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Spiritual Meditations ( 2 Dec 2015, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Ideology is the Root Cause of All Violence

 By Osho

Real prayer has nothing to do with words, formalities. Real prayer is neither Hindu, Muslim  nor Christian. How can silence be Hindu or Muslim? Silence is silence. Words can be Hindu and words can be Muslim; hence words create conflict and violence in the world. It is not that people are fighting for realities – they are fighting for words.

Thousands of wars have been fought, not for any real thing, but just for mere words. For example, one believes in the Quran and the other believes in the Gita – that’s enough to kill millions of people. And both are words; neither is a reality.

Have you seen people killing each other for a rose flower or for the moon or for the sun? These are realities. But they can kill even in the name of the moon. If somebody claims, “The moon is our God,” then he has imposed a word, God, on the moon. And then somebody says, “You are a fool. The moon is not the real God, the real God is the sun.” And quarrelling starts, and fights happen.

Words have been the cause of all wars – religious or political wars. Ideology is the root cause of all violence. And now there are people who try to bring peace to the world, and again they create another ideology.

The name that Prophet Muhammad gave to his religion is Islam. Islam means peace. But the ideology isn’t bringing peace...

Who else can claim more peaceful attitudes toward life than Jesus? But Christianity, the ideology that was created around Jesus, has been a calamity.

All ideologies are bound to bring war, even ideologies based in peace and for peace. Then how can peace come? Peace can come only if we understand the stupidity of all ideologies and drop them. If we simply start living without any ideology, there will be peace.

But when you say, “This is our ideology; that we will not believe in any ideology,” then you are making an ideology out of that also. Then those who won’t believe and who won’t agree with you will start fighting with you.

I am not saying to you that you have to make this an ideology, or that no ideology is needed. I am simply saying try to understand what has happened through ideologies, words, theories, philosophies. Just see the point, and seeing it, let it drop. Don’t make a new ideology against ideologies. Just see the point – drop it, let it drop, be finished with it.

Live without any theories of how to live. Live without any ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’. Every fact sooner or later becomes an ‘ought’ and then it becomes dangerous. Every truth sooner or later becomes an ideology and then it is harmful and poisonous.

Can’t we live without any ideology? I don’t see that there is any problem. Have you seen any Catholic tree or communist peacock? If the whole of existence can live without ideology, why not man?

And the moment a man lives without ideology he is prayerful. Then his whole life is prayer, then, he is religious. The man who has an ideology is political; all ideologies are political.

The religious person lives without any ideology. He simply lives moment to moment, responding to reality – not through words, not through disciplines, not through certain attitudes, conclusions. No, he simply responds to whatsoever is the case and whatsoever is right in the moment, not according to some idea.

The moment one drops words and ideologies, suddenly one becomes very, very aware. And that awareness is prayer.



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