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The War Within Islam (19 Jul 2014 NewAgeIslam.Com)

'Recruit Sunnis for a Powerful Global Islamic Army to Fight Shias and Help Muslims in Need; Five Lakh Brave Indian Youth Will Be Provided': Maulana Salman Nadvi to Saudi Government

Note:  New Age Islam is presenting below full text of a charter of demands presented some time ago to the Saudi government by Maulana Salman Hussaini Nadvi, the first Indian Muslim to embrace the self-styled Khilafat of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. It gives us an idea of how this member of al-Baghdadi Khilafat, also apparently still a holder of Indian nationality, looks at terrorism, sectarian war, the role of Saudi government and Muslim Umma in general. His world view is here in full view. The worrying thing for me is that this is not just his view. There are many takers for this view. If he is promising to put together an army of five lakh (5, 00,000) Muslim youth from the Indian sub-continent, essentially India, as he has no influence anywhere else, is he just making a tall claim? Only proper investigation can reveal.

The silence with which Indian Muslims have greeted the call of Baghdadi's so-called Khilafat is also quite confusing. One doesn't know if it is meaningful and revealing. One would have thought that Muslim Ulema here would come out all guns blazing against this absurdity of a medieval Khilafat in the 21st century. Instead, there is no protest even when an influential Maulana joins the Khilafat. The Sufi Ulema and Mashaikh that New Age Islam correspondents interviewed are quite categorical in their condemnation but they have got little influence now. Most Muslims have already developed a radical Wahhabi mindset, even though some of them continue to go to Sufi shrines and do not even realise it yet. Power of the petrodollar-funded Islamic mass media, you can say.

Let me just give you a rough and very brief idea of Nadvi's world view here. In this charter of demands, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Hasani Nadvi, he is asking Saudi Arabia to organise a Khilafat for the Muslim Umma, the global Muslim community, which would have a world Islamic Army in which he would contribute five lakh Muslim youth from India. He says there is no need for recruiting youth from among the messed up youth of the Gulf, when you can find them right here. This army would stand behind Muslims wherever they are in trouble. He wishes that terrorists should not be called terrorists and thus antagonised. They are sincere Muslim youth fighting for a noble cause. There should be a confederation of Jihadi organisations active across the Islamic world midwifed by Ulema who should help them hold a dialogue among themselves so they come together and iron out their differences and emerge as one powerful global force.

Let me quote to you his exact words, though in translation from Arabic. (A picture of the original letter in Arabic is given below) Syed Salman Hussaini Nadvi says: "as for the issue of Qadiyanis particularly Safvids and those who abuse the Sahaba (companions of the Prophet - meaning Shias), we should not be afraid of them and we do not need to go to the US or Israel to ward off threats from them. Just recruit the Ahl-e-Sunnah youth from the Indian sub-continent and form a powerful Muslim army of the Islamic world. After that there will be no need of the so-called army of the sick youth of the Gulf States. If you are sincere towards the True faith, True path, Sunnah and for the protection of the true path of Islam, then simply make an appeal, a call. Five lakh brave youth from the Indian sub-continent will be provided."

Maulana Nadvi says: "Since the land of Kaabah is the beating heart of the entire Muslim community and is the centre of the Islamic world, the holy Prophet (pbuh) had said about it, 'Drive out the Christians and the Jews' (from Arabia) and had decided that this land is a sacred land for the entire Muslim Ummah and so there is no room here for the Christians and the Jews in the same way there is no room for Muslims in Vatican.

"Therefore this is the responsibility of the government of the Aal-e-Saud (to drive out the Christians and the Jews from Arabia and establish such a nation which will have no non-Muslims)."

He also says: "Military training among the Muslim youth should be stressed. Every effort should be made to save them from Freedom and social ills."

We Indians have a peculiar problem to deal with. The father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi had vociferously supported Muslims having double loyalties, extra-territorial loyalties to an Islamic Khilafat, the Ottoman Empire, then based in Turkey. Now that Gandhiji's party is not in power, maybe the government will put its foot down and say that those who are loyal to al-Baghdadi's Khilafat will no longer be Indian citizens. They will not be allowed to recruit here for the proposed global Islamic Army.

Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam









Maulana Salman Hussaini Nadvi

Charter of demands presented to the Saudi government by Maulana Salman Nadvi, the first member of Al-Baghadadi's Islamic Khilafat in India, allegedly on behalf of all the Muslims of world

By Syed Salman Hussaini Nadvi

(Translated by New Age Islam)

Many dynasties ruled over the Arab Peninsula right from the rightly-guided caliphate till today. The rightly-guided caliphate was a God-supported caliphate with the condition that Muslims would fully worship God and will not involve themselves in the system of those who set up partners with God. The Muslims of the first age fulfilled this condition and God bestowed on them the rightly guided caliphate (Khilafat-e-Rashidah). In all the later periods, Muslims demanded from every government that they should form their government on the line of the Khilafat-e-Rashidah and follow the Divine Book and Sunnah of the Prophet pbuh.

After the Khilafat-e-Rashidah, the period of Umayyid, Abbasid and Ottoman caliphate continued that considered the Khilafat-e-Rashidah their basis. Despite having some flaws and weaknesses, they carried on the name of the caliphate. Through it, the Ummah spread from the East to the West had a sense of association and unity and the Ottoman caliphs took care to sustain their international status. The land of the Kaabah, particularly Hijaz, enjoyed sanctimony and considered the service to the two Holy Mosques a duty of all. Sultan Shah Saleem Usmani of the tenth century was the first to assume the title of Khadim-al-Harmain Sharifain (Servant of two Holy Mosques).

From the 18th century, trials and tribulations started to surround the Muslims which reached its peak in the 20th century and with the collusion of the British, the so called leader of Turkey Mustafa Kamal ripped apart the caliphate and ushered in an age of atheism. Thereafter, the Masonic Movement rendered the Islamic world afflicted by atheism and started nationalistic movements that put the entire Islamic world in the clutches of imperialist forces. The war that was going on between government and Church was imposed on the Islamic world.

This was the time when for the first time Aal-e-Saud (Saud Family) supported the reform movement of Muhammad bin Wahhab and brought about a political revolution and strengthened his power in the land of Kaabah by entering into a number of agreements and treaties with the government of Britain. After the second World War, America replaced Britain and the Saudi government had political and economic treaties resulting in the discovery of oil reservoirs, bringing about a new and golden age of economic prosperity in which wealth flowed like water.

 Since the land of Kaabah is the beating heart of the entire Muslim community and is the centre of the Islamic world, the holy Prophet (pbuh) had said about it, “Drive out the Christians and the Jews from Arabia) and had decided that this land is a sacred land for the entire Muslim Ummah and so there is no room here for the Christians and the Jews in the same way there is no room for Muslims in Vatican.

Therefore this was the responsibility of the government of the Aal-e-Saud.

 If they are the representatives of the Islamic world and want to get recognition in that capacity and expect all the Muslims of the world to look upon them in that capacity and they want that Muslims should not run any false propaganda about them, they should care for the Islamic and religious status of the Arabian peninsula and consider Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Emirates and Kuwait a part of Arabian Peninsula and should demonstrate unity with them by lifting visa restrictions  as was the Islamic system 1300 years ago rather than showing sub-ordination to Pro-Jewish UNO and be under treaty obligations with Britain and America. They should have implemented the Shariah in all the departments of life. That is,

1.    The political system should be Islamic and based on Shura system and should not be dynastic.

2.    The economic system should be completely free from interest and based on pure Islamic principles.

3.    The education system should work on Islamic principles through which pious generations could be produced. Scientists and experts in Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Engineering and Electronic should be prepared who could defeat Europeans and could prove Islam’s superiority in the modern world.

4.    The Judicial system should work on Islamic law on the lines of Hujjah wa Ahkam al Adliiyyah and Fatawa Alamgiriah and fulfil the requirements of justice in its light and should mould the modern judicial system into Islamic form.

5.    Wealth should have been distributed on just basis. There should have been an institution on the lines of Khilafat-e-Rashida. Salaries for the officers should have been fixed or decided by the members of Shura. Aal-e-Saud should not have been the owner of all the income. Their position should have been that of a Mutawalli and guardian and they would have been the servants of the nation.

6.    Means of Mass Communication would give correct information and would be dedicated to the service of Islam. They would be used for the spread of education on a large scale. Messages would be conveyed to the entire Muslim community of the world through them in their own language. Journalism, radio, television and social media would spread true Islamic messages and permission would be given for their use in the work of Dawah and social reform.

7.    Not only Islamic studies departments of universities but all the departments of science and arts that come under the university curriculum should have been based solely on Shariah and religious principles. Like the Christian world, there should not have been a division of modern and old and professors and ulema.

8.    A powerful army was needed for the Two Holy Mosques that would be constituted of brave youth from across the Islamic world who would be ready to sacrifice their lives to protect the two Holy Mosques. If it were so, there would be no need to take help of any Christian or Zionist army. Only the Muslim army would defend the land and would render the services for the security of the entire Islamic world and wherever there would be atrocities on the members of the community, the Islamic world army would stand by them.

9.    It was the responsibility of the government of the Land of the Kaabah to make OIC more powerful and effective instead of the UNO that has been established by the Zionist and Masonic brains. It would play a decisive role in international issues and would establish Islamic League in place of Arab League.

10. The Saudi government should appoint ulema and preachers for the Two Holy Mosques from among the entire Muslim world and the responsibility of their selection would be given to, say, Rabita Alam-e-Islami whose members represent the entire Islamic world. They should be given a more effective representation. Help should be taken from Tablighi Jamaat and other Islamic organisations along with the authorities of the Holy Mosques in the management of Hajj. They will help in the arrangements of Hajj sincerely and crores of rupees can be saved.

11. It is the responsibility of the Saudi government to maintain good relations with all the Ahle-e-Sunnat wal Jamaat groups, organisations and movements on the basis of equality, love and co-operation. They should not make any one sect or ideology the official sect or ideology. The practices that are a bid’ah (innovation) and corruption according to a majority of ulema should be abolished and should implement the opinion of the majority of ulema on religious and ideological issues.

12. Efforts should be made to form a confederation of jihadi organistions active across the Islamic world. Dialogues should be arranged among them under the patronage of ulema. Differences should be removed from among them. They should be made aware of the true Islamic way with sincere efforts. They should not be called enemies, terrorists and opponents and should not be antagonised. False allegations should not be levelled against the youth for having relations with them and they should not be sent behind bars on the reports of various departments. Shariah based rights and human rights should be kept in mind.

13. Those who have been demanding reforms in Najd and other areas should not be branded enemies of the government and forced to go on exile or be incarcerated. They should be given an opportunity to attend the open dialogue on the platform of Rabita Alam-e-Islami. If their views are agreed upon, the government should accept and implement them and if there is no agreement on some issues, they should be made to accept the decision and if they are found out of the purview of Shariah, they should be dealt with justice.

14. Military training among the youth should be stressed. Every effort should be made to save them from individual and social ills. The ministry relating to the youth should be handed over to a pious elder who can impart military training to the youth and encourage them to take part in sports dissuading them from fun and frolic in the name of entertainment.

15. Presently the steps taken by the government have caused disrepute and disgrace for the government against which the Ulema of the country have time and again warned it. The government should come out of the mess and take appropriate decisions for the unity of the Ummah and implement them as soon as possible.

16. The sacred land of Syria is in a pool of blood due to the worst atrocities. More than two lakh Muslims have been martyred and more than ten lakh people have been rendered homeless. Obviously, this situation is not acceptable from any angle -- human, ethical, religious and legal. It was the responsibility of the government of the land of Holy Mosques to come to the battle field and help the victims. Accepting the Veto power of the five countries in the UNO is religiously haram and remaining helpless in face of their decision is worse than eating pig.

17. Situation seemed to be conducive for the establishment of an Islamic system in Egypt after 60-70- years. An Islamic and noble organisation had come to power. It should have got full support from the land of Kaabah. No one in the Islamic world could have imagined that the custodians of the Two Holy Mosques would support the pro-Israel army, bastard police, atheistic judiciary and directionless media. The entire Ummah ws flabbergasted and disappointed at it and was enraged at it. It branded Saudi government pro-Israel, a stooge of the US and a patron of evil. This is a fact that cannot be changed by the sycophantic rant of the admirers of Saudi government.

18. The situation will be more complicated and turn into a crisis with the meeting of the Foreign Ministry of Saudi government and special instructions to Saudi ambassadors in the countries of the world and the Muslims of the world will pray for the end of the Saudi government. I am saying this with a sympathetic and injured heart. I may be punished for this word of justice but the flood of Muslim ummah cannot be stopped.

19. A similar situation prevails in Tunisia, Libya and other countries where tyrant rulers ruled for fifty and sixty years. People rose against them. The government of the land of Holy Mosques should help and support the oppressed people. Supporting the Pharaohs, Nimruds and Bu Jahls of our times will not result in any good, rather cause disgrace and failure in the Hereafter.

20.    They should instruct all the embassies of the government to bring the Muslim Ummah together with relation to The Holy Mosques. Avoid sectarian differences, mischief, strife and hatred. They should be the best medium for the introduction of Islam to non-Muslims along with caring for the interests of the Muslims. The lives of the ambassadors and their affairs should not be a cause for disrepute and disgrace for Islam and Islamic community. The diplomats should keep it in mind.

As for the issue of Qadiyanis particularly Safvids and those who abuse the Sahaba (companions of the Prophet - meaning Shias), we should not be afraid of them and we do not need to go to the US or Israel to ward off threats from them. Just recruit the Ahl-e-Sunnah youth from the Indian sub-continent and form a powerful Muslim army of the Islamic world. After that there will be no need of the so-called army of the sick youth of the Gulf States. If you are sincere towards the True faith, true path, Sunnah and for the protection of the true path of Islam, then simply make an appeal, a call. Five lakh brave youth from the Indian sub-continent will be provided.  

Obviously I have no grudge or enmity with your nation, or the family of Aal-e-Saud. My grandfather Hadhrat Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi maintained healthy and sympathetic relations with your government from 1946 to 1999 and gave good advice. I too present these views, following in his footsteps, and hope you will listen and reply.


The above charter of demands to Saudi government on Maulana' Nadvi's Facebook page:


























Letter of Mr. Salman Hussaini Nadvi to self-styled Khalifa of global Muslim community Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

(Translated from Arabic into English by New Age Islam)

In the name of Allah, the most gracious the most merciful

From Salman Hussaini Nadvi, the grandson of Imam Abul Hasan Ali Hasani Nadvi

One of the servants of Islam

To Ameerul M’umineen in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Mr. Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi al-Hussaini

May God Almighty protect him, benefit the community and raise the banner of Islam through him.

The prophet Muhammad -may peace be upon him- said: «Religion is advice». They (the Sahaba, companions of the Prophet (saw)) said: «To whom it is directed, o prophet of Allah». He said: «To Allah and His Book and His messenger, to the leader of the Muslims and their common folk». And Allah Almighty said, (By time, indeed, mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience).

Respected Islamic leader, I had been keeping abreast of news about the Islamic State for a long time and was very e excited about it. Earlier, I kept myself aware of the jihad of Islamic organisations in Afghanistan which was in fact against Russia. Then there was the American attack on Iraq. I am also aware that in Syria, the differences between Al Nusrah and the Islamic State have intensified. Moreover, differences among the organisations that were fighting in Syria were a bad omen for us. However, during the same time, we heard the good news that you have captured Mosul in Iraq and have attained victory over the tyrant Maliki. At present, Maliki is very aggressive and has left no stone unturned in spreading religious strife. This mischief is serious and the one who is spreading it is a great tyrant.

I have listened to you with great attention though I have not seen you. But I have listened to one who has been appointed as your representative. You are bravely standing as a rock and have embarked on a path which is filled with thorns and stones. I listened to your speech which you delivered two days ago on Friday in Ramadhan in the Jama Masjid of Mosul. We are aware that all the Sunni tribes are with you. Apart from them, the Jihadi organisations do not want to fight against you. All have accepted whatever role you are playing and have accepted you as Ameerul Momineen.

I would also like to say that justice should be delivered and oppression should be done away with. All the groups should be seen on one platform. I wish that the Islamic State turns into an Islamic Caliphate. Followers of one religion should not target the followers of another religion. Shias and Sunnis should not be killed. Followers of all religions should be given justice. No one should be killed without justification except when it is permissible, that is those who fight against God and his Prophet pbuh and spread mischief. The killing of women, the old and children is not permissible in any circumstances except when their crime is proved and the sentence is pronounced by God fearing Quazis.

The Scholars of Hadith used to narrate Hadith from Kharijites, Shiites, Murji'ites, Mu’tazilites etc. The books of strata’ and biographies of Hadith transmitters (kutub al-tarajim wa tabaqat) bear testimony to it. So, let us widen our hearts for intellectual, ideological and practical doctrines, dealing with education, knowledge and reformation and grant forgiveness which was announced by our holy Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) at the time of conquering Mecca; which is the best model and foundation for us.

Fatwas and harsh statements should not be launched in the Islamic groups whose sincerity, authenticity, the majesty of its founders and their pious services to Islam are known to us. Nor should it be judged because of some of its stances, viewpoints and policy which are the policy of necessity after direct or indirect occupation. So there are lots of opinions in this regard.

The relations with the global countries should be established on the basis of (Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes - from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them.)

You should take advantage of the occasion and victories for preaching not for alienating. You should make it easy rather than difficult. You should propagate Islam with hearts full of love for humanity, compassion and pity for creation. (Then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them, [O Muhammad], if they do not believe in this message [and] out of sorrow).

Today the world is in dire need to establish security, peace, harmony and a unified resistance against arrogant fanatical tyrants.

Therefore, there should be powerful media, strong activity, strong call and good relations with the innocent peace-loving people. It is necessary to send delegations, contact embassies, report unfair grievances of the governments, display documents in front of the world, convincing people with the cause of justice and human rights and the need to eliminate hotbeds of corruption, tyranny and despotism.

While I am writing this letter to you in the night of 7th day of the blessed Ramadan after I heard Friday speech that you gave in the mosque of Mosul today via YouTube, I extend a call to all clans, factions and battalions to be on one platform, and fraternize with one another, avoiding all what cause unjust blood-shed, or disgraces, sacredness or raise sectarian interests and differences.  (O you who have believed, fear Allah as He should be feared and do not die except as Muslims [in submission to Him]. (And do not be like the ones who became divided and differed after the clear proofs had come to them. And those will have a great punishment).







  • You all are sick. .
    This is for doom. .
    Ask your kids to study science rather than foolish debates like above. 
    No uneducated fool has ever established any Kingdom ever in history and no one shall in future.  Yes they can plunder , loot or destabilise kingdoms but can not ever create any Kingdom. ..
    So you fools don't make more fools. .

    By boby - 8/21/2014 8:39:27 AM

  • Deoband must stop inviting foreign maulanas who exacerbate Shia-Sunni divisions.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/11/2014 12:41:22 PM

  • http://chagataikhan.blogspot.in/2009/03/allama-niyaz-fatehpuri-and-his-faith-32.html

    "I have denounced Islam. I believe this is incumbent upon people. If Allah is God in the heavens, I am God on earth (statement of Hussain bin Mansoor Hallaj, Khateeb Baghdadi vol.8, Ibne Athir 11:140). Men of knowledge see Shias as swines (Mohiuddin Ibn-Arabi, Futuhat Makkia 2:8)."
    By rational mohammed yunus - 8/11/2014 7:58:59 AM

  • Mr Shahin says:

    "Shia leadership in India has been behaving in a very mature fashion for the last several years".

    Yes, I agree they are. They have refused to be misled twice by NAI's false propaganda.

    The other reason perhaps is because they are well aware of Salman Nadvi's consistent record of standing for communal and sectarian harmony. Listen to his videos and there is no mistaking that he genuinely stands for unity and for communal and sectarian harmony.

    I have done my research only lately, but why is that from day one, I have been pointing out to:
    1. Your total neglect of the object of the letter to Baghdadi while making too much of the pleasantries that precede any appeal. The letter is clearly appealing against killing of Shias and non-Muslims and destruction of shrines which you deliberately ignored.
    2. The fact that the primary purpose of the Global army in Saudi Arabia is for the protection of the holy mosques and to replace the US army and the mention of Iranians/shias is in the context of warding off known specific threats to the holy mosque based on historical incidents and not based on any sectarian hate.

    You have also ignored his clarification that appeared the very next day and subsequent unequivocal denunciation of the ISIS and its leader.

    So why cannot NAI behave in a mature fashion like the Shias?

    As for the fatwa of apostasy, who on this website have denounced the fatwas of Raza Ahmad Khan Barelvi? On the other hand it was supported on the grounds that Raza Khan's fatwas are on "Quranic basis".

    The Azmate Sahaba meetings have not produced a single unsavory incident till date.

    The Madhe Sahaba in Lucknow is however a Barelvi innovation confined to only Lucknow where Shia's are in large numbers, and coincides with Chehhulum and meant specifically to cause them annoyance, which produces friction every year,  and some incidents, has resulted in rioting in the past resulting in a ban etc. against which you have not a word to say! why dont you demand its abolition since it is not celebrated anywhere else? 

    By Observer - 8/11/2014 4:25:57 AM

  • By the way, Naseer Saheb Observer, Shia leadership in India has been behaving in a very mature fashion for the last several years. Sunni ulema too have tried to maintain sectarian peace all this while. But situation has changed since Imam-e-Haram Sheikh Abdur Rehman Al-Sudais arrived in Deoband on March 25, 2011, on the invitation of  Maulana Arshad Madni for an Azmat-e-Sahaba conference in Delhi. These conferences, acompletely unnecessary and only designed to annoy the Shias, were then held all over the country including Shia stronghold Lucknow in a grand style. Then another Imam-e-Haram Sheikh Dr Khalid Bin Ali al Ghamidi visited India on the invitation of now-famous Maulana Salman Nadvi on 11 May 2012. He refused to lead prayers in a Shia mosque despite express invitation as Shias too venerate imams of Kaaba Sharif. Now Maulana Salman Nadvi has offered a five-lakh Muslim army from India to the Saudis "to face threats from Shias" and  also written to the new "Khalifa" of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, offering his support and suggestions.

    I am certain that Shias are worried, many of them are even prepared to go to Iraq and fight the so-called Islamic State and its Khalifa. If they are not making a big deal of it, that is thier wisdom and maturity. But it is for us Sunnis to nip the evil in the bud unless we are ourselves preparing for an all-out sectarian war following Saudi directives. Saudi Arabia is the only major Western and Israeli ally that has kept its silence on the Islamic State of "Khalifa" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, others being Saudi allies of the GCC who have been actively supporting it. Indian Muslims too are silent and ambivalent about the Islamic state. So far only 18 of us are known to have gone over to the Islamic State. While one Maulana here has offered his support and suggestion to the khalifa openly.  

    By Sultan Shahin - 8/11/2014 3:25:36 AM

  • Naseer Saheb Observer, You may see what you wish, but what I have written is testified by daily news headlines. We are not dealing here with a hypothetical issue or theory of Salafism-Wahhabism. We are dealing with facts on the ground. People are dying. Women and children are being made slaves in the 7th century style. Muslim women are being raped under a new order of nikah-e-jihad or whatever this lunacy is called. Start reading newspapers, watching television news. But to begin with read the following. Maybe you will reflect on the Deobandi religion and introspect on your own behaviour:

    The War Within Islam (03 Dec 2012 NewAgeIslam.Com)

    Silent On Suicide Bombings, Deoband Declares Shias Kafirs and Ahmad Raza Khan Bareillvi Gumrah (Deviant)

     By S. Arshad, New Age Islam

    December 3,  2012

    On November 24, 2012, Darul Uloom Deoband reiterated its fatwa declaring Shias kafir and Murtad (infidels and apostates) in response to a query from a Muslim in Pakistan. The person had put the question:

    “If someone claims that he is a Shia but does not specify any Shia denomination, for example, if one of my friends who is obviously a Sunni but jokingly says he is a Shia, will he become kafir because of his assertion though some of the Shia denominations are Muslims.”

    Darul Uloom Darul Ifta replies:

    “If your friend is a Sunni he will not become a Shia if he says so jokingly but if on inquiry his beliefs are proved to be like those of the Shias, he will be judged as such. The Shias found in India and Pakistan are asna ashri (twelvers) and therefore undoubtedly Kafirs and Murtads (non-believers and apostates) because their beliefs are against the ordainments of the Quran.

    In reply to an earlier query in April, 2011, the Darul Ifta says that all Shias are not Kafirs. The query was:

    “Are all the Shias non-Muslims?”

    The reply was:

    “All the Shias are not kafir. Only those Shias are kafir who believe in the following:

    ·         That Hazrat Gebriel (the angle) mistakenly put revelation to Prophet   Muhammad

    ·         (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) instead of Hazrat Ali.

    ·         Who believe that Hazrat Ali (Razi Allahu anhu) was a god

    ·         Who blame Hazrat Ayshah (Razi Allahu anha) of adultery

    ·         Who believe corruption in the Holy Quran

    ·         And who deny the companionship (Suhbat) of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (Razi Allahu      

    ·         Anhu) (Fatawa Shami, 4/135)

    But the Shias who believe only that Hazrat Ali was better (Afzal) than other companions and do not have other Shiite beliefs then they will not be considered as kafir.”

    Since serious rifts exist between the Sunnis and the Shias in Pakistan and other Muslim countries, our muftis are providing the sectarian militants a religious basis and justification for bloodshed and violence in the name of Islam. The Darul Ifta does not only declare them kafir but Murtad (apostate) and according to some Hadiths, apostates are to be killed though the Quran does not prescribe death for apostates. The Sunni radical outfits use these Hadiths to justify the killings of Murtads. Can the attack on the school buses carrying Shia children be justified or conducting suicide attacks on the Shia procession in Pakistan, Iraq and other Muslim countries be justified? The answer is a firm ‘no’. But this is exactly what happens the whole year and particularly during the Ashura every year in these countries. And these religious perverts use such fatwas to justify their killings.

    In one of the two Fatwas, Darul Uloom accepts that some Shia groups are not kafir, how can then one identify a Shia who is a kafir and the one who is not. The killers do not carry an identification parade to distinguish between a Shia Muslim and a Shia kafir/Murtad before killing him. They will just use the fatwa to kill them. Shouldn’t our muftis and ulema abstain from giving such fatwas to avoid schism and bloodshed among Muslims? The Quran does not even allow killing or persecution of the peace-loving non-Muslims even if their beliefs are in opposition to the Quran’s. How can the different beliefs of a sect of the Shias be a basis of their being wajibul quatl (deserving to be killed)?

    Surprisingly, to a query on suicide bombings, the mufti of the Darul Ifta had refused to give his fatwa, though the entire Islamic world has declared suicide bombings haram and unjustifiable in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah. A person from Pakistan had asked the following question in May 23, 2007:

    “I want to ask a question on jihad. How justified is conducting suicide attacks against the non-Muslim army?”

    Instead of giving a firm reply declaring it Haram on the basis of Qur'anic verses and Hadiths, the mufti of the Darul Ifta parried the question saying, “Please consult the ulema of your country on this issue”. This should be seen as a very irresponsible behaviour on the part of the Darul Ifta since it did not remove the misconception of a Pakistani youth about suicide bombing. It should be mentioned here that last year the eminent Islamic scholar Professor Tahirul Quadri and other Islamic scholars of the Muslim world had declared suicide bombings and suicide attacks on anyone, be it Muslims, Shias, Ahmadis or Hindus etc Haram and un-Islamic. Did the mufti have an opposite view on the issue which it did not want to give for the fear of criticism from the Hindu majority in India? It is an irony that the Deoband readily comes up with a fatwa of Kufr and irtidad (apostasy) against the Shias but eschews the most important question of suicide attacks which is anti-Islam according to the majority of the scholars of Islam.

    Again to a query on the religious head of the Bareillvi sect, Ahmad Raza Khan Bareillvi, the Darul Uloom says that though the fatwa of kufr is not issued against Ahmad Raza Khan with conviction as a precaution for various reasons but he is a deviant person (gumrah) and so he is only excluded from Ahle-sunnah wal jama’at as he disagrees on some of the basic principles.  Though his disagreement on such issues does not qualify him for a fatwa of kufr but it renders him deviant (gumrah) and excluded from ahle-sunnah wal jama’at. (Fatwa issued on 31 July 2012)

    The question is: Is exclusion from ahl-e-Sunnah wal Jama’at synonymous with being declared kafir? If not why is the fatwa of exclusion from ahl-e-Sunnah wal jam ‘at issued against him in the first place? The fatwa itself says that Ahmad Raza Khan disagrees on some basic religious issues but this disagreement does not tantamount to Kufr but in the view of Deoband School of jurisprudence, his views on certain issues of the Quran are deviance. So if someone differs on certain points or issues of the other, he should be a deviant and excluded from the fold of Islam. This is the intolerant approach our Deobandi ulema have and this intolerance has been promoting hatred and acrimony among the Muslims.  

    URL:  http://www.newageislam.com/the-war-within-islam/s.-arshad,-new-age-islam/silent-on-suicide-bombings,-deoband-declares-shias-kafirs-and-ahmad-raza-khan-bareillvi-gumrah-(deviant)/d/9525

    By Sultan Shahin - 8/11/2014 2:52:32 AM

  • By Sultan Shahin - 8/10/2014 8:45:57 AM

    Reconcile what you say in your last post with what you say below in which you are accusing me in particular (against all evidence to the contrary), Nadvi (against evidence to the contrary), Deobandis (against evidence to the contrary) and all non-Barelvi sunnis since you have included all Deobandis also:


    As for his non-sectarianism, I have told you again and again that all Wahhabis including you and him and Saudis and Deobandis and Hafiz Saeed and Osama bin Laden claim to be "non-sectarian," meaning no other sect has a right to exist. Wahhabism wants to - and is implementing this wish -  kill all those who do not believe in their sectarian ideas. Perfect non-sectarianism!


    I do not see a reformist in you but a rabid Barelvi who hates all non-Barelvis and will stop at nothing to malign them. You have seen the video. See it once again. Nadvi is speaking on communal and sectarian harmony. Is he saying that all sects must disappear? He is clearly saying that while one may identify with a sect, one must eschew all sectarianism meaning the tafreeq and inteshar of sectarianism, the building of walls, discrimination, hate, ill-will, lies and slander to malign other sects, mischief mongering etc.




    If you do not treat  the terrorists as outside the pale of Islam and every sect, you are behaving like an Islamophobe and do not have any solution as your goal. Your intention is to use the opportunity to indulge in your sectarianism. So halt your sectarian rants and attack the problem and not sects.

    Salman Nadvi is from Lucknow which has the highest Shia population in India and fire brand leaders like Jawad Kalbe. I have not seen any report of any  Shia leader from Lucknow denounce Salman Nadvi for his letters. Only a solitary Shia leader from Mumbai appears to have denounced him. Does this not imply that the Shias of Lucknow do not look upon Nadvi as a sectarian sunni against the shias and they do not interpret his letters the same way as you do?

    By Observer - 8/11/2014 12:36:40 AM

  • dear hats off! - 8/10/2014 12:29:29 PM
     i am not a seasoned person so these mistakes i do. the day may come when i will be immune to such attacks.
    let them say what they want.

    By rational mohammed yunus - 8/11/2014 12:22:49 AM

  • Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/10/2014 2:44:32 PM
    please do continue. i am sorry for previous two comments.
    keep calling them destructive.

    By rational mohammed yunus - 8/11/2014 12:17:19 AM

  • Mr. Rational, this is an open forum. Anyone can comment on your posts and call them destructive if one thinks so. You of course have the privilege, if you want to use it, to explain why they are not destructive.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/10/2014 2:44:32 PM

  • dearest mr rational,
    the english have a saying. 'everything is fair in love and in war'.

    i think we are all in the midst of a perpetual war without winners. winning or losing will probably starve the war industry of profits and the only way they can prevent an industrial collapse is by way of un-winnable perpetual wars.

    provoking is the oldest trick of religious dialogue. if you disagree you are a kahrijite, munafiq, terrific, mushrik, or dunkirk - if you agree you are momeen or baleen or scalene. by the rules of religious discourse, anyone who disagrees is eminently suitable for annihilation and perpetual damnation.

    need we say more!

    frankly speaking, i get worried when i see you getting worried. never ever lose your sense of humor!

    with the best regards

    By hats off! - 8/10/2014 12:29:29 PM

  • dear hats off
    i must have not reacted in a way i have done.
    thank you for reminding me and sorry for repeating.

    By rational mohammed yunus - 8/10/2014 12:00:56 PM

  • dear mr rational,
    why should you react in anger if one of your critics thinks you are destructive!

    until you destroy your old building you cannot construct anything new in its place!

    there are circumstances where destructors are as important as constructors. many times they operate in tandem.


    By hats off! - 8/10/2014 11:33:25 AM

  • Ghulam Mohiyuddin saheb- 8/8/2014 12:44:29 PM
    i think i need not to tell you. Let it be destructive.

    do you fear Islam will be demolished by me? why are you panic? why you are upset with two apostates?
    who are you to ask me? i am posting my comments, you yours. what is your problem?

    If i am destructive to discourses going on here, let Mr sultan Shahin take the action. I am not asking you anything so please be quite.

    By rational mohammed yunus - 8/10/2014 9:56:59 AM

  • Naseer Saheb Observer, Muslims are being lynched in large numbers in different parts of the world, particularly Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, Mali, etc. by terrorists who have been indoctrinated into Salafi-Wahhabi ideology. It gives me no pleasure to identify them with their sectarian philosophy. Obviously it may create the wrong impression that all people who think they belong to this sect are part of terrorist groups. This would be an absurd proposition.  There are millions who think they are Salafi-Wahhabi. But I cannot help it if the fact staring us in our face is that all these Islamist terrorists have been brainwashed into this extremely sectarian ideology which does not think any other sect or religion has the right to exist. They are actually killing Sufi-minded people visiting shrines, Shias, Ahmadis and all others who are not Wahhabi-Salafis.

    You should join New Age Islam in denouncing this ideology and confronting their misuse of Islam. They quote Quran and Hadees which all Muslims including you consider our scriptures. It is imperative for all of us Muslims to confront them ideologically. This is the only way in which we scribes can contribute in this war on terrorism that humanity must wage. We can't go and fight them. We can't disarm them as you suggest. And killing them, as America and Pakistan and Iraq and Syria have been doing is not helping. More and more Muslims, now even from India, are joining them.

    They call themselves Salafi-Wahhabi. They have been indoctrinated into this ideology. I call them Salafi-Wahhabi, along with the rest of the world. You want me to call them Muslim. I can't do that. I can and do call them Salafi-Wahhabi Muslim. But not just Muslim. Islam, for me, is not a terrorist ideology. All Muslims are not terrorists. I cannot involve all of Islam and the entire Muslim community into terrorism. This may be your preference. It's not mine.

    I do not want to involve all of Muslims into terrorism. But do I want to involve all Salafi-Wahhabis into terrorism. Certainly not. It would be absurd to think so. But it is particularly incumbent on Salafi-Wahhabis to come out and denounce Ibn-e-Taimiyya, Abdul Wahhab and their followers' extremist thoughts. Like other Muslims they too should disassociate themselves with the ideology of extremism, supremacism, xenophobia, gender injustice and so on.

    By Sultan Shahin - 8/10/2014 8:45:57 AM

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