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Spiritual Meditations ( 4 Dec 2010, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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God Seeks Those Who Take Charge

By Yogi Ashwini

Dec 03, 2010

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different types of creatures on this planet, be it insects, reptiles, animals, birds, human or even divine beings? Even in humans we have so many categories, divided on the basis of religion, financial status, etc. Does it not become apparent that everything is in layers and more layers, some known and some unknown? Is it not strange that in spite of having travelled to different planets and far off galaxies, not a trace of life has been found, and neither will it ever be. Ever wondered why?

Ever wondered why in a room where we are alone, at times there is a definite feel of a presence, though the five senses perceive nothing. The entire creation is made up of different levels of energy. Each level, depending on the state of evolution, is complete in its self and complements the other levels, thereby maintaining a balance in creation. Energy travels from one layer to a marginally different layer. There would be chaos if energy travelled between two vastly different mediums — it could cause destruction.

A dimension is our level of existence at any given point of time. The state that we humans exist in is called the bhulok. Dimensions below the bhulok are called tals; sutal, rasatal, patal are the levels of existence below the bhulok, while above the bhulok exist the bhuvah, svah, maha, janah, tapah and satyalok, each lok having layers of existence to it. Each lok has attributes to it that create sub-dimensions within that. At our level too, i.e. at the level of the humans in the bhulok, we have so many different types of people; workers, professionals, businessmen, CEOs. Each is different from the other in characteristics and the experiences that they live through.

While evolution through the layers below the bhulok is a natural process, it is our own actions and deeds that determine our vertical growth beyond the bhulok. The key to this is to adopt more and more responsibilities. For example, in a factory a worker can grow up the hierarchy only when s/he is ready to or takes on voluntarily additional responsibilities.

When that happens, s/he is immediately identified by the senior management and given a higher position. The management is always on the lookout for responsible people and such voluntary acts never go unnoticed. With the higher position the worker is also given higher powers, not to prove his/her supremacy, but to help execute the job effectively. The worker thus has evolved in the factory. Similarly, in the world of spirituality, this evolution happens when the practitioner becomes more responsible for the larger part of the creation beyond him. If we look around us we will find everyone asking the Divine for something all the time. Why should the Divine choose someone for preferential treatment in this vast ocean of beggars? Only those beings who are working selflessly and helping others around them are the ones that the Divine notices and, like the factory’s management, elevates them, giving them powers to help them in their crusade to help others. Thus this individual, by the grace of the Divine and the guru, evolves from the level that s/he was at. But the process does not stop here.

As one grows in hierarchy and becomes responsible for a much larger number of people, the punishments associated with lack of responsibility or negligence also become more severe. For example, if in a shirt manufacturing factory, the shop floor worker commits a mistake, s/he will at best spoil one shirt, while the shop floor manager’s mistake can spoil one batch, a general manager’s mistake will spoil the day’s production while the managing director’s mistake may lead to the factory being shut down rendering many hundreds of workers jobless. Thus, the severity of the punishment too would increase from the shop floor worker right up to the MD.

Similarly, in the world of spirituality, where greater powers are given to the evolved being, their responsibilities become equally great and mistakes are equally strongly punished. One step of misuse of power can affect so many people around, thereby, upsetting the balance of the creation, something which the Divine will never allow.

Evolution has to be a constant process. But it is after so many lives that one is given the opportunity to evolve that one cannot afford to make mistakes.

When we sit for dhyan we have various experiences and visions. There are pleasant visions of godly beings and unpleasant visions of animals or creatures. These are nothing but our interactions with the beings of the dimensions that we would have travelled to during dhyan or, in other words, a state of heightened consciousness where our higher senses have become temporarily active. Just because we do not have the instruments or the senses to perceive other dimensions of existence, it does not mean they do not exist. If you are living on earth, you would be influenced by gravity, whether you believe it or not.

— Yogi Ashwini is an authority on yoga, tantra and the Vedic sciences. He is the guiding light of Dhyan Foundation. He has recently written a book, Sanatan Kriya: 51 Miracles... And a Haunting.

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