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The Silence Of Indian Ulema Over Killing Of Innocent People In Nice And Vienna: Does This Indicate Their Support For The ISIS?

New Age Islam Special Correspondent

4 November 2020

After the killing of Samuel Paty by a Muslim youth for blasphemous cartoons the Muslim world had overtly or covertly defended his killing. Some sections in Muslim countries even praised Abdullakh Anzorov and held Samuel Paty himself responsible for his murder. Some ulema cited Islamic jurisprudence to justify Paty's killing.


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But as has been the routine, Muslim militant organisations ISIS and Al Qaida jumped into the fray and called for attacks on France and its allies for defending what they called 'freedom of expression'. Soon after the call, a Tunisian immigrant attacked and killed three people near a Church in Nice in France. The victim had not committed any blasphemy and were innocent persons. But the Muslim scholars, ulema and political leaders did not say a word in condemnation. All of them were only justifying the killing of Samuel Paty on the ground that he had showed cartoons of Prophet Mohammad pbuh to his class.


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On November 2, an attacker killed two men and one woman near a synagogue in the heart of Vienna in Austria. The killer is said to be an ISIS sympathiser. Still there is no word of condemnation from the prominent Islamic leaders and ulema.


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Islam does not approve of killing of innocent persons. Even in war, non-combatants, women, children and the old are given amnesty. The Quran very strongly condemns the killing of innocent people.

"Whoever kills a life ---- unless as punishment for murder and mischief in the land --- it will be as if they killed all of humanity, and whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity."(Al Maidah:35)

The innocent men and women in Nice and Vienna have been killed for the wrongs of a single person whom they did not even know. This is against the injunction of the Quran that says:

"And no bearer of burden will bear the burden of another." (Fatir:18)

The Quran further says even the close relatives will not agree to bear the slightest burden of their kin on the Day of Judgment. How can then the innocent men and women be held responsible for the act of a person they did not even know?


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By remaining silent on the killings in Nice and Vienna, our ulema seem to ignore the Quranic principle that Muslims should not do injustice to people because of enmity of a particular community. The Quran says:

"Be steadfast for the sake of Allah and bear true witness and let not the enmity of a people incite you to do injustice."(Al Maidah:8)

The modus operandi of the attackers in Nice and Vienna are in sync with the policy of the ISIS and Al Qaida. Through their magazines, they have been telling the Muslim youth to use easily available tools to attack the infidels. After the call given by the ISIS and Al Qaida to attack the 'infidels', the attacks have been made in close succession and the attackers have used knives and assault rifles. In the Vienna attack, one of the attacker had even put on a suicide vest This is a clear indication that the attackers or killers were not common Muslims avenging the insult to the Prophet of Islam but persons closely affiliated with the ISIS and Al Qaida.

The Al Qaida and the ISIS have always tried to win the sympathy of Muslims by exploiting sensitive religious, social and political issues like blasphemy. After the publication of Charlie Hebdo cartoons earlier, two Al Qaida operatives had carried out attacks on its office thus winning the sympathy of Muslims.

This time the ISIS is exploiting the French cartoons issue to cause bloodshed in Europe. It has also been trying to make a foothold in India by exploiting social and political issues concerning Muslims.

The silence of ulema on the killings of innocent people in Vienna and Nice has only helped the cause of the ISIS and Al Qaida. The ulema and political leaders of Muslims should raise their voice against the rampant and wanton killing of innocent people outside churches and synagogues. They should clearly tell the ISIS and Al Qaida that they do not approve of their inhuman and un-Islamic acts. If they don't do so, the world will think that their press releases denouncing the ISIS and Al Qaida were only an eye wash.


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