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Arabs Need a New Islam


By Nastik Durrani, New Age Islam

July 4, 2013

When Islam came to Arab 1400 years ago, they had needed it badly. If they did not apprehend the threat from it that it would destroy their peace, destroy their businesses and religious tourism that depended on idols, they would have embraced it in hordes in the beginning and the prophet (pbuh) would not have to for the propagation of the religion which resulted in the conversion of only 150 people in 13 years. Particularly, Islam would have benefitted Quraish the most that eventually reached them later. The tribe became richer. The home, streets and businesses were populated by slaves and wealth. Finally, they continuously ruled over the world from the East to the West for 600 years.

However, apart from wealth, the Quraish took cultural and social advantage also of Islam because only the Arab Qureishi Muslims ruled the Islamic sultanate for six centuries. It should be remembered that it was not only an Arab state but also an Islamic state which means that any wretched person could become its ruler provided he was able to rule. However, it appears that no one except the Quraish were able to rule. This also applied to the Arab world even two years ago and perhaps applies even today where able rulers are extinct or very few. That’s why a single person remains seated to the throne for decades.

Nations that entered the fold of Islam were developed in terms of culture, arts and academics. As a result, the Islamic civilisation came into existence. However, for these nations having existed prior to Islam, Islam was a spiritual pall they had wrapped themselves in. They had agreed to live under the ‘Islamic civilisation’ under various historical circumstances. The scientists, thinkers, poets and linguists who were born later belonged to these nations.

The Arabs greeted Islam and embraced it. They stuck to it because apart from being a ‘treasure’, it was also the key to a civilisation and the source of power. It was Islam that had given them power and wealth. They  stuck to it otherwise they would have died of hunger and would roam about on earth aimlessly because they had no industry from which they could earn wealth and no agriculture from which they could grow food. The earth too did not have natural wealth that could change their condition. There was only one means to get living left and that was Jizya and the spoils of war.

In modern age, the weapon of Islam is not effective for making military attack on other nations because earthly ideologies and views more powerful and modern than Islam exist today whereas global forces also exist that are more powerful not religiously but militarily, academically, industrially, media-wise and intellectually.

Moreover, Arab Muslims have not been able to prepare military power in order to attack other nations so that they can capture their lands and appoint governors for the propagation of the new religion. On the contrary, they have badly failed to reclaim their lost lands.

In the modern age, not only the slogans of the Arabs went the downhill but also they went through their downfall academically, economically and socially and their worth is not even two penny. When the Arabs saw their gross and ugly face in the Human Rights Development Report 2002 to 2011, they refused to accept it and labelled the compilers of the report (who incidentally Arabs and highly educated and qualified) the agents of the Jews and termed it a conspiracy against the Arabs and Islam.

For a long time, the Arabs were the rulers, not the ruled. They were the masters, not the slaves; they were the judges, not the accused, they were the oppressors, not the oppressed. But in this modern world, their condition is the opposite. Their name features at the bottom in the list of nations. Above only the southern desert of Africa.

Now what should the Arabs do to reclaim the lost glory, at least in the dreams?

They will have to hijack Islam which is their sole property, and bury it in the mountains of Afghanistan, to bring a new Islam that will have nothing to do with the Islam of others who represent the 81 per cent and the Arabs represent only 19 per cent of the Islamic world.

But perhaps now even this is no more possible for the Arabs.