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The Truth behind Taliban's Fatwa Justifying Killings of Innocent Civilians Part-9


A Futile Attempt At Justifying The Attack On Malala

By Sohail Arshad, New Age Islam

30 Dec. 2012

In the 6th part of his article, Al Abeeri has tried to establish that any one (woman, child or man) who takes part in a war either physically or virtually should be killed. The killing of Darida as Sammah whose age was 100 years on the order of the holy Prophet (pbuh) has been presented as an example. He had been called by the Howzan tribe to act as an advisor in the war against the Muslims.

Similarly, he has presented the example of a woman who was killed on the order of the holy Prophet (pbuh) during the siege of Taif. She had provoked Muslims with vulgar gestures from the top of the fort. Therefore she was killed with arrows.

In both the cases, the 100 year old man and the woman had directly taken part in the war and so they were killed. So, These two hadiths cannot be used to justify the killings of innocent and non-combatant women and children.

The Quran and hadiths prohibit Muslims to kill non-combatant men, women and children and allow Muslims to fight only those who take up arms against Muslims.

According to the Quran, “Fight them until there is no [more] fitnah and [until] worship is [acknowledged to be] for Allah. But if they cease, then there is to be no aggression except against the oppressors.”(Al Baqarah: 193)

It is clear from the verse quoted above that the Quran forbids Muslims from killing non-combatants and those not showing hostility.

In his book al Ahkam al Quran, Ibn al Arabi says:

“Infidel women will not be killed because the holy Prophet has prohibited that, and only if they fight, they will be killed.”

In his book Al Ahkam al Sultaniyah p 40 has written:

“The killing of women and children is prohibited during the war because the holy prophet (pbuh) has prohibited that.”

Ibn Malik and Al Qudhai are also of the opinion that women and children should not be killed during a war even if the infidels use them as a shield.

The hadiths and the opinions of jurists quoted above establish the impermissibility of the killing of non-combatant women and children.

Last month, the Taliban attacked a minor Muslim girl called Malala in Swat of Pakistan. By the grace of God, she survived but the Taliban has declared her apostate and a spy of the US pronouncing death sentence on her. Her only crime was that she was running a non-violent campaign for the girls’ education banned by the Taliban and the closure of girls’ school in the area by them. The Taliban decided to punish her for her opposition. Since, Malala is a Muslim so the Taliban had to find some justification in the Sharia to kill her. So, it was necessary to brand her a spy of America. In this situation, Mullah Al Abeeri has quoted the opinion of the ulema which says:

“The killing of the women, men and children is permissible in a situation when they assist their community during the war in any way”.

Therefore, to bring Malala under the category of the people who assist the enemy ‘in any way’; she was declared the spy of America so that she could be killed on the ground of assisting the enemy ‘in any way’ and made to appear justified under the Shariah.

In part 6, Mullah Abeeri has put all stress on the assistance of women to the enemy and killing them for the crime and so it can be rightly assumed that this part of the article has been written with an eye on Malala.

Sohail Arshad is a regular columnist for New

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