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Maulana Nadeemul Wajidi on Osama’s killing: The zealot is finally dead

Several Urdu newspapers published from Delhi have published well-known Deobandi cleric Maulana Nadeemul Wajidi’s take on Osama bin Laden’s killing. Clearly Indian Urdu Press and Indian Taliban are no different whatsoever in their thinking and articulation from their Pakistani counterparts. This should open the eyes of those of our intellectuals who believe that India’s secularism and multiculturalism has impacted our maulanas and that there are no supporters of Al-Qaeda here. Some excerpts from his syndicated column translated by New Age Islam Edit Desk.


 “It is actually America that is the world’s greatest terrorist. It is the US that has made life difficult for the world, though out of fear many, even governments, dare mot say so. But the world is not devoid of courageous persons. The Imam of Delhi’s Shahi Masjid and the president of Jamiat-ul-ulema-se-Hind are among such valiant people. They have said that we cannot consider any one terrorist on the basis of Americans saying so. Imam Bukhari has gone even to the extent of saying that the US has not given any proof of Osama bin Laden being responsible for 9/11. It is inconceivable that Osama would have been able to launch such a daring attack.

“If the news of Osama’s death is correct, certainly this is great news for America and its allies. But that the world’s sole super power spent ten years hunting for him is very strange. That is why some people believe it is all a drama. Even people in Saudi Arabia do not believe Osama is dead. This is what people in India also think. It’s all just a drama staged beautifully.

“Expressing the sentiments of tens of millions of Indians, the President of Jamiat-ul-Ulema-e-Hind has said that something doesn’t sound right. The head of Jamia Azhar, Cairo, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tayyab has condemned this act perpetrated by America. He has said that a Muslim’s dead body can be buried at sea only when he dies during a sea journey. The spokesman of Taliban in Pakistan Ehsanul Haque has vowed revenge and said that with Osama’s death their zeal is not going to die. Osama may be dead but America has not been able to kill the determination of Muslims to avenge the many injustices perpetrated by America against them. Their anger and hatred for America is still alive.

“But even if the news of Osama’s death is true, America’s joy will not last for long. The Taliban have already vowed revenge. The whole world knows that America has suffered heavy defeat in Afghanistan and is seeking to run away from here with some honour. Taliban have emerged as very strong. If Taliban start taking their revenge in the beginning of summer, this will create more problems for America. One Osama’s dearth will produce hundreds of Osamas. How many dead bodies will America bury in the sea?”