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Supporting Extremist and Jihadist Organisations is Antithetical to the Islamic Shariah: Shaikh Abu Bakr’s Fatwa on ISIS


By Shaikh Abu Bakr

Translated from Urdu by Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

03 September, 2014

One more prominent Sufi Islamic scholar and leader Shaikh Abu Bakr has issued a fatwa against the atrocities of jihadist/Salafist/Takfirist organisations as well as the Wahhabi ideologues’ staunch or tacit support to them. 

“The acts of terror perpetrated by the extremist militants of the ISIS fall into the category of Haram (religiously forbidden) in Islam. Any pseudo-Islamic organisations as such have no actual association with the faith of Islam. Theses terror outfits are tarnishing the image of Islam in the very name of Islam.” These views were expressed by Shaikh Abu Bakr Ahmad, also known as Kanthapuram A. P. Aboobacker Musliyar, who is the leading scholar of Sufi-inspired Sunni Muslims in Kerala, India. He is also the General Secretary of the All India Muslim Scholars Association and founder and Vice Chancellor of Jamia Markaz us Saquafah Sunniyyah (Sunni Cultural Centre), Kozhikode, Kerala, India.

In his fatwa (religious verdict), Shaikh Abu Bakr clearly and categorically stated that “the Muslim community needs to get united in boycotting the ISIS and its sister terrorist organisations”. “It is about time we expressed our hate and disdain against them”, said the Sunni-Sufi Islamic scholar and leader Shaikh Abu Bakr, who is also a prominent educationist, particularly known in the south Indian Muslim community.

He further said that “the Muslim world is in dire need to take cognizance of the threats posed by the anti-Islamic outfits. The militant groups among Muslims are causing harm to Islam in the false grab of Islamists.” “And any support or endorsement of the extremist and terrorist organisations goes completely against the Islamic Shariah” he said.

Shaikh Abu Bakr pointed out that “as a result of mischief-mongering of the extremist Jihadist groups, the world at large is suffering huge terror and violence.” He added saying that “the true followers of Islam cannot behead the human beings. The chaotic situation prevailing in Iraq and Syria is an outcome of nefarious attempts to grab political power at the behest of the Zionist agents.”  Shaikh A. P. Abu Bakr Musliyar appealed to the world leaders and rulers to apprise their governments and populace of the anti-Islamic actions of the ISIS. He stressed the need to prioritise the restoring of global peace and order, which, he said, is the essential message of Islam.

Source: (Amjadi Markaz News, Calicut)