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ISIS Sympathisers In India Have Started Resurfacing: Nadia Murad’s Nobel Peace Prize Is Condemned by Urdu Media Sympathetic to ISIS

By New Age Islam Edit Desk

24 Jan 2019

The ISIS had declared its so-called caliphate in Mosul on 30th June 2014 and after that it had unleashed a reign of terror in the Middle East.  They killed non-Muslims and raped thousands of women declaring them sex slaves. They even killed Muslims who did not subscribe to their ideology. Many mausoleums and Mazars of Sufis, Sahabas and even prophets were destroyed and desecrated by them at the pretext of removing shirk from the earth. Many Muslim organizations and scholars were influenced by their so-called caliphate and they supported it overtly and covertly. Indian Urdu media also glorified them and carried news and articles glorifying the caliphate which they believed was an extension of the Khilafat-e-Rashidah of the four rightly guided caliphs. Many scholars and Islamic organizations also supported them and campaigned in favour of the marauders headed by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

Editorial Page of Akhbar e Mashrique, November 2018


New Age Islam had carried a campaign against the ISIS and had informed the government and warned the Muslim community that the ISIS was an anti-Islamic organization out to tarnish the image of Islam. We had continuously exposed so-called Islamic State's un-Islamic practices and demanded that the IS must be banned immediately as it was influencing the Muslim youth of the country. 

At last, the government did ban the organization in February 2015, though belatedly. After that the glorification campaign in favour of the ISIS was stopped in the Urdu media and the scholars, journalists and columnists of Urdu newspapers sympathetic to ISIS went into hibernation. Some of them joined Sufi organizations to save their skin and started writing articles on general topics and on secularism and harmony.

However, recent news and features in the Urdu media indicates that these ISIS supporters and sympathizers are resurfacing and have started defending and glorifying ISIS and launching vilification campaign against those who are speaking out against them. One example is an article published in an Urdu newspaper Akhbar-e-Mashrique, Kolkata in the issue of 9 November 2018 in which one columnist Munir Ahmad condemns the UN for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the Kurd Ezadi girl Nadia Murad. The columnist also tries to prove that Nadia is an enemy of Islam and so she was punished for her anti-Islam activities and beliefs by the ISIS by being raped, as if Islam prescribes rape as a punishment. He also tries to establish that speaking or writing against the ISIS is akin to speaking and writing against Islam. It means that he is a sympathizer and supporter of the ISIS.

The main points of the article by Munir Ahmad are as follows:

1.       Nadia belongs to Yazidi Kurd community and this community is a part of the internal (ideological) conspiracy of the western countries against Islam.

2.       Yazidis worship the Satan and Yazid bin Mu’awiyyah who slaughtered Imam Hussain and his family.

3.       They tried to divide the Muslim community and sowed the seeds of differences among Muslims.  That is why during Ottoman caliphate 72 attempts were made to destroy them. Saddam Hussain also attacked them. Now the ISIS also attacked them. Many were killed and many girls were abducted. Nadia was one among them. Later she managed to escape from their captivity and started campaign in favour of girls like her.

4.       The news of atrocities on them was published by newspapers in Europe. TV channels especially spread their tales and Islam was attacked at the pretext of condemning the ISIS. Propaganda was spread. She told her tale in very emotional language.

5.       Finally, she was honoured with the Nobel Prize. Many other awards have also been conferred on her by some other countries of Europe.

6.       This is the real face of this Yazidi woman belonging to the community of worshippers of Satan. Therefore, the world (meaning the West) has again honoured a person for vilifying Islam. They have provoked people against Islam and have stood by those making a mockery of Islamic beliefs.

7.       It should also be mentioned here that Md Abdus Salam, the Pakistani scientist was also awarded the Nobel Prize though he was a Qadiani.

8.       The western world does not pay any heed to the cries of the Rohingyas but highlights the story of a handful of Yazidi people and spread hatred against Islam and Muslims in the world.

The columnist has tried his best to keep his sympathies for the ISIS hidden. He has tried to create the impression that Nadia Murad is an enemy of Islam and so her rape by the ISIS terrorists was justified. The ISIS had done what the Ottoman caliphate and Saddam Hussain had done to save Islam.

Actually, the story of Nadia has put the atrocities of the ISIS against non-Muslims of Syria and Iraq and the conferment of Nobel Peace Prize on her has made ISIS sympathizers restless. Therefore, Munir Ahmad could not hide his love for the terrorists who in his view were the members of the caliphate.

In the eyes of the writer, the rape of Nadia and all the women abducted, sold and raped by the ISIS marauders was justified. He does not have any sympathy for her and her tribe only because they belong to a community whose beliefs do not conform to Islamic belief system. In his views, the rape and murder of people belonging to any other community other Islam is justified only because they do not believe in Islam. This is a dangerous way of thinking which does not conform to human values preached by the Quran. 

About the name Yazidi, it should be noted that the actual name is Ezadi which comes from the Persian word Ezad meaning God. Ezadi means those believe in God. They were originally monotheist but in later period many corrupt beliefs and practices entered in it as has happened in many religions.  By calling them Yazidis, the ISIS sympathizers want to try to create the impression in the Muslim mind that they are supporters of Yazid the killer of Imam Hussain. The total lack of concern for human rights among people who call themselves Muslims is actually quite astounding.

This article is an indication that ISIS sympathizers have started resurfacing in India and preaching the ideology of hatred, extremism and violence in India. This needs to be further analysed as to why now and what does it  augur for India.


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