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Radical Islamism and Jihad ( 14 Sept 2008, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Muslim Press: Stop playing with fire!

The disconnect is complete. While the national press was busy discussing and analysing the so-called Indian Mujahideen’s e-mail sent to the media prior to the blasts that rocked Delhi on 13 September and killed scores of innocent men and women, the Muslim Press continued to revel in its grievance-mongering and conspiracy theories. True, almost all Muslim organisations condemned the monstrous act that can possibly have no justification under any circumstances, but sections of Muslim Press continued to publish articles that would appear to echo the same grievances and conspiracy theories that the so-called Indian Mujahedeen were peddling in their e-mail.


Our Constitution gives us the right to complain, air our grievances, criticise the government or any one else and, I suppose, perhaps even weave conspiracy theories. But there is a time and place for everything and then sober newspapers are supposed to do things within limits imposed by propriety. A case in point is a column, indeed a cover story for the Sunday supplement Guldasta of the Akhbar-e-Mashriq, published from New Delhi and Calcutta, 14 September 2008. The columnist Azmat Jameel Siddiqui does not support terrorism and extremism, but his sympathy for SIMI is tangible. One doesn’t find a word of condemnation or criticism for even the SIMI’s and indeed its parent Jamaat-e-Islam’s stupid ideology of establishing the rule of Islamic Caliphate in India and the entire world. It’s time Muslim Press stopped playing with fire and publishing inflammatory articles that amount to putting more oil in the already burning blaze,  says Sultan Shahin, Editor,


Also: Conspiracy against Muslims: With the help of Manmohan government’s silence, US patronage and Israel’s financial and military help 1.25 million Bajrang Dal terrorists ready to take on Muslims

By Azmat Jameel Siddiqui, Akhbar-e-Mashriq, New Delhi, Calcutta, 14 September 2008. Translated from Urdu by Syed Raihan Ahmad Nezami




Conspiracy against Muslims: With the help of Manmohan government’s silence, US patronage and Israel’s financial and military help 1.25 million Bajrang Dal terrorists ready to take on Muslims


By Azmat Jameel Siddiqui

Akhbar-e-Mashriq, New Delhi, Calcutta, Vol. no. 02, Issue No. 45, 14 September 2008


Hindu terrorism is spreading rapidly all over India. It is being controlled by Vishwa Hindu Parishad, a branch organisation of the RSS, under the banner of Bajrang Dal. They are performing the terrorist activities, riots and blasts at different places especially targeting the Muslim minorities. But the UPA government led by the Congress party has not woken up. It is taking no notice of this situation. Bajrang Dal, VHP and the RSS have still not been banned. After all Congress party’s own existence is also based on anti-Muslim feelings as 60% to 80% leaders of congress are themselves saffron-coloured.


On the other hand, SIMI has been banned without any solid reason and proof. Highly-educated Muslin students are being arrested and tortured in order to prevent them from developing and leading a peaceful and prosperous life. Young Muslims are being projected as terrorists under the ban imposed on SIMI by the so-called secular government led by Manmohan Singh. They are being selectively arrested and tortured. Some of them have been thrashed so severely that they are no longer capable of carrying on with further education or conducting a normal life. Al this is their punishment for being Muslim. The government is unable to digest the fact that they are acquiring higher education.


The reality is that in the name of Bajrang Dal Hindu extremism is spreading throughout the country. Bajrang Dal itself has claimed that 1.2 million armed volunteers have been trained and spread throughout the country. Bajrang Dal was banned for a brief period from 1992 to 2002, during the demolition of Babri Masjid and Gujarat riots, but after that Bajrang Dal extremists have been at liberty to disrupt the normal life of the Muslims by arson, loot, riot and communal tension.


Bajrang Dal extremists have been involved in disruptive activities all over India. Mossad, the secret agency of Israel has provided great financial help and destructive weapons and training to Bajrang Dal activists, after the ban was lifted in 2002. Since then it has emerged as a powerful extremist group, whose destructive capability was seen recently in the Amaranth Shrine Board land dispute. They burnt Christians alive at Kandhmal in Orissa, 558 houses and 17 churches were also burnt; they forcefully converted Christians into Hindu religion.


The UPA government didn’t take any notice even when two Bajrang Dal activists died while producing bombs in Kanpur. The organisation has been exposed in Nanded in Maharashtra also. The government’s silence is suspicious. It may be assumed that they want the communal flame burning and the Christians and Muslims living under the threat of death so that they can harvest the electoral benefits from the heap of human corpses of minorities in the coming assembly and general elections.


The destructive activities of Bajrang Dal got exposed on 24th August, 2008 when two activists, Rajiv Mishra and Bhupinder Singh were killed. The police recovered 3kg Lead Oxide, 500 g Ad Lead, 1kg Potassium Nitret, 11 grenades, 7 timers and several bombs. They also recovered a diary and the maps of Muslim localities of Firozepur district. They had planned to blast bombs at 5 most populous localities of Firozepur.


In another incident, a great conspiracy was unearthed when an RSS extremist was killed in a bomb blast on 4th & 5th April 2006. Laxman Raj had planned to plant bombs in the premises of mosques disguising himself as a Muslim. Ironically, the defence personnel and Retired officers of intelligence are also involved in training 100 Bajrang Dal volunteers. Journalist and activist Teesta Setalvad alleges that CBI covered this event up and destroyed evidence. This is probably why Ms. Mayawati rejected the union minister for Home, Sri Prakash Jaiswal’s request that a CBI enquiry be conducted in the Kanpur blast that killed Bajrang Dal activists while they were making bombs. If CBI keeps patronising Hindu extremists like this, people will lose trust in CBI too. The need of the hour is that Muslims should sit down among themselves and consult each other and devise a strategy about how best to tackle the danger posed by Hindu extremism. If this situation continues the day is not far when no Muslim will be safe.


Actually Mossad, the secret agency of Israel has conspired to create another Palestine in India. American secret service CIA is patronising this conspiracy. An attempt is being made so that all the 200 million Muslims of India take up arms, resort to violence, every child becomes a terrorist and the community destroys itself. A lackey of the US that prime minister Manmohan Singh is, he cannot see all this, for fear that his masters in America get annoyed. In this situation one can only conclude that the UPA government is playing an important role in encouraging Hindu extremism, otherwise CIA and Mossad could not have been able to conspire against Muslims so freely.


Translated from Urdu by  Raihan Nezami