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Our Ulema, Religious Organisations and Journalists Are Responsible For Ruining Lives of Eleven Youth Convicted Of Having Links with the ISIS

New Age Islam News Bureau

20 October 2020

The special court of the NIA of Patiala House Court has convicted 11 Muslim youth of setting up branches of the ISIS in the country and recruiting Muslim youth for the banned terrorist organisation.

All the convicts have been sentenced to imprisonment of five to ten years and a fine of Rs 38 thousand to one lakh.

The NIA had registered cases against these youth and others in 2015 for glorifying the ISIS on social media and encouraging the youth to join the terrorist organisation. During the investigation, the NIA had conducted search operations in various parts of the country and arrested 19 accused. In 2016-17, the NIA filed chargesheets against the 16 accused. Finally the Special Court pronounced its judgment on 18th October 2020

The ISIS had announced its so-called caliphate in June 2014 and the government of India had belatedly declared it a banned organisation in India in February 2015 after New Age Islam published a number of articles exposing its un-Islamic character and its terrorist activities and also its impact on Muslim youth of India and demanding a ban on it.

But it was too late. The organisation got ample time to spread its influence on the general Muslims particularly the gullible Muslim youth. During the same period, two youth from Kalyan of Maharashtra fled from home leaving a letter for their parents saying they were feeling soffocated in the 'Kufristan' called India as the women here go around without veil, Muslims watch TV and consume sood (interest). They had joined the ISIS there. One of them was killed while the other came back home after realising that ISIS was not what they had thought.

But the real culprits were those so-called Islamic organisations, so-called Islamic scholars and mullahs and journalists and newspapers who had vociferously defended and supported the violence, bloodshed, rape of Muslim and non-Muslim women and destruction of mosques, Mazars and churches by the ISIS in their occupied territory. Millions of Muslims had to leave their homes and seek refuge in African and European countries.

Some Urdu publications published special issues consisting of articles and interviews of prominent Ulema glorifying the ISIS and defending their heinous crimes against humanity saying "small acts of bloodshed are necessary for achieving a big goal like establishing Khilafat." These organisations even condemned those organisations and individuals including New Age Islam for speaking and writing against the ISIS.

But after the ISIS started its terrorist activities in Sri Lanka, Sweden, France, Philippines, Bangladesh Afghanistan and India, they hid in their holes.

Now the eleven youth who had joined the ISIS on their encouragement are paying the price for the false propaganda in favour of the ISIS run by these Ulema, Mullahs, journalists and newspapers. Where are they? Why don't they come out in their favour if they are right?

These 'Islami Jamaats' ( Islamic organisations), journalists and newspapers are responsible for ruining the life and career of these eleven youth and others who have earlier been booked for supporting and joining the ISIS. The previous issues and interviews and writings of these Ulema and journalists glorifying and defending the ISIS are still available. They should be held accountable because it was they who presented a misleading picture of the ISIS and misled the youth into joining a terrorist organisation.

The ISIS is a terrorist organisation and those who consider it a true Islamic organisation are unaware of the true spirit and teachings of Islam. Ulema and journalists supporting the ISIS covertly or overtly are ruining the lives of Muslim youth. Our future generations will not forgive them.


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