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Human Sacrifice and the Taliban



By Senge H. Sering

October 17, 2013

Taliban slaughter other humans to please Allah. A Talib will place a knife on the neck of his son or brother and slit the throat if Allah commands him to do so.

Taliban believe that Allah tests humans for their piety, faith, obedience and loyalty and slaughtering other humans is one way of proving their obedience to Allah.

It proves that a human loves Allah more than his fellow humans. It gives perfection to his belief that there is nothing more valuable than Allah, not even his own son or daughter.

Which Allah: An omnipotent creator who has created trillions of galaxies and universes and continues to create without a break.

A power that creates with no ending will rather feel insulted with such a demeaning gesture of human slaughter. Is our Allah so insecure and vulnerable, despite the fact that he controls everything in this universe and beyond, that he would test loyalty and obedience by making one creature slit the throat of another?

Which Allah: The most loving, whose love for humans is 70 times deeper compared to the love of a mother for her child?

If that is true then shouldn’t that also apply to other virtues like God’s trust and faith in humans? Shouldn’t his trust in humans be 70 times more profound compared to the trust of a mother in her child? A mother will not make the child slit his throat to prove love for her.

If that makes sense, then an Allah of that stature would not want humans to stoop to that level of barbarism to prove their worth or seek his pleasure. He would want them to protect and nurture each other. He would want them to trust each other and build the foundations of the human civilization on affection.

An Allah of that stature cannot be a sadist who draws pleasure in seeing someone being tortured and killed by a knife as a proof of obedience. Sadism is a mental disease and besides, Allah is also above any kind of fetishes.

Human sacrifice as a practice of pleasing Allah also enables the critics to raise questions about Islam’s image as a religion of peace. It betrays the spirit of those who, while referring to Quran, believe that murder of one person is actually the death of the entire humanity.

A Muslim will be trusted as a peace lover and harmless towards the followers of other faiths only after he guarantees safety, love and care for the members of his own family and religious community, and holds back the unnatural urge to kill them under any delusion or paranoia.

Besides, there is no such proof that killing a human or attempting to kill a human by slitting their throat is prescribed in Islam as a way to please Allah. May be it is Satan and not Allah that commands the Taliban and their fellows to do so.

Or maybe, it is Talib’s schizophrenia or dementia that is making him slit the throat of his fellow beings. His obsession to kill others is a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder or clinical depression but not the display of pure faith.

Well, enough about the dreadful, psychopathic, delusional, schizophrenic Taliban, especially when a billion and a half Muslims around the world are in festive Eid mood and they have no time to think or talk about humans slitting throats of other humans.

A very happy Eid to all the Muslims of the world on this auspicious day which reminds us of our great Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him), and of Zibh al Azeem or the Grand Slaughter….

Senge H. Sering is the President of Institute for Gilgit-Baltistan Studies and hails from a Tibetan speaking region called Baltistan (Baltiyul), which has been declared a disputed area between India and Pakistan by the United Nations. There are about 600,000 Balti people residing in India and Pakistan who profess Islam and speak archaic Tibetan.