed to live. Religious scholars like Al Qaradhawi also believe that even the children of Shias should not be allowed to live because, in their words, the offspring of snakes are also snakes and snakes should not be left to live. Hence, their conscience is not stirred when Shias along with their innocent children are killed by the so-called holy fighters. Al Qaradhawi did not appeal for a dialogue between the warring Sunnis and Shias of Syria as millions of the sick, the children and women have suffered tragically during the Syrian armed conflict.

Indeed their heart bleeds and the conscience is stirred when there is a division among the Sunnis because there should not be schism and bloodshed among the Muslims. (Only Sunnis are Muslims). So Al Qaradawi’s conscience was stirred when he realised that the Muslims of Egypt were fighting with each other on the issue of Morsi’s Presidentship. The serious confrontation between the opponents and supporters of Morsi has led to the death of more than twenty Egyptians. Since Morsi is on the back foot and the opponents of Morsi are rising in number, Al Qaradhawi, a diehard supporter of Morsi decided to exploit his image as the country’s greatest religious leader. He spoke on Al Jazeera TV to the nation stressing them the importance of dialogue and reconciliation. He made a long speech advising people of the Egypt to be united and solve all their disputes and differences through dialogue and not through bloody fights.

In his address he says, "It is saddening me that I cannot find you (the Egyptian people, united) in one camp so that I can address all of you.’

He was so frustrated at the division of the once united Egyptian nation that toppled Hosni Mubarak that he asked people,

"What is wrong with the Egyptians? What made them so divided? Instead of cherishing love and selfless, brotherly feelings towards each other, enmity and hatred prevailed.”

He then advises the Egyptian people to take recourse to discussion and dialogue to solve any differences.

“There is no other solution than meeting and listening to each other"

And as the earlier imams and religious scholars during the Umayyad and Abbasid rulers quoted the Hadiths and the Quranic verses to legitimize the rule of the then rulers for their own political and ideological interests, Al Qaradhawi also resorted to the same strategy. He quoted from Hadiths and the Quran to discourage the protesters and the opponents of Morsi from rising against him. Following are the Hadith and the verses that have been quoted in every age of Islamic history to ensure security to the Islamic rulers, however tyrant.

"Allah said, {O you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you.} (An-Nisa’ 4:59)

And the Prophet said,

"It is a duty of the Muslim individual to listen and obey (the ruler’s orders), whether he like (the orders) or dislike them, unless he is commanded to commit an act of disobedience (to Allah). If he is commanded to disobey (Allah), then he should not listen nor obey (the orders)."

Al Qaradhawi explained to them that “If Morsi commanded us to do a clear act of disobedience to Allah, we should not listen to nor obey him.

Otherwise we are ordered to obey him so that chaos does not prevail. Replacing a president with another (without due democratic process) is not an easy thing. Rather we should correct him and demand him to do [what we want]"

Al Qaradhawi however ignores the fact that the majority of the people of the country have risen against the ruler, the ruler should step down according to the Islamic ideals. Recently, the Al Azhar University issued their stance on the topic saying that protests by the common Egyptian people were not un-Islamic. Also, from the same point of view, Morsi loses the right to office as his government allowed the cadres of MB to rape and kill his opponents. So, the Hadith that Al Qaradhawi quotes to legitimize Morsi’s government actually turns against it as it permitted two major sins – rape and murder --by its supporters.

In fact, the vote for the new Egyptian constitution was not participated by the majority of the people as they did not want the kind of constitution Muslim Brotherhood wanted to impose. That’s why there was a general lack of interest among the majority of the people in the elections. The Muslim Brotherhood’s strong and intimidating presence in all parts of the country also ensured that the opponents of the MB-sponsored constitution did not take part in the elections. Only 33 per cent of the population took part in the elections. Out of the votes polled, 66 per cent votes were in favour of Islamic Shariah law while the 34 per cent votes were against it. So. A majority of people (67 per cent) did not want to take part in the elections and out of those 33 per cent who did, 33 percent opposed the constitution. So the end result is that, the majority of the Egyptian people opposed the government and constitution of the Muslim Brotherhood. So, since day one, the government of Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi was undemocratic, illegal and un-Islamic. So, there can be nothing un-Islamic in opposing an un-Islamic government.

This is the fact Maulana Al Qaradhawi had in mind when he appeared on the TV to appeal to the Muslims to have a ‘dialogue’ with their Muslim brethren. We should recall that prior to the elections; an Egyptian MB leader had shouted that those who opposed Muslim Brotherhood were opposed to Islam and those opposed to Islam should be killed. Even after the elections, another Egyptian cleric had announced that the protestors should be killed and women protestors should be raped because they were not Muslims. Surprisingly, overnight they have turned ‘Muslim brethren’ in the eyes of the same Muslim Brotherhood leaders and clerics.

The reason is clear for this change of heart and perception. Now as the opposition to Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood is rising to a dangerous level, they have been put at the back foot. And that’s why they are talking of dialogue, discussion and meeting. And they are finding the Hadiths and the verses of the Quran to make things easier for Morsi.

This shows the hypocrisy of clerics. When there is conflict and crisis in Syria, the same clerics do not talk of dialogue and discussion because the Shias were not Muslims. Only those who were against Bashar al Assad – Jabhat ul Nusra, Al Qaida, and other Salafi-Wahhabi fighters from Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia were Muslims. The children, women and elders of the Shias were not Muslims. So Al Qaradhawi was not concerned about their fate and their well being. His heart did not bleed for the women and children killed and butchered by the Salafi fighters. He did not find the Hadiths that said the women, children, the religious leaders, elders and above all non-combatants of the enemies should not be harmed. He did not remember the Hadiths and the Quranic verses that said that creating schism and driving a wedge among the Muslims were acts of Kufr.

The truth is that Al Qaradhawi is extremely worried over the future of Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi in Egypt and so he has tried to present the image of a moderate and sensible leader who talks of moderateness, tolerance and dialogue while when it comes to take a stand vis-à-vis the Shias, the same Al Qaradhawi suddenly superimposes himself as a Jihadi, intolerant and sectarian demon baying for the blood of his ideological and sectarian opponents. He is a hypocrite. Period.