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Believers Are Duty-bound to Protect Not Only the Houses of Worship but Also the Living

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

22 April 2019

Monday 15th April 2019 was a tragic day for France as it witnessed the eight and half centuries old religious, historical, architectural and cultural heritage of a nation, the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris go up in flames.

This happened just a few days before the historic event of Easter, commemorating an Event concerned with two supposedly different religious peoples – the followers of Jesus Christ a Jew, later named Christians and those accused of his death, also Jews. A 'like on like' grudge.

It was touching to see how it brought all Parisians together in common grief, who in spite of the fact that they are not much given to religious fervour; but the fact that a house of worship of one people burned down by accident, still made them all united in sadness, although no life was lost.

However in the annals of modern events it is estimated that in the last ten years over1400 innocent people lost their lives, in various houses of worship around the world due to the extremists’ deliberate acts of killing. This includes the Easter Sunday attacks in Siri Lanka. The frequency and scale of these murders has numbed our senses.

Catholics and non-Catholic Christians, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, Sunni and Shia Muslims; Sikhs and most other religious people's lives have not been spared. Whites, browns and blacks alike, have all fared in this hate game. Many times more than this number were seriously injured and maimed in the unidentifiable hatred of the 'other', yet 'like on like' attacks were common.

Strangely though the operating mode of the extremists has been the destruction of lives of the unarmed, young and old, men and women, but not caused major damage to the brick and mortar structures.

Similar to the1950's pronouncement by US military of a weapon of mass destruction WMD, the “clean Hydrogen bomb” which they said kills people but does not damage infrastructures. The weapon was abandoned perhaps because, it adversely impacted on the economy of their 'reconstruction' industries.

For Muslims though the following may have something to do with the method:-

Quran, Chp. Hajj 22-40: … And if God did not repel some people by others, Cloisters, Churches and Synagogues and Mosques, in which God's name is much remembered, would have been pulled down... .”

The message from the verse they deduce is that: Believers are Duty-bound to Protect Houses of Worship, but worshippers therein must not be spared, especially if their gods are of a different brand to those of the murderers!

The death toll inflicted on Muslim people by Muslim terrorists – particularly during Juma prayers, for example in Afghanistan and Pakistan, follows the deduction to the letter. Minority communities are particularly vulnerable as a result.

It is evident from Muslim people's religions; and there are many, all called Islam as that from Quran, that its edicts are meant to be “Cherry picked” to suit their requirements:-

2-185: God desires ease for you, He desires not difficulty for you.

Thus sanctifying their murderous practices in houses of worship.

22-40 therefore becomes completely disconnected from:-

5-35: … that who kills a person, unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief (fasaad) in the land, it is as though he has killed the whole humanity and who soever saves a life it is as though he has saved the humanity .

The harsh punishment for disobeying the above is given in the next verse 5-36. Fortunately the extremist often use their discretion and punish themselves with advance technology. By pressing the button on their explosive vest they dispatch themselves to hell in tiny body pieces; erroneously believing that this kamikaze makes them Shaheed (a non-Quranic concept) and the seventy two virgins in heaven somehow will re-assemble them to take them to paradise!

On serious note though; one is reminded of two historic events relating to the subject of destruction of a house of worship.

The first event is referred in Quran's chapter 105, named Fil (Elephant) which deals with the event that occurred; it is said, a few months before the birth of Muhammad, who four decades later declared himself the Messenger of God.

The chapter refers to the huge army, containing one or more elephants, led by the Ethiopian Christian viceroy of Yemen – Abraha; in order to destroy the temple Kaaba at Makkah in Arabia, a house of worship full of idols at the time. The purpose of his mission was to divert the annual lucrative business of pilgrimage and market fair held in Makkah, the backbone of its economy; to the capital Sanaa in Yemen, where he had built a magnificent cathedral.

The purpose of the adventure, in Abraha's own words is said to be the destruction of the temple and not to destroy the city or murder its worshippers. It should be remembered that Abraha was of the “People of the Book”.

Whether one believes in miracles or not is not of any concern here. The chapter says that Abraha's army got in confusion, attacked by birds and pelted with stones, all within God's functions. It thus failed in its mission and returned empty handed to Yemen.

Question – Was the mighty army of Abraha unsuccessful because, in spite of the fact that the Kaaba was a temple it was never-the-less a house of worship where “God's name was often remembered” and so God intervened to implement His Law?

The second event – About Six decade after the first, Muhammad the Messenger of God returned from exile in Madinah with a big army to his home town Makkah, from where he was driven out eight years ago. The Kaaba was still a temple. He conquered the city and succeeds in his mission without a loss of life.

It is worthy of note however, that after delivering a message of the code of Islam to the citizens of Makkah – the purpose of his Hajj- he returned to Madinah. The Kaaba and its contents were left to fend for themselves. It was not necessary for God to intervene as His Messenger delivered the message of the Book and showed by example his adherence to it.

The Apocryphal report of him and his companions having destroyed the idols is illogical and absurd as the temple building was left intact, as agreed by all scholars and historians. It just does not make any sense that having destroyed the contents they left the house standing intact:-

Gar Yeh Maanaa Keh Sab Buut Mittaadiye Tunay;

Par Yeh Buut Khaanaa Kyun' Nah Mittaayaa Tuney?

It can be argued that, after this event, over the years the temple and its contents, neglected due to the changed spiritual mindset of the people, scummed to the elements and had perished naturally; but then the later-day entrepreneurial Arabs rebuilt it.

It must be recalled that historically the Kaaba has been damaged by various attacks, floods, defiled even, reconstructed and expanded number of times; for the later day foreign Muslims hajjis to come and “much remember God's name” there and boost the country's economy.

Question – Did the Messenger and his army leave the city and the house of worship intact because of Quran's edict? As a messenger who's duty it was to propagate it, could he have acted any differently?

He left the city because, he logically concluded that, the two acrimonious communities of the time - Non-believers and Believers could not co-exist. In the animosity that had existed there for so long. Harmony could not be imposed by military force. Fasaad would have continued and lives lost. Both these conditions had to be avoided.

Yet, today the terrorist ostentatiously calling themselves “Islamic” Mujahids blow themselves and the innocent worshippers in the houses of worship with proclamation of 'Allahu Akbar', invoking God that the worshippers also invoke.

One is therefore forced to conclude that this genocidal mindset has nothing to do with hatred of the 'other', for the murders are often committed 'like on like'. It is therefore purely and simply Mufsideens' modes of operation, to gain their objectives by creating Fitna and Fasaad, by heartlessly deploying ignorant youths, as volunteers for kamikaze attacks and thus dispatch them to hell.

The above two events clearly set out the parameters of the 22-40 and 5-35. The houses of worship and the lives there in and outside their precinct are sacrosanct in the Code ad-Deen of the one Islam that comes from Quran. The selective interpretations based actions are just one part of many the Muslim people are accused of that give rise to the confrontation round the world. It should be remembered that the Creator of us All, dislikes Fasaad and Fitna 2-205 .

A regular contributor to, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer


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