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Suicide Bombing Is Justified In Islam as Even the Prophet Allowed Suicide Missions, Says Taliban Magazine Azaan: Time Saner Islamic Scholars Debunked Such Obscenity


Second Issue of Taliban Magazine 'Azan' Lauds Individual Jihad By Boston And Woolwich Attackers, Cites Koran And Prophet Muhammad's Sayings To Justify 'Martyrdom Bombings


By The Middle East Media Research Institute

No. 5328 - June 5, 2013 

The second issue of Azan, a Jihadi magazine published by the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan and released through a Jihadi internet forum, lauds the recent Boston bombings and the Woolwich attack in the UK, rejects the Western media's descriptions of jihadi martyrdom attacks as "suicide" bombings, and cites verses from the Koran and Prophet Muhammad's sayings to justify martyrdom missions in which jihadi fighters know in advance that they will die.

As in the first issue, the magazine shares quotes from past and present jihadi leaders including Mullah Mohammad Omar, Osama bin Laden, Anwar Al-Awlaki, Faisal Shahzad, and Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri. The second issue, which is dated April/May 2013, carries a cover story on the Boston Bombings under a lengthy report titled "The Boston Special – The Victorious Strangers," written by Muhammad Qasim. Another article, titled "The Awakening Of The Ummah," by Mustafa Ahmad, is devoted to the May 22, 2013 beheading of a British soldier in the Woolwich area of London by radicalized Muslim youths.

The cover page of the magazine carries the threat: "You will never be safe – until peace becomes a reality in our lands," a quote from slain Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. In an unsigned editorial, the editors note the success of the inaugural issue of Azan among Muslims, observing: "By the grace of Allah, the first issue of Azan received a tremendous response from the Muslim Ummah…"

The magazine carries several articles, among which the notable ones are: 'Hellfire& Paradise' by Imam Ibn Qudamah Al-Maqdisi; 'The Last Night' by Muhammad 'Atta; 'Let's Understand Suicide Bombing' by Maulana Muawiya Hussaini and Ikrimah Anwar; 'The American Gorbachev' by Jaffer Hussein; 'Disavowal of the Kuffar: A QuranicPerspective' by Maulana Qari Tayyab; and 'Fatwa: The Islamic Ruling on Media' by the Scholars of the Taliban Mujahiseen Shoora Council Pakistan, among others. Some of these articles were previously published, such as 'The Last Night' by Muhammad 'Atta, the ringleader of the 9/11 attackers. There are also articles critical of secular education, a first-person account of the life of a Mujahis by Brother Dawood, an article on the current conflict in Syria, and reports from around the world regarding jihad.

The magazine notes that in the three months after 9/11 attacks, 34,000 Americans accepted Islam, and "according to a recent survey, Muslims increased [in their population] by 67% in America after the September 11 attacks." It also lauds that "from 2002-2012, 2-2.6 million people embraced Islam worldwide."

Cover Story "The Boston Special – The Victorious Strangers" On U.S. Roles In Wars: "Does A Nation [America] Guilty Of Such Enormous Crimes Against Humanity Deserve To Live In Peace?"

 In the cover story "The Boston Special – The Victorious Strangers," Muhammad Qasim begins his article on the April 15, 2013 bombings on a marathon in Boston by quoting verses from the Koran which describe the futility of life in this world: "And this life of the world is only amusement and play! Verily, the home of the Hereafter, that is the life indeed, i.e. the eternal life that will never end… (verse 29:64)"; "Think not of those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead. Nay, they are alive, with their Lord…. (verse 3:169)."

Noting that the Boston bombings "made headline news everywhere in the world" while there "was no headline" of 69 children killed in the 2006 U.S. drone attack in Bajaur, a town in the Pakistani tribal region of the same name, Qasim narrates U.S. role in wars, stating that America participated in 72 wars from 1870 to 2001 and offering the number of casualties caused by the U.S. in many of them.

Accusing the media of highlighting the small number of casualties in attacks on the West while ignoring the large number of deaths in U.S.-supported wars, the writer observes: "Such is the reality of a one-eyed media that discarded the correct lens for viewing the events of the world. Indeed, there is more than one way for seeing the events unraveling around the world. There is the secular, misguided way – that disregards the truth of life, ignores man's relationship with his Creator – Allah, overlooks the purpose of life that man was created for and restricts itself to empirical ignominy. And then there is the other lens – the lens of the final Message of God [that Prophet Muhammad] revealed for the salvation of the entire mankind – the lens of Allah's Book and His Messenger's Sunnah – the lens of the one true way of life, i.e. Islam. Both the lenses produce very different thoughts, perspectives and world views. However, the crucial fact is that the latter is upon the truth while the former is upon falsehood…

"Surely, surely, America needs to suffer quite a lot more before the scales turn even," the author notes, and poses the following question: "Does a nation guilty of such enormous crimes against humanity deserve to live in peace?... Their acts against the Muslim Ummah are particularly heinous as they have financially, verbally, and physically supported the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine and defended blasphemies against the Book of Allah and His Messenger. Therefore, the fact that these bombings [like the one in Boston] are happening today in America should not come as a surprise to anyone. And this is what the other lens shows. It shows a world in which there is no justice – a world where a rule of law according to the final Scripture revealed to mankind – the Koran – is absent. It shows a world where a few corrupt families have taken reins of entire communities of human beings and have subjected them to ruthless man-made policies."

·         On "Radicalization" Versus The Tsarnaev Brothers' Realization Of Being A Muslim In The West: "The Americans And Their Satanic Media Moguls Term This Process 'Radicalization'; But The True Muslims Know That This Is A Process Whereby Allah Opens Up The Hearts"

The author, Muhammad Qasim, makes an effort to argue that what the Western media deems as radicalization of Muslim youth in America and other Western countries is instead the process of realization, not radicalization, about which Allah has talked about in the Koran.

He observes: "[It] is through this [secular, non-Islamic] lens that Tamerlan Tsarnaev (May Allah be Merciful to him) and his brother Dzhokhar… saw the world. They realized that they were living in a complete system that was designed to work against the one true faith – Islam. It has been reported that Tamerlan became a devout Muslim during the last three years of his life. And Dzhokhar changed along with him. And this is the case with a lot of brothers and sisters who slowly but surely see the truth of the corrupt and tyrannical system that has surrounded them from all sides [in America and the West]. Indeed, it is a heavy realization but completely true in essence. The Americans and their satanic media moguls term this process 'radicalization.' But the true Muslims know that this is a process whereby Allah opens up the hearts of those for whom He intends good in this world. It is reported that the Messenger of Allah said: 'He to whom Allah intends to do good, He gives him insight into religion' (Muslim, Book of Hadith)…

"Tamerlan and his brother realized that the goal of this life was not earning money, living in a comfortable house or organizing a large business. In the midst of complete darkness, they saw light and realized the purpose of life for which they had been created," the author writes, and after this offers a number of verses from the Koran regarding when a person realizes, like the Tsarnaev brothers, that he is a true Muslim and what it entails.

Citing specific verses in explaining different aspects of such a realization, he argues that the Tsarnaev brothers realized they had been created to worship Allah alone (verse 51:56); they realized that they have to return to Allah (verse 67:2); they realized the "severe attack on the essence of Islam that the colonial powers of the day had engaged in" (verses 29:57-58); they realized that "success in Islam was not as the West defined but that true success constituted meeting Allah" (verses 36:22, 18:14); they realized that "the Muslim Ummah was one and the Kuffar had divided the Ummah both physically and mentally" (verses 85:11, 103:1-3); they realized "how the Americans disrespected the Book of Allah in their country" (verse 4:75); they "threw caution to the wind, trusted in Allah, and vowed to fulfill their sacred duty of jihad" (9:61); they "reminded America in its own territory that it lived in a time of war and that all notions of 'peace' that it had conjured up were imaginary" (verse 4:84); and they are "victorious strangers – so glad tidings are for them" (verse 3:146).

The author observes: "They [the Tsarnaev brothers] stood up when many had fallen. We ask Allah to bless the soul of Tamerlan (May Allah be Merciful to him) and we ask Allah to accept His martyrdom. Allah does not waste the efforts of those who aid his cause. Maybe one day, the world will realize the heroic status of individuals such as him, the 9/11 group and others, etc. And if not, then sufficient for them is the fact that Allah knows them. They were the victorious strangers. They were victorious because they left this world as martyrs, with the light of truth shining inside them. They are the ones who truly deserve respect because they gave their lives for the noblest of causes. We call upon the Ummah to pray for them."

He concludes: "Mujahiseen such as Muhammad Merah, Muhammad 'Atta and the 9/11 crew, Umar Farooq, Nidal Hassan, Faisal Shahzad and now Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev are Insha’Allah [Allah willing] from the foremost of those who deserve this description of 'The Victorious Strangers.' And that is how we think of them. They preferred the glory of the Ummah to their own well-being and they shook off all shackles of unbelief right in the midst of the disbelievers and inflicted upon them a torment that they shall find hard to forget. We ask Allah to accept their sacrifices and we call upon the Ummah to pray for these Mujahiseen – who taught the Ummah lessons of perseverance, dedication and standing up upon the truth...."

·         Poem on Jihadi Fighters: "And To Allah Their Hands Turn, In The Last Hours Of The Night; There Is Aqusa In The Horizon" The special article on the Boston Bombings is accompanied by a poem in English:

"And victorious are the ones, Who cling on by their lives;

To the Promise of the Beloved, That for them shall be Paradise…

And they are strange in this world,                    

With their hearts truly alive;

And to Allah their hands turn, In the last hours of the night;

And they know in their hearts, That all the promises are true;

As their eyes shine with tears, With His Remembrance anewed;

And they look to the skies, With a heart so firm;

There is Aqusa in the horizon, And peace reigning on earth…"

·         On Woolwich Attack And The Right Of Self-Defense: "If The Muslims Are Attacked In Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq And Elsewhere, Then It Is Their Very Basic Human Right To Take Revenge In Britain, America, France"

On May 22, 2013, two Muslims in the UK killed British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, an area of London. An article titled "The Awakening of the Ummah" is devoted to the attack, which is described by the author in these words: "The 22nd of May 2013 marked the day when the Western world witnessed another jihadi attack on its own soil."

Mustafa Ahmad, the author, justifies the attack as self-defense, stating: "In a world where measures of right and wrong are decided by mere 'public opinions,' these attacks were represented as 'radicalism,' 'brutal murder,' 'inhuman,' …. The right to defend one-self is of the basic rights of every human being in every religion and philosophy…. A Western civilization that prides itself on 'intellectual thought' can never reject the plausibility of the theory of self-defense. If the Muslims are attacked in Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq and elsewhere, then it is their very basic human right to take revenge in Britain, America, France, etc. If America and England murder the Muslims' women and children in Afghanistan and Iraq, then the Muslims cannot be called unjust for killing their women and children in America and Britain. It is like for like, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…."

Noting that the victim was a British soldier who had served in Afghanistan, the author notes: "[Lee Rigby] was a full-on military soldier who had served proper terms in Muslim countries! How can anyone in the world, with the slightest of intellect, imagine that killing such a person is a crime?  Are these Crusaders humans and the Muslims lesser so? If these Crusaders don colored uniform and march on to kill millions of Muslims in their territories, then cannot the Muslims brandish a knife and throw it back at their puffed up chests? But no, this filthy, God-awful, senseless media … begs to differ and portrays even this incident as if it were a singular act of violence…. How can the Crusaders imagine that this was not coming?

"Is Michael Adebolajo anyone but a courageous soldier avenging the deaths of his brethren?"

·         Western Interpretations Of Jihadi Attacks Rejected: "The Terms 'Radical,' 'Islamist' And 'Ideology' Are Mere Nonentities That Serve A [Western] Hidden Agenda; There Is Only One Islam – The Islam That Was Revealed To Prophet Muhammad"

The author goes on to question attempts by Western leaders such as British Prime Minister David Cameron and journalists to confuse Muslims by describing these attacks as going against Islam. In the author's view, such attempts are designed "to disguise the reality of their new crusade against the real Islam" and are a bid to a means to avoid Muslim revenge. He observes:

"Another concept that deserves some answer is the carefully designed Western methodology to isolate their hatred of Islam from the battle so as to confuse the masses. For example, 'Prime Minister' David Cameron said after the attacks: 'The fault lies solely with sickening individuals who carried out this attack' adding that 'nothing in Islam ... justifies this truly dreadful act.' As if he just graduated out of one of the Islamic seminaries!

"When the Muslims fought the Crusaders during the earlier battles, the Crusaders came out under the banner of their religion and openly professed their enmity to Islam. But these deceptive new-age crusaders put up the name of this fake 'Islam' to try to disguise the reality of their new crusade against the real Islam. They do this so that they can be saved from a full-on Muslim backlash. But their techniques are useless now because the Ummah has woken up... Then, this [journalist] Frida Ghitis… commented on the incident: 'Islam or terrorism are not the enemy. The enemy is the radical Islamist ideology that justifies any atrocity committed for political motives. The enemies are the people who promote this dogma and encourage others to engage in actions that offend and assault our humanity – and theirs.'"

Citing the above two statements as examples to refute Western interpretations, Mustafa Ahmad observes: "Careful planning by the Western minds has tried to promote this kind of thought – to show the Muslim obligation of jihad as a separate 'radical ideology' that has no basis in the original faith… And Allah's refuge is sought. Such people are carefully promoted in the media to speak in the name of Islam. In reality, they have nothing to do with Islam. As the Koran said about such hypocrites: 'They are the enemies, so beware of them. May Allah curse them! How are they denying (or deviating from) the right path.' (verse 63:4)"

He goes on to cite verses from the Koran and sayings of Prophet Muhammad to justify tit-for-tat attacks against the West, noting: "The terms 'radical,' 'Islamist' and 'ideology' are mere nonentities that serve a hidden agenda. There is only one Islam – the Islam that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad and his companions. During his last sermon, the Prophet Muhammad told the Muslims clearly, 'I have indeed left with you that if you hold fast to, you will never be misled – an evident ordinance: the Book of Allah and the Sunnah [sayings and deeds] of His Prophet.' "How clear a path indeed! So the question of whether attacks on these military men who are fighting Islam are allowed or not is put to our Sharia. The Koran informs us: 'And if you punish (your enemy, Oh you believers in the oneness of Allah), then punish them with the like of that with which you were afflicted…' (verse 16:126) 'Then whoever transgresses the prohibition against you, you transgress likewise against him. And fear Allah, and know that Allah is with Al-Muttaqun [the pious Muslims] (verse 2:194)

"The clear-cut verses of the Koran show us clearly that the Muslims are allowed to take revenge from those that have transgressed against them. This matter is very obvious for it is one of the foundations of the faith – to repel those who attack it. Anyone with basic knowledge of the Islamic obligation of jihad knows this. But these secularists who speak for Islam in the media are either woefully ignorant or purposefully carrying hidden agendas...."

The author justifies the British soldier Lee Rigby as a valid target for jihad and explains the semantics of phrases used to describe jihadi attacks in the Western media, noting: "'Radical' means opposed to the Western system of disbelief. 'Islamist' means someone who wants to establish Islamic law – the wish of every sincere Muslim – and 'ideology' is the word which replaced 'belief' or 'faith' in the contemporary vocabulary. There is only one Islam and these are mere names that Satan puts on the mouth of his followers to confuse the Muslims with regards to their faith… [Allah says] 'Truly! This, your Ummah is one Ummah, and I am your Lord, therefore worship me (alone).' (verse 21:92)"

·         On The Theory Of Individual Jihad: "Jihad Today Is A Reality And Only A Fool Can Dare Deny Its Validity"; "France… Withdrew Its Entire Army From Afghanistan Because Of One Muhammad Merah…"; "An Entire World War With The Crusaders/Zionists Is Inevitable"

Accusing Western analysts who use such misplaced terms for not feeling the pain of Muslims in Palestine or Afghanistan or Iraq, the author reminds readers of threats from the theory of individual jihad propounded by Al-Qaeda ideologue like Shaykh Abu Mussab As-Suri:

"What scares the wits out of the people of Kufr [infidels] – is the concept of a borderless, nationless loyalty, a loyalty that is based on faith [of Islam]. A Muslim is a brother to his fellow Muslim no matter how physically apart he may be….

"The jihad today is a reality and only a fool can dare deny its validity. Operations such as this one and the Boston Bombing represent the fruits of the sacrifice and thought of the Ummah's Mujahis leaders. For example, as the Kuffar openly accept, the individual jihad thought of [by] Shaykh Abu Mussab As-Suri… in which he demonstrated that individual operations on enemy soil can have massive effects in tilting the balance of this war, has gained massive acceptance by the people of intellect among the Ummah. An example of the success of his thought can be seen in the case of France that withdrew its entire army from Afghanistan because of one Muhammad Merah's … efforts….

"These [individual Jihadi] operations also point out the success of the efforts of brothers such as Imam Anwar Awlaki Shaheed… and Samir Khan Shaheed…. They carried the thought of individual jihad and delivered it to the world in a manner that they could understand via the wonderful Inspire magazine which has truly become a thorn in the throats of these Western tyrants. Plus, their martyrdoms have given blood to their words and so they will InshaAllah, continue to inspire many other brothers and sisters around the globe to turn back to Allah and carry out their duty of jihad just as they carry out the rest of their Islamic obligations."

He calls upon Muslim youth in the West to launch individual jihadi attacks, stating: "The Muslims in the Western countries must know that the spotlight is upon them. The youth of the West must not let this glorious opportunity for jihad pass them by. They must attack the West in its own backyard. Operations such as these are highly devastating to the West and will greatly accelerate the victory of the Ummah. These attacks will keep the Crusaders busy in their own homelands and will turn their populations against their leaders; they will eventually force them to withdraw their forces from the Muslim countries….

"The Mujahis brothers abroad should especially target those Crusader soldiers and politicians who have had their hands wet with Muslim blood. The quicker we do these attacks, the quicker the scale of this war will tilt Insha Allah. However, these attacks will also mean that the Muslim minorities in the Western countries would have to face stiff opposition. They will not be allowed to stay and will be persecuted. Indeed, their situation is already precarious because they live in Dar-ul-Harb (a land of a people at war with Islam). The Muslim cannot reside in Dar-ul-Harb anyway and there are detailed legislations pertaining to this as laid out by the scholars. There remains only one way out for them if they wish to save their faith. Either they wage jihad in their countries or they do hijrah [migration] and migrate to one of the Muslim lands, and subsequently to the jihadi battlefields. A Muslim's most precious entity is his faith….

"Secondly, a world conflict or an entire world war with the Crusaders/Zionists is inevitable – as it is going on now. A world polarization has been going on since 9/11. The Muslims are being separated from the hypocrites and the Kuffar. On one side, there are the Mujahiseen who have united under the banner of Sharia and on the other side are the Crusader-Zionists and their allies from among the Muslims (the hypocrites and apostates). This separation is going on by the minute and it will continue until the last signs of the hour emerge. As the Prophet Muhammad r said: 'When the people are separated (into two camps) – a camp of the believers with no Nifaq (hypocrisy) and a camp of the hypocrites with no Iman (faith) – and when these two camps get together (i.e. when the believers and the hypocrites are separated), then wait for Dajjal [antichrist] to arrive – that day or the next (any day).' (Abu Dawud, Book of Hadith)"

·         "Mujahiseen Today Are Standing Up For The Truth – For A System Of Life For The Whole Mankind (Not Just Afghanistan Or Iraq) In Which Collective Submission Shall Be To Allah Alone"; "The Boston Attacks Were Further Steps In This Regard"

Significantly, the magazine advances an understanding of the cause behind martyrdom attacks carried out by jihadi fighters by attributing it to the very purpose of life created by Allah, which is to eliminate all non-Islamic systems of social and political life. An editorial notes:

"Most of the people do not really understand the message of the Mujahiseen. Why are they fighting? Why, for instance, are they doing attacks like 9/11, 7/7, the Boston Bombings, etc.? Of the main reasons of this misunderstanding is a failure to realize the fleeting nature of this life, the purpose for which mankind was created and the responsibility that it owes to Allah." The editorial adds: "The systems of life prevalent in the world today – throughout the East and the West have constructed a new-age religion in which collective obedience to God is considered a crime punishable by death. Individually, one can choose to follow any religion. But collectively, it has been legislated that mankind must submit to the new world order – headed by America and corrupt United Nations. And this is the real fitnah [mischief] of today."

The editorial explains the purpose of life: "Allah created us on this earth exclusively for His worship and service. The purpose of man's life was to worship Allah Alone, and to implement His ordained way of life upon earth. Today, men have imagined and followed other false purposes of life. The modern man is heavily caged wherever he is – whether it is through his job, his family, his country system or worse – his own doubts and desires which have overcome his inherently good nature. Most of mankind today is heedless of the fact that there exists a world after we die – that mankind shall once more be resurrected to answer before a Lord who is all-mighty, all-wise and whose dominion encompasses all that exists. They will be humbled before him then while they are heedless now… 'Draws near for mankind their reckoning, while they turn away in heedlessness.' (Verse 21:1)

"The Mujahiseen today are standing up for the truth – for a system of life for the whole mankind (not just Afghanistan or Iraq) in which collective submission shall be to Allah alone and none else. And what a noble aspiration it is! The Boston attacks were further steps in this regard. Furthermore, they cooled the hearts of the Muslim Ummah who had been suffering oppression for a long time and warned the disbelievers that Islam shall emerge once more to destroy their false thrones of power. May Allah accept the martyrdom of Tamerlan Tsarnaev (RA). And may Allah inspire others to follow his path – the path that stands as the only way to preserve faith in the midst of a world order based on sin and rebellion to Allah."

In the article titled "Let's Understand 'Suicide Bombing,'" the authors Maulana Muawiya Hussaini and Ikrimah Anwar question the Western media's use of the term "suicide bombings" for "martyrdom operations" by Jihadi fighters, and contrast it with Islamic rulings rationalizing such attacks. The authors write: "Ever since the war between Islam and Kufr erupted in the late 20th and 21st century, there have been certain terminologies that have gained nonchalant world acceptance. Among these is the term 'Suicide Bombing' – a phrase that is thrown around a lot by the contemporary media to describe the heroic operations of the Mujahiseen. The loss that this weapon of war has inflicted upon the Kuffar [infidels] is undoubtedly huge. In reality, the Kuffar do not have an answer to it. So, the only weapon they can use against it is their media to try and distort the reality in the eyes of the public." They also identify RAND's Cheryl Bernard as a Jew for her study "Civil Democratic Liberal Islam," which they say portrays Jihadi missions negatively.

The authors define: "Suicide bombing can be defined as a group or an individual inflicting harm upon their perceived targets by way of taking their own lives in a military operation. This can take the form of binding explosives to one's own body or to an attached equipment or vehicle and then detonating it in a suitable area to inflict harm upon the target." They note that such attacks in which an attacker knows of his death in advance have been used in history as a "stratagem of war," citing as examples the Japanese kamikaze and tactics by the Polish army, among others. Later, they seek to distinguish such attacks by Muslims and non-Muslims, stating: "The Kafir or Mushrik [idolater] who does not believe in Allah … when hardship comes upon him because of his sin or otherwise, he sees nowhere to go and sees little meaning with his life in this world. So he takes his own life. As for a Muslim committing suicide then the reasons for these are somewhat the same – discontent with the decree of Allah and insufficient faith."

·         "The Sahaba [Prophet Muhammad's Companions] Who Carried Out The Attacks Almost Certainly Knew That They Were Going To Be Killed During Their Operations"

Maulana Muawiya Hussaini and Ikrimah Anwar cite rulings and incidents reported from the Koran, the Sunnah (sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad) and Islamic jurists of the past and present eras to stress that Islam rejects suicide committed by individuals but approves martyrdom attacks carried out by Jihadi fighters. In the understanding of the writers, suicides are negative acts while the martyrdom attacks are positive actions.

The authors quote Islamic jurist Shaykh Abdul Hakeem: "The curse of Allah is upon the person who commits suicide…. He kills himself without a Shar'ai [Islamic legal] purpose e.g. anger or illness or due to loss of honor, etc." Abu Huraira, a companion of Prophet Muhammad, is quoted as reporting that at the battle of Khyber an injured soldier killed himself due to pain, and his death was not deemed as a Muslim's martyrdom. Prophet Muhammad spoke of his death: "Whoever kills himself by strangling then he will be strangled in the Hellfire." The writers note that there are a lot of Hadith (sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad "to this effect." They also cite a verse from the Koran in which Allah forbids suicide: "whoever commits that through aggression and injustice, we shall cast him into the fire." (verse 4:29-30)

Having argued that suicide is forbidden in Islam, the authors cite verses from the Koran, Hadith, and works of Islamic jurists to argue that "suicide bombing" is a "false term" for jihadi martyrdom attacks and cannot be called "suicide according to Islam because… Islam extols the martyrdom operation. So martyrdom operation ≠ Suicide bombing." They cite Quranic verse to provide legitimacy for martyrdom attacks: "And amongst mankind is he who sells himself, seeking the pleasure of Allah. And Allah is full of sympathy to (His) slaves." (Verse 2:207).  Imam Ibn Kathir, an authoritative interpreter of the Koran, is quoted as explaining the verse: "The majority of the scholars of Tafsir [interpretations of the Koran] hold that this verse was sent down regarding every in the path of Allah… and when Hisham ibn 'Amir plunged into the enemy ranks, some of the people objected to this. So, Umar bin Khattab and Abu Huraira recited this verse." (Tafsir ibn Kathir 1/216).

Noting that Abu Huraira and Umar ibn Khattab, the third caliph of Islam, approved such acts in which the Islamic soldiers knew in advance of their certain deaths, the authors Maulana Muawiya Hussaini and Ikrimah Anwar cite numerous sayings of Prophet Muhammad on the authority of renowned Islamic jurist Imam Muslim, in which the prophet approved of such acts. They observe: "The Sahaba [companions of Prophet Muhammad] who carried out the attacks almost certainly knew that they were going to be killed during their operations but they still carried them out and such acts were extolled and praised in the Sharia."

The authors expressly cite incidents from early Islam in which Muslims throw themselves in the gathering of infidels, knowing that they will be killed and go to paradise. "In Mustadrak Al-Hakim [a book of Hadith], it is narrated that a man came to the Messenger of Allah and said: 'How do you see it if I were to throw myself into the midst of the polytheists and fight them until I was killed? Would I go to paradise?' He replied: 'Yes.' So the man threw himself into the midst of the pagans and fought until he was killed." This Hadith, the authors note, is a "clear evidence of the legality of martyrdom operations which involve plunging oneself into the midst of the enemy to cause them harm." In another incident, Mua'th ibn 'Afra asks the Islamic prophet: "What makes Allah laugh upon his slave?" Prophet Muhammad replied, "The slave immersing himself into the army without armor." Mua'th "took off his armor and fought until he was killed."

Various such incidents from early Islam are cited in a bid to legitimize martyrdom attacks by the jihadi fighters and all such incidents and reports are based on the authority of renowned Islamic jurists of different schools of Islamic jurisprudence, including the Hanafi school, the Maliki school, the Shaf'i school, the Hanbali school, as well as works of contemporary scholars. Of the Shaf'i school, Islamic jurist Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani is quoted as saying: "As for the matter of one person attacking a larger number of the enemy, then the consensus is that if it is done to show courage to terrify the enemy and encourage the Muslims against them or a similar intention to this, then it is good. And when it is done out of mere rashness, then it is not allowed…." The works of Islamic authors such as Mufti Abu Bashar Al-Qasmi of the Indian subcontinent and Shaykh Sulayman Al-Ulwan of the Arabian Peninsula are also cited to support martyrdom attacks if they advance the cause of Islam.

The authors reach the following conclusion: "These clearly illustrate that the Sharia considers it highly rewarding for a person to sacrifice his life for the sake of Allah with the complete surety that the person's attack will result in his death as in the case of the martyrdom operation if there is considerable benefit in it for Islam and the Muslims. The martyrdom operation is a modern technique that is similar to the case of the Sahaba plunging themselves into the enemy ranks with a sure probability of death. The only difference between the two is that in the martyrdom operation, the operative causes his own death while in the case of the incidents mentioned earlier, the operative is killed by the enemy. But the scholars state that this does not make a difference since the intention to raise high the word of Allah… and the outcome (death) is similar in both cases. And what matters is the intention."

Sources: Jamia Hafsa Forum, June 4, 2013; (U.S.), June 4, 2013; The original English of the quotes in the report has been mildly edited for clarity.

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