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Spiritual Meditations ( 11 May 2013, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Hand of God or A Coincidence?


Nastik Durrani, New Age Islam

May 11, 2013

I am putting forward a small question. Suppose there is an accident involving any means of transportation – a train, an airplane, a ship or a bus.  A passenger gets late by coincidence and as a result escapes the accident. Did God save him? Let’s analyse the situation logically. Generally, passengers book their seats in advance. It is a common incident that some passengers reach late or do not reach at all. And most of the times, the passengers reach their destination safely. So does it happen because of God’s special intervention? If the vehicle meets an accident, do the passengers die due to God’s intervention? If the passenger does not reach the vehicle on time and the vehicle meets with an accident, was God willing to save him? Accidents occur in all over the world and no one is an exception be it a devout believer, an infidel, a Christian, a Buddhist or a Hindu or even an atheist. Can we say then that God made the atheist reach late so that he could be saved? Does it mean that God preferred an atheist to a devout and believing Muslim?

Let’s go to the playing ground.  Muslims offer prayer of thanks after a victory in a game. The Christians pray for their victory before the match and thank God on their victory. Perhaps there is nothing important in all this but I cannot ignore the issue. Does God support a particular team against a particular team? Is God Pakistani or is He a Hindu? Or does he support only a good game? Are the Indians not the creatures of God like the Pakistanis and don’t both of them believe in Him? Why then will God support India and defeat Pakistan? Does God play cricket? Does He go to the stadium to watch India-Pakistan match leaving the management of the universe and wait for the prayers of the fans of a particular team and cause its victory? Does the team of believers achieve victory over the team of the infidels? And if both the teams are of Muslims, whom will God support? Does the victory depend on good performance of players or on God’s intervention? If this is true, then there is no need to train the players to enhance their performance because God will ignore the hard work and give victory to whoever he wills.

Now let’s have a look on the educational field. You will find that it’s the belief of the believing student that however hard you try; the result will be according to God’s will. This thinking leads the student to the belief that there is no use of doing hard work because the result is in God’s hand, not in hard work. That’s why most of the students will be seen absorbed in prayers instead of study. Those who fail attribute their failure to God’s will instead of doing introspection and also those who succeed attribute the success to God’s will too and deny his own efforts, rather it is his belief that even the thought that success is the result of human effort is a major sin.

If you find a wealthy man among the believers, will you attribute his affluence to his piety and religiosity? But even Kafirs and atheists are wealthy. Is then their un-Islamic business responsible for their wealth? In fact, in these matters, God does not have any role. It is the reward of one’s own hard work and sincerity. The sloth of the atheist will make an atheist poor as it will a believing Muslim.

If you see a kafir suffering from a disease, do you think it is a curse of God? Don’t believers fall ill? In fact, even religious scholars fall ill. Why then is it said when a kafir falls ill that it is the curse of God and when a Momin falls ill, it is said that it is a test from God? Why this double standard?

The attitude of the Momin is even more surprising at the sight of a disabled person. The first thought that comes to his mind is, ‘Thank God, I was not inflicted by this curse’, and he moves on without helping him. He does not pause to think why God makes one disabled or blind. Are you better than him because he is ‘cursed’, though his morals may be greater than yours? Did anyone have the courage to raise the question as to where God’s justice was in this situation? Or does everything depend on coincidence?

Belief in fate causes all the human abilities to rust, that what is written on the forehead will definitely happen someday, and that all the details of the human life have already been written in a Book. This belief destroys the mentality of the students, labourers and officers. As they believe in the fate, they do not do hard work to achieve progress. Such a belief cannot give birth to extraordinary and talented people.

Everything of the existence stands on coincidences. Therefore, we should make preparations of any department of life in advance and plan the future because it does not leave a surprise element. One is prepared for good or bad results which is called crisis management, a branch of the science of the future. But if instead of making preparations with a rational approach, we leave everything to God, then believe me, even God will not save you from failure.