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The Truth behind Taliban’s Fatwa Justifying Killings of Innocent Civilians - Concluding Part-11


Sohail Arshad, New Age Islam

February 23, 2013

Yousuf Al Abeeri does not raise any new point in the last part of his article but only summarises the points elucidated in earlier parts. The sole purpose of the entire article was to justify the killings of innocent civilians, children and elderly people in suicide bombings on residential areas, market places and government buildings. And to justify all this, he presented the verses of the Quran, Hadiths and the opinions of the jurists in wrong contexts. He quoted some of the verses of the Quran in support of his arguments repeatedly though they did not have any relation with his arguments. He believed Goebel’s theory that if a lie is repeated a hundred times people will believe it. Similarly, the Hadiths he presented also refuted his own lies and we presented our refutations of those lies.

In the last part also, he has unnecessarily raised the same points he presented earlier in wrong contexts with the help of the verses of the Quran and Hadiths and naturally failed because the Quran does strictly oppose the killings of innocent and non-combatant people including women, children and elderly people and there are clear verses and Hadiths regarding this.  Apart from that there are the practices and instructions of the rightly-guided caliphs that are based on the Quran and Hadiths. And from the point of all this, the ideology and the terrorist activities of the Taliban stand un-Islamic and inhuman. Islam does not ignore human principles even in the state of war and considers the killing of a single human being the murder of the whole humanity.

In the previous parts, Al Abeeri had tried to justify the killings of enemies by burning them, burning of their crops and fruit bearing trees and we had exposed their lies with the help of the Quranic verses and Hadiths because no religious base is more authentic than the Quran and Hadith.

Islam encourages the Muslims to forcefully retaliate the attacks of the enemy but it is opposed to terrorist activities and cowardly acts of war. Islam discourages Muslims to flee from the battlefield and permits them to fight the enemy face to face with all the weapons and strategies of war available to them. Therefore, when cannon were invented the Muslims used them also.  They were used to hurl big boulders against the enemy to damage the forts of the enemy.

About the use of cannon, Al Abeeri says:

“It is mentioned in the Sahihain that of course the prophet (pbuh) laid siege to Taif. It is mentioned in Baihaqi and Sahihain that of course the prophet (pbuh) mounted cannon.  Therefore, by cannon all the weapons of mass destruction can be meant.”

The Islamic army had used manjanique (cannon) during the siege of Taif. The Islamic army was fighting an organized war against Taif. Since the war was being fought with Taif, the Islamic army was shooting arrows and firing boulders from the cannon on Taif and it was being fought under the leadership of the prophet (pbuh) in an organized way. On the contrary the war the Taliban is fighting is not an Islamic war nor is the war being led by a recognized leader of the Muslims. The Islamic army was not attacking any other community or city. They were not attacking and killing non-combatant women and children of any other town. Taliban’s enmity is with the NATO forces but they also call the Afghan government their enemy and kill Muslim officers, ministers and soldiers and civilians of Afghanistan and attack government buildings destroying them in suicide attacks.

Al Abeeri says:

“Sayeed r.a. has quoted Safwan ibn Umar and Jarir r.a. with authentication that of course Janadah bin Umaiyah Al Azwi r.a, Abdullah bin Qais Al Fazazi r.a would burn the Romans by throwing fire on them and they would burn them in retaliation. Abdullah Bin Qais said that Muslims used to fight in this manner.”

It is obvious that in a war, the warring parties attack each other when they fight a face to face battle. They were not shooting in the dark like the Taliban and were not attacking on the unsuspecting innocent civilians. Will the Taliban tell who they are fighting face to face and who are their enemies? Shias? Malala? Pakistan? Or the people of Pakistan supporting the government of Pakistan? The leaders of Afghanistan and its people? Most of the victims of the terrorism of Taliban are these people.

Al Abeeri quotes Ibn Qudama:

“This (opening the dams of rivers and lakes) is also lawful to drown the enemy though if it is possible to capture the enemy without resorting to this, it is not lawful if in doing so women and children also lose their lives as killing them intentionally is unlawful. But if capturing or defeating the enemy is impossible without doing so, then it is lawful in the same way as there is the risk of the loss of life of innocent people in nocturnal raids.”

We have already presented our refutation to the argument given above. However, we once again produce the Hadith that prohibit the killing of innocent civilians during a war.

“Hadhrat Abdullah ibn Abbas said:

“When the messenger of God (PBUH) would dispatch his troops he would say (to them), ‘Do not act treacherously, do not steal the spoils of war, do not disfigure the dead bodies. And do not kill children and priests.’ (Al Masnad)

Hadiths and the orders of the rightly guided caliphs make it clear that at the time of sending off Islamic troops, they were strictly forbidden not to kill non-combatant women, children and the elderly people.

‘Abdullah bin Umar stated in one narration that when Abu Bakr al Siddiq dispatched the Muslim troops to Syria, he walked with them for two miles and addressed them, saying,

‘I enjoin you to fear God. Do not disobey (the military commander) or show cowardice. Do not drown date palm trees or set crops on fire. Do not bobble animals and do not cut down fruit bearing trees. Do not kill an old man or a young child.’(Al Marwazi in Musnad Abi Bakr: 69-72)

The practice of Hadhrat Abu Bakr is reported thus:

“Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddique prohibited the cutting off of trees and demolishing buildings (during war0 and the Muslims strictly obeyed his order.” (Sunan)

Ibn Abi Shaybah quotes a Hadiths from Mujahid:

“Young children, women, weak and old men should not be killed in a war. Food grains and date trees should not be burnt, buildings should not be demolished and fruit bearing trees should not be cut off.”(Al Musannaf: 6: 483)

The Quran says:

“O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah , witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is acquainted with what you do.”

But the hatred of the enemy causes Al Abeeri to make this un-Islamic statement:

“Now we declare that we shall adopt the rule of tit for tat (Masalah) and punish the common people of America for the crimes of the American government in accordance with its own policy of punishing the nation for the wrongs of individuals.”Not only this, he has called this a superior category of jihad and attributed this falsehood to the prophet (pbuh). What can be more condemnable than that? He says:

“There is no room for suspicion in that the killing of non-combatant American women, children, and the elderly and other uninvolved people is permissible and lawful; rather it is one of the categories of jihad which God and his apostle have enjoined on us.”

In Pakistan too, the Taliban has waged a war against the Islamic government of Pakistan. They recruit innocent gullible Afghan refugee youth in the name of jihad and forcefully prepare them for suicide attacks making them scapegoats. They use these children for suicide attacks on Christians, Ahmadis, Hindus and Shias. Attacks on Sufi shrines are also part of their so called jihad. Only God knows against whom they are fighting this jihad. If they are fighting the war against the US why do they carry out attacks against the Shias, Ahmadiyas and Sufi shrines? In Pakistan, Taliban have attacked school buses of Shias killing Shia children. They tried to kill a Muslim teenage girl student. She was neither a kafir nor a citizen of America.

Why do these Talibani muftis and so called Ulema only harp on the atrocities of the US in their writings and speeches? The entire Muslim world condemns the atrocities of the US and the Europe on the Muslim world. The condemnation of the anti-Islamic activities of the Taliban does not mean the defence of the US in the same way as the opposition of the US does not mean the support to the Taliban. But unfortunately the policy of the Taliban is exactly this: whoever criticises the anti-Islamic activities of the Taliban is labelled as the spy of the US. When Malala opposed their anti-education policy she was branded a spy and sympathiser of the US. But it should be remembered that to commit atrocities on the Muslim countries, the US does not produce arguments from the Bible whereas the Taliban declare Muslims kafir and pronounce them worthy to be killed by presenting Qurani verses and Hadiths in support of their arguments. They declared the Pakistan government a government of Kafirs and therefore declared the murder of its ministers, officers and soldiers legitimate. These so-called Talibani muftis should also make their stand clear on Shias and Sufis.

The Taliban have declared the governments of America, Pakistan and Afghanistan their enemy but the fact is that they do not have any legal status. They neither have a state nor an organised army nor do they have Islamic ideology. They are a group of unorganised terrorists that terms all the Islamic countries as un-Islamic and claims to be the only group following the true path of Islam. They have this illusion that they have been fighting a war with America but the truth is that to compete with a super power like America, they neither have physical force nor financial strength nor do they possess state of the art weapons. This is a one sided war in which their terrorists and leaders are killed every day, now in a drone attack then in the firing of Pakistani or NATO forces. In retaliation they kill some soldiers and civilians in suicide attack and take consolation in the fact that they have taken revenge.

In their articles, the Taliban leaders and ideologues have never mentioned how many enemies they have by now killed by unleashing snakes and scorpions on them. It is ridiculous that these so-called holy warriors who live in this nuclear age do the foolish talk of using the strategy of unleashing snakes and scorpions on the powerful countries like the US, France, Britain, Pakistan and Germany. In fact, they live in a fools’ paradise.

They claim to be the greatest followers of Islam but they commit the blasphemy against the prophet (pbuh) and God by declaring their terrorist activities legitimate according to the Quran and Hadith and therefore causing damage to Islam.

The Taliban talk of establishing a caliphate based on the Quran and Sunnah. The prophet (pbuh) founded  a spiritual government on the basis of the Quranic principles and a healthy Islamic society on the principles of tolerance, justice and love. He did not found a terrorist organisation (perish the thought) and did not force the polytheists to convert to Islam. He conveyed the message of the Quran with humility, love and sacrifices. In return he was stoned, abused, poisoned, banished from his hometown, lost his tooth etc and after a long period of more than fifteen years an Islamic state was established because any healthy society is built with pious and righteous individuals and righteous individuals are produced through the right messages of religion and sciences. So when such righteous individuals were produced through the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, an Islamic state automatically came into existence. For this no need for a suicide attack or the bloodshed of Muslims was felt.  Al Abeeri who talks of Sunnah is no more, so Maulana Muawiyah can tell if he has run a non-violent movement for the reformation of the society to realise his dream of establishing an Islamic caliphate. How many stones has he endured for the reform of the society? How many children of his family has he got killed before sending the children of others on suicide missions? If not, he can at least tell us which verses of the Quran and which Hadiths permit suicide attacks? And if he does not have an answerer – and there cannot be an answer – then he should abandon his false dream and should not spoil the lives of the Muslim youth. He should not kill innocent children. He should not try to kill girls like Malala. He should not destroy centres of learning. The Quran emphasises the need for tolerance, love and tact in the propagation of faith as there is no compulsion in religion. A godly society can only be built on love, sacrifice and peaceful efforts, not on suicide blasts.

Sohail Arshad is a regular columnist for New

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