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Radical Islamism and Jihad ( 29 May 2012, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Islamic Doctrine Opposes Radicalism


By Milena Faustova

May 29, 2012

Leading Islamic scholars from 23 countries have arrived at a joint conclusion that condemns extremism. An international conference “Islamic Doctrine Opposes Radicalism” started in Moscow on the 25th of May and ended in the capital of Chechen Republic, Grozny three days later.

A fatwa, which condemns the display of radicalism as well as bans the use of basic Islamic terminology such as “jihad” and “caliphate” for political purposes, is a need of the day. This is crucial not only for the Muslim world, says supreme mufti of the Central Spiritual Department of Muslims in Russia, Albir Krganov.

“At present, there are various interpretations of Islamic terminology, and various people try to use it in different ways. Unfortunately, this stirs many problems, especially among young people who do not know the basic principles of the religion fairly well, and various radical groups are trying to use them for their opportunistic purposes. In view of this, the duty of the official priesthood and the spiritual department is to explain people what these terms mean and what the Islamic laws appeal for,” Albir Krganov said.

According to the theological conclusion drawn in Grozny, the term “jihad” is a fight against malice rather than a holy war as claimed by extremists, while “takfir” means only an accusation of disbelief but not a call for destroying the unfaithful. “Caliphate” is no more than a system of Islamic states, and it has nothing to do with total domination.

This religious instruction strictly bans violence by Muslims against people of other religions. The fatwa also condemns the radical interpretation of the provisions of Islamic law concerning the issues of war and peace, the encroachment of rights and freedoms of man and the violation of laws in the country where a person lives.

The Muslims of Kuwait are one of the initiators of the fatwa. First Deputy Foreign Minister Abdel Abdullah al-Falah addressing the conference in Grozny said that Wahabis, who have nothing to do with true Islam, blaspheme religion and insult Muslims with their wrongful actions. “In view of this, the adoption of this theological conclusion is crucial today,” he added.

In the contemporary history of Islam, this is not the first and only fatwa that condemns violence and evil spirit, but the number of terrorists has not reduced, says an expert in Islam Roman Silantev.

“Terrorists in various countries have their own specifics. For one, in native Islamic countries, they motivate their activity in a different way than in secular or Orthodox countries in the world. For example, Russia has completely different types of terrorists who demonstrate concrete ideological tendencies. The conclusion drawn up in Grozny is dedicated to terrorism as a whole. From the scientific point of view, the conference is most likely very useful,” Poman Silantev said.

One of the things that stirs Islamic radicalism is the so-called alternative theology, says the expert. At present, there is no single canonic version of Koran, and various interpretations in different countries give rise to theological schools. A single approach to Koran would deprive Islamic terrorism and extremism of their ideological basis.

Time will show how effective the fatwa adopted in Grozny is.  Reportedly, the conclusion drawn up by experts in theology will be spread in all countries where Muslims live. The provisions of the document will be taught in Islamic institutes and will be included in the collection of theological literature.

Source: Voice of Russia