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Caliphate of Terrorists

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16 July 2014

After capturing some parts of Iraq and Syria, the gang leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al Baghdadi announced the establishment of Islamic Caliphate and appointed himself as the Caliph of Muslims. He invited the Muslims of the entire Islamic world to come to his caliphate and get its citizenship and asked all the Muslim countries to accept his caliphate and pay allegiance to it. However, Instead of welcoming his caliphate, the Islamic world condemned and opposed it. The renowned Islamic scholar refused to accept his caliphate as Islamic. The Islamic scholars of Britain too said in their statement that the so called government of Abu Bakr is not an Islamic government or caliphate. Even small Islamic countries did not pay heed to his call and refused to accept his caliphate. No Muslim from any part of the world showed any interest in migrating to the caliphate of Abu Bakr Baghdadi.

On the contrary, the Muslims in Iraq are trying to get out of there and those who succeeded to escape from there and arrive in their homeland are thankful to God. Two Muslim youth from Kozhicode, Kerala, Md Abbas and Safdar Kunhi were employed in Najaf and were an eye witness to the brutality and barbarism of ISIS. They managed to get out of Iraq and reached India. Md Abbas had told that the ISIS militants were barbarians and that their brutality was unparalleled and their barbarism was intolerable. His colleague Safdar Kunhi said that the ISIS militants were barbarians and they particularly targeted Shias and those visiting or praying at Mazars. The pilgrims were captured and killed mercilessly. The situation in Samarrah was most grim.

From their statement, it becomes evident that ISIS militants were not only fighting the Iraqi military, they were also killing Shias mercilessly because according to their ideology they are Kafirs (infidels). Similarly, those who were seen praying at Mazars or were found moving towards a Mazar, were captured and killed because in their eyes they were infidels. For these reasons, the renowned Egyptian Islamic scholar Yousuf Al Qaradhawi declared Abu Bakr’s self proclaimed caliphate null and void and a violation of Islamic Shariah. The prominent Shia and Sunni Islamic scholars of Britain have issued a joint statement opposing and condemning Abu Bakr’s Islamic caliphate and have advised Muslims not to be coerced by him. The head of Majlis Ulema-e-Shia, Syed Ali Rizvi said, “We are Muslims and are united against ISIS, terrorism, atrocities, pain and torture.” Maulana Shahid Raza of Leicester Central Mosque, said, “As a Sunni Muslim, I do not accept the caliphate of ISIS. I regard the ISIS as a terrorist organisation. Abu Muntasir of charity orgainsation, JIMAS said, “Brothers and sisters! If I tell you about the ISIS in one sentence, I will say that they are evil, corrupt, self-seeking, self-centred and they are bad people.  You should not mix up with them.”  According to newspaper reports, “The ISIS has destroyed Imambargahs and other Sunni Mazars in Mosul and other captured territories. They have also captured some Churches and hoisted their black flag there which is anathema to Islamic teachings.

In fact the caliphate and the caliph of the ISIS is a product of the US and the US arms and financial aid to ISIS is the main force behind its rise. The Sunni elements in Iraqi army surrendered to the ISIS at the behest of the US and handed over the arms and ammunition, anti-tank rockets and other vehicles to the ISIS as a game plan of the US. In this way, the US added fuel to the already raging sectarian conflagration in the region to fulfill its own military and political interests and for this purpose it used the ISIS. According to reports, the US has provided more anti-tank missiles and rockets to the Isis and Obama has asked Congress for more $500 million funds for the rebel forces in Syria which will definitely go to the ISIS indirectly. This speaks of the double standards of the US.

Obviously, the US is not aiding and funding the ISIS for the establishment of an Islamic caliphate but to break the region in pieces. But a section of Muslims, ignorant of this political context of the strife have been carried away by the deceitful slogan of the “Islamic Caliphate” and have begun to believe that the so-called  Islamic caliphate of Abu Bakr Baghdadi is a true Islamic caliphate formed on the lines of the caliphate of the four rightly guided caliphs. Some of our journalists and columnists are also singing paeans to them and have been trying to present them in a positive light ignoring their brutality against Muslims and non-Muslims alike. For this purpose, they cite the issue of the release of 46 Indian nurses by the ISIS who had been holed up in a hospital in Tikrit and were later taken by the ISIS to Mosul. Any harm to them could have posed serious international problems for the ISIS as India is a powerful country and has good relations with the US and Saudi Arabia. It is an open secret that the ISIS depends a lot on the US and Saudi Arabia. So they had to arrange their safe passage out of Iraq under diplomatic pressure from Saudi Arabia and the US. The Urdu journalists and columnists having sympathy with the ISIS took this opportunity to prove that ISIS was a noble organisation following true Islamic teachings. They ignored the fact that the same ISIS has abducted 39 construction labourers of Punjab and northern India and there is no clue about their safety. They have also ignored the fact that renowned Islamic scholars have declared the ISIS a terrorist organisation and termed the caliphate as a violation of Islamic Shariah.

Until only a year or so ago, the ISIS was called the Al Qaida in  Iraq and was a part of the terrorist organisation. Abu Bakr Baghdadi was an active member of the organisation. He parted ways with Al Qaida with the aim of establishing a Sunni caliphate in Iraq where Shias and even Sunnis disagreeing on his interpretation of Islam would have no right to exist. Some other terrorist organisations operating in South Asia, Arab and Africa subscribe to the same ideology and think that killing in the name of religion and even sect is permissible in Islam. Al Shabab and Boko Haram in Africa, Al Qaida and Jabhat al Nusra in Arab and Jaish-e-Muhammad, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Tehreek-e-Khilafat (an Al Qaida offshoot) and   Taliban in Pakistan are such organisations. Boko Haram is against western education and culture and has become notorious for the abduction of girl students studying in schools where modern education is imparted. Recently, they abducted more than 100 girls from a school in Nigeria’s rural area.

It is interesting to note that it is these terrorist and retrograde organisations that have accepted and recognised Abu Bakr Baghdadi’s caliphate and have sworn allegiance to him. No Islamic country has accepted it. By swearing allegiance to Abu Bakr Baghdadi the Boko Haram has proved him the Emir of the terrorists. Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Khilafat has dissociated from Al Qaida and has sworn allegiance to the ISIS caliphate. The terrorist group fighting Bashar Al Assad in Syria has also announced its allegiance to the ISIS and has accepted Abu Bakr as their caliphate. In short, Abu Bakr has been accepted as the caliph of terrorists and his caliphate has acquired the status of caliphate of terrorists. This caliphate of terrorists will get oxygen as long as it works for the interests of the US and Israel in the region. The day they cease to work for the US and Israel, they will meet the same fate as Osama bin Laden.  Their caliphate will die a dog’s death.