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The War Within Islam ( 4 Apr 2020, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Tablighi Jamaat Spread More Than Covid-19 Virus; Its Head Maulana Saad Kandhalvi Propagated Un-Islamic Obscurantism And Exclusion, As Has Been Tablighi Practice Since 1926

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5 April 2020


Maulana Saad Kandhalvi

Maulana Saad Kandhalvi’s first speech on Corona virus pandemic in Hazrat Nizamuddin headquarters of Tablighi Jamaat delivered on 20th March

Transcription and Translation from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk

20 March 2020


The point is that in the current situation every Muslim should think that Allah has directly put his hand on me. This should also be kept in mind that it can never happen that the wrath of God will inflict the Kafirs (infidels) and the Muslims will also be afflicted by it. Some people have got the wrong belief that the contagion was meant for  'others' but Muslims fell prey to it. God directly deals with every momin (Muslim). In the light of faith and belief, we cannot subscribe to the idea that the wrath of God had descended on the 'people of the world' but Muslims also got trapped in it. The Quran says that we know who will be afflicted by our wrath and who will not. All will not be afflicted by our wrath.

However, if we bring our wrath on others as well, it is because we bring it as a warning to them and to drive them towards good deeds.

Therefore, these circumstances inspire us to learn a lesson. But it does not mean that we should leave namaz for some time or suspend other religious duties for some time and the calamity will be taken away. Oh really! (Recites a verse) In this verse of the Quran Allah says that such contagions and calamities will not hold any lessons for these people. They don't think that this is a transitory period and will pass on. So, let's go ahead and do. Exhortations do not benefit such people.

Even today many Muslims believe that this disease is a temporary affliction and will disappear soon. Allah says (recites a verse) that we shall remove the calamity for a short period. We know that you will return to the sinful ways saying the calamity is over.
Therefore, my friends, this is the time for repentance and for reciting the Quran and for reverting towards God.

This the time to bring the ummah to the mosques, not of leaving the mosque. This is a matter of extreme perversion of faith and ignorance. I said in the beginning that only an animal runs away from his master after seeing a stick in his hand.

You know that the master of the buffalo shows his stick to scare it and to bring it back. No one would drive his milking buffalo away. Sometimes you will see that he tries to get past the buffalo so that he can drive it towards home.

And this is the degree of ignorance of the Muslims. We thought that the Kafirs would not prevent you from performing Amal (religious duty). If the Kafirs prevented you from your Amal Allah will destroy them.

Islam will suffer damage at the hands of Muslims, not Kafirs. This is a false belief of people that Islam is being harmed by 'others'. Not at all. Whatever harm Islam will suffer, it will be at the hands of Muslims. Others cannot do any harm to Islam. If the entire Falsehood comes together against even a single Sunnat of 'istinja' (ritual cleansing after urination), it is sufficient to destroy the Falsehood. Simple. So, imagine, if it tries to prevent the 'faraiz' (mandatory rites) what degree of destruction will befall them.

But it is the Muslims who are preventing the faraiz (religious duties). Instead of thronging the mosques, they are saying, "leave the mosque, for if you gather in the mosques, the disease will spread."

What a pity! The wrath of God has descended on you because you had assembled for acts of sin, so why won't the wrath of God be removed if you congregate for good deeds?

 They are fools. The wrath of God in the form of the calamity has struck them as a punishment because they had collected at the places of sins but they are looking for the remedy of the calamity by leaving the mosques. Will the calamity be removed or aggravate!

They say ' Don't pray in mosques, pray at home.' though there is a Sahih Hadith that the calamity that has been decreed is removed thanks to those who gather in mosques. Will you deny the authenticity of this Hadith? Then they will say that we are doing it temporarily. Temporarily? The purpose of the wrath of God that descends is to bring people towards good deeds. It's not without purpose. It's not like, "We have brought this calamity for a few days. So, after we remove the calamity, you can come back towards your religious duties." It's not so. The Aamaal (religious deeds) are for removing the calamity, not that deeds are to be suspended till the removal of the calamity. Therefore, my friends, this is the time to populate the mosques with deeds.

Head of Tablighi Jamaat Maulana Saad Kandhalvi’s second speech on Corona virus pandemic in Hazrat Nizamuddin headquarters of the Tablighi Jamaat delivered on 20th March

Transcription and Translation from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk

20 March 2020


Now you can understand what kind of darkness may prevail in the society where mosques are deserted, what kind of sins may be committed in this darkness and what kinds of calamities may befall us due to the sins. That's why, my friends, this is the time to bring the ummah towards the mosque, not to drive them away from the mosque. Allah does not send a calamity so that men get engaged in taking remedial measures and treatment. In these times, causes of the calamity are ascertained, measures of preventing the calamity are not conceived. Material measures of preventing the calamity are not conceived but the causes of the calamity are determined. Along with that, it is also ascertained what are the deeds that please God and may ward off the calamity. The teams of the Jama'at in any area should not slow down their activity in any circumstances. Maulana sahab would say that those who delayed in setting out due to circumstances invited even a greater calamity. Hazrat would say that due to slowing down of the activities of the Jama'at's teams, the calamities that were supposed to descend in centuries would descend in months.

What Hazrat meant is that if you delayed the setting out of Jama'at teams, you will invite a greater calamity. Those who venture out on the path of God are not going to suffer but those who sit back due to some calamity will.

The Quran says, 'There are people who will ask for permission to stay at home saying time is not suitable for venturing out. The place where you are going is afflicted by a fitna (calamity).'

Fitna can be in any form. It can be in the form of a social evil, in the form of a disease. Then they said, ' Please give us permission to stay back in Madina because it is not a suitable time to venture out'. Allah says in the Quran, 'Those who ask for your permission to stay back in Madina and refuse to venture out, their venturing out is not a fitna, but their staying back is a fitna in itself.’

It was the routine of Maulana sahab that whenever the news of a calamity, or disease would come from a place, he would send a Jama'at there. If the Jama'at could not enter the place due to the circumstances, he would ask them to go to the mosque of the adjoining area and invite the people of the locality towards repentance and tell them that good deeds are the only means of warding off the calamity.

It is in the Sahih Hadith that the calamity which has already been decreed for a place is removed thanks to those who populate the mosques. In the current circumstances, leaving the mosques is a denial of this Hadith.

Denying this tradition saying that congregations in the mosque will bring the disease means you intervened in God's decision to send help and remove the calamity. I personally witnessed in Mewat that the moment a Jama'at entered a place, the calamity would disappear.

Therefore, I say that this is the time to speed up your activities, not to slow it down. This is the time you should organise gasht (visits) and bring people to mosques, because the calamities that have struck us due to our leaving the mosques will not be removed through suspending prayers or other religious duties, rather they will be removed through increasing the deeds.
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Published on March 20, 2020


Third Speech delivered by Maulana Saad Kandhalvi, Amir Tablighi Jamaat, Nizamuddin Headquarters on 22nd March

Transcription and Translation from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk

22 March 2020

They (government) have adopted measures to fight the wrath of God and advised us to adopt the same measures and then believe in Fate. What is the use and justification of believing in Fate after adopting remedial measures? Only the person who prefers obedience to God, his worship and dawah (preaching to others) over Fate can claim to have faith in Fate.

 If God forbid, Muslims prefer remedial measures over Fate, I swear, these remedial measures will drive you away from mosques. You will cause the azaab (wrath of God) to intensify and not to diminish. Your resources for remedial measures will drive you against the system of God whereas the injunctions of God, the Sunnah of the Prophet pbuh, the routine of the sahaba (companions of the holy Prophet) and the practices of the four rightly guided caliphs enjoin on you that whenever a calamity befalls on you, you should be running towards the mosque.

 It's a false belief the disease spreads through assembling in the mosques. Therefore, I say that even if you observe that man dies after entering the mosque, there cannot be a better place to die.

What an irony it is that the holy companions (sahaba) would wish that they may die while propagating Islam, they would wish that they may die while offering prayers (namaz). On the contrary, these people perceive dangers in namaz. They will run away from namaz to ward off the calamity (azab).

Allah has brought the calamity as a punishment for leaving the mosques, and they think they can ward off the calamity by leaving the mosque. Think over it. How ridiculous! (Kitni ulti soch hai. ).

God has brought the calamity for leaving the mosques and they will ward off the calamity by leaving the mosque. Think over it. How ridiculous!

This is only the mischief of Satan and all the believers in falsehood cash in on the opportunity and say that we the worldly wise know, you maulvis and ulema will never know, how to fight diseases. Do the doctors know? No, the advice of only those doctors who are pious, religious minded and God-fearing and are punctual in the observance of religious practices will be followed. Even then, if the doctor gives an advice which causes a religious duty to be suspended, his advice will not be complied with, leave aside the advice of a scholar or an educated man to lock down the mosques. Shrug off the idea from your heart.

Of course, precautionary measures are good, but leaving the mosque due to the belief that the calamity will intensify by going to mosques is against the injunctions of God, the routine of the rightly guided caliphs, the ways of the sahaba and the Sunnah of the holy prophets and Messengers.

As for these holy men, they would consciously rush towards mosques in times of every calamity and every contagion, and here in this age we leave the mosques to ward off the calamity. It is a very wrong way of thinking. May God reward 'ulema-e-Haq'(Ulema on the right path meaning ulema of Tablighi Jama'at) who are steadfast in the opinion that in the current situation, there is no question of and justification for locking down the mosques.

The Satan is using this opportunity as it has always done to lead us astray from our religious duties in the name of precautions, treatment and protection. Whenever a calamity strikes, Satan makes the victims of calamity commit such acts which destroy their rewards and add to their woes.

This is the time to populate the mosques and to invite the ummah towards repentance.

 As I have already said, this is the time to make our supplications effective.

This is not the time to pay heed to false remedial measures.

Satan has inculcated whims and deep fear in the hearts that if you do this, that will happen, and if you do that, this will happen. Hazrat Ali would say that if someone says that if I had done this, that would have happened, he must put a burning piece of coal on his tongue so that it would burn his tongue. It would be better for him than saying that if he had done this, that would have happened. No, always think over what God expects from us and what was the routine of the sahaba. The false fear of disease has embedded itself in your hearts. Tell me a place where deaths don't occur? And how many deaths are caused by diseases.

Always remember that it is the belief of a momin (true believer) that no death occurs due to a (worldly) cause. True, sometimes God brings death with some (worldly) cause.

My statement needs attention. Death is not driven by a (worldly) cause, though sometimes death does occur apparently due to some cause. Why are there causes for deaths? God brings death with causes not because God wants someone to die due to some cause. Because God does not need cause to show for someone's death, nor does the Malakul Maut (Angel of death) need a cause to draw the soul out of the body.

When the time of death comes, God decrees the cause only to see if the dying man or his relatives attribute his death to some cause or to God's will. As simple as that. You will see in the whole world, when the time and God's decree comes, no one says that the time has come. They ask, "What had happened?" "Was he suffering from some disease?" Hazrat Aysha's brother suddenly died. She said, "Alas! No one dies like that. I doubt that people buried my brother Abdur Rahman without death. He did not die. He neither fell ill nor did he have any pain? I always had this feeling". One day I saw from my chamber that a healthy man came and alighted from his carriage. He entered the mosque and putting his sheet under his head he lay on the floor. After a while the time for namaz came. People tried to wake him up but he was dead. She said that after that incident, my doubt was cleared forever.
So as I said death does not come with a cause. If really death came with a cause, there are more causes for death than for life. And the more the world progresses, apparently the more we saw the causes of death. That's why I said that Satan has put the whim and the fear in our hearts. We keep thinking about the laws, and precautions. There is no room for evading Amal (religious duty).

Yes, taking precautions is a Sunnah (practice of the Prophet pbuh) and there is no room for denying a Sunnah or considering it against the belief in God but saying that if we do this, that will happen is perversion in faith and belief. This is the time to bring the ummah towards repentance, towards Allah and His mosque instead of taking precautionary measures.

And faith in God? How will they have faith in God, when they don't read the Quran? They read newspapers, poor folks. They read a news item and lose heart. They read another news item and panic. They read some other news and they run away from their religious duty (Amal). They read some news and lose hope in the benevolence of God.

God causes a calamity or a contagion only to see what his slaves do in that situation. If he spends all his energy in taking remedial measures, he cannot benefit from Nature (God's benevolence). But if he is absorbed in Aamaal (religious duties) God will provide him remedies or solutions through intuition. You may not even imagine that even in this age God may help the Muslims against calamities or enemies as it had helped the sahaba against the Zahir (material might) ................" The sword has broken... What should I do now? The enemy is ready to strike." And then he got hold of a tender green branch of a tree and it turned into a sword. This is what God expects from us. "Do what I command you to and then I will take care of you."

What will you say about today's Muslims? They want to deal with God's wrath with their own resources. Thus, when man loses faith in the unseen powers of God, and of angels and God's army, they rely on their army, and weapons and material resources to defend themselves. But remember what I say: The ways and principles of these material forces are such that they will compel the Muslims to abandon their Aamaal (religious duties).

The ways of the 'others' are such that they will make Muslims leave their own ways. They will ask the Muslims to follow their scheme and their scheme is that Muslims should lock down their centres of learning and suspend prayers in mosques. They will say, "Hand over your system to us and we will cure your malady". Never, never. Muslims are the essence of this universe. Kafirs (infidels) are not the essence of this universe. The system of this universe will run thanks to the Muslim. All the inanimate and animate objects and all the creatures will benefit from the good deeds of Muslims, and they will suffer due to the wrongdoings of Muslims.

Muslims are the core of this universe. Muslims don't need to think on what they should do in the current circumstances. Only those who don't know the Supreme Being need to think how to defend this calamity, this disease. It's only the kafirs who rely on the material remedies and resources. Muslims rely on aamaal (religious deeds) and prayers. If Muslims too follow them then he will also say that the circumstances require us to abandon this and this duty for the time being.

If you abandon your religious duties in view of the current calamity, it will only aggravate. The holy Prophet (pbuh) had brought the Muslims so close to the mosque that they did not find the solutions of any of their problems outside the mosque. Coming towards God is actually coming towards the mosque in the same way as going towards the lawyer means going towards his office and going towards a minister means going towards his ministry. Just imagine, if a non-Muslim had asked Muslims to leave mosques because he did not know what a mosque is. Where there is health and solace thanks to the descent of angels, they perceive disease there. It's sheer blindness, it's sheer blindness.


Head of Tablighi Jamaat, Maulana Saad Kandhalvi’s fourth speech on Corona virus pandemic in Hazrat Nizamuddin headquarters of Tablighi Jamaat delivered on 25th March


Transcription and Translation from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk

25 March 2020


 My friends

Do fasting and chant God's name abundantly. This is the only remedy for this calamity. As for the doctors' advice and precautions, following them is not against the faith and Shariah, rather if you suffer losses due to noncompliance of precautionary measures, only you will be blamed. Therefore, we should follow the doctors' advice and take precautionary measures only to the extent that your religious duties are not sacrificed. If your Aamaal (religious duties) are sacrificed, God will leave you to the mercy of the doctors and pull His hand off you.

 I am telling you again: follow the doctors' advice and the government directives. It's our responsibility. It is our fundamental principle to follow the law and the doctors' advice. It's the fundamental principle of Dawat and Tabligh. Violating the law of the land and the instructions of the police is against the principles of the Dawat and Tabligh. Therefore, I have said that following it is not against the Shariah and the faith in God, rather it is in conformity with the Shariah.

If we consider precautions a violation of the faith in God, then we will have to develop the faith of the prophets and sahaba, to be very clear. It is a dangerous proposition if we take it lightly. So, as I said, that even the prophets and sahaba took precautionary measures for their safety. Despite God's promise of protecting the holy Prophet pbuh, his wearing protective gear and safety measures taken by the sahaba all came under precautionary measures.

Denying it and showing complacence is not sensible behaviour. Therefore, my advice to you is that you should follow the precautionary measures prescribed to you but at the same time I will reiterate my position that precautionary measures should be followed only to the extent that they do not cause suspension of your religious duties.

 If you abandoned any of your religious duty due to your zeal to take precautions God will pull His hand off you. Your religious deeds are based on your faith. Remedial measures are not faith-based, religious duties are. Remedial measures are akin to precautions. And religious acts are based on faith. You should keep it in mind and pray at night. Instead of discussing the disease, remember God.