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Vulnerable Pakistan on the Brink of Collapse



By Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

March 1, 2013

On June 13, 2009, the most circulated English daily of Pakistan The News published an advertisement  on behalf of one Muslim Khan warning the Shias of Pakistan of leaving their atheistic beliefs within one month failing which the Shia men would be killed, their women would be held concubines and their children enslaved. It can be guessed from the content of this abominable letter what kind of Muslims Taliban are and how superficial their knowledge about Islam is. Not a single voice was raised in condemnation of this dangerous letter. All the intellectuals including the judiciary demonstrated an intriguing silence and the next day the letter became ‘old’. The high sounding preachers and characters in the judiciary and the media were suppressed either by fear or by traditional bias and thus the whole Pakistan witnessed that the devout Muslims who advocate justice and equality in the world ignored this open threat. Now the threats mentioned in the letter are showing results in the form of bloodbath in Balochistan. Karachi is already in the grip of sectarian target killings and the Shias are being targeted also in Punjab.

During the last three decades the communalists in Pakistan have been provided power and wealth and were used in attacks against the Indian armed forces in Kashmir and for ‘strategic depth’ in Afghanistan.

There is no doubt in the fact that the Pakistan Army has suffered huge losses in the war against the alliance of Al Qaida, Taliban and the communal and sectarian forces but it is also true that the whole army was not at the back of those deciding to fight this battle. Later it gradually came to light that though a disciplined army has to submit to the orders of the leadership, not everyone in the army may obey those orders. There were two fatal attacks on Musharraf in which dozens of people were killed. In the attacks, the attackers received insiders’ help. Now those former soldiers are being penalised. Fanatics present in different departments of the army were involved in all the attacks from Mehran to Kamerah Base and on the headquarters of the ISI in Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Multan. The list of the accused in the assassination of the head of the Commando Wing of the army Maj. Gen Alwi has not come into light yet though a British daily published the last letter written by General Alvi in which he had raised his finger of suspicion against people occupying important posts in the army.

Only one anchor of a TV channel held Saudi Arabia responsible for the murder and bloodshed in Pakistan saying that Iran was also responsible to some extent. The rest of the electronic intellectuals could say nothing except expressing their grief and regret and seemed to agree that no Muslim can kill another Muslim. But the matter has gone beyond Muslimhood because the outfits engaged in the bloodshed considered themselves the propagators and preachers of Islam and the majority of the people of Pakistan have no reservations about their version of Islam. No voice was raised demanding that the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and their sympathisers in Pakistan particularly in Punjab should be brought to light. It is known to all that the confessional killer of dozens of Shias, Malik Ishaque has cordial relations with Pakistan Muslim League (N) and the People’s Party. On the one hand he has the backing of the law minister of Punjab Rana Sanaullah and on the other; he has close relations with the home minister Rahman Malik in the centre. Moreover, many federal and provincial ministers pay him ‘allowance’. Lashkar-e-Taiba, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Ansar ul Ummah also receive financial assistance from traders and members of political parties in the areas under their control in lieu of providing protection and for the promise of not causing harm to them. Everything is in the knowledge of the media but no one wants to speak about it. Media owners pay allowance to the extremist sectarian and religious organisations. All the organisations of Pakistan, private or government, know all such organisations and their killer groups who are damaging Pakistan from inside but will never be a part of any effort aimed at cleaning Pakistan of these organisations spreading violence in the name of religion. The bright example of this is the fact that the mercenaries working in Kashmir and Afghan cells of the Pakistan army’s intelligence wing ISI are ever busy in strengthening these organisations. Now many ignorant people ask why then these extremists attack the army. The answer is very simple: those who provide support to these organisations do not accept the army’s collective notion of the state and consider the army a stooge of the West. That’s why when the Hizbut Tahrir agent in the services Brigadier Ali is in the lookout for contacts within the army to target the army leadership, he succeeds. When Musharraf is to be made the target, the Al Qaida and Taliban get dozens of the people inside the army ready to do the job. When they decide to carry out attack on the Mehran Base, many employees in the navy queue up to render their valuable services for the cause.

When the situation has come to such a passé in the most organised establishment of Pakistan, what expectations can one have of other departments where a big number of employees remain absent and receives salaries and other benefits by paying small bribe? The adventurists of the state of Pakistan have caused irreparable damage to it. These adventurists were, and are, powerful in the army, in the religious and political parties in the guise of the landlords and industrialists, and in other departments of the state. Currently there is a third force which is organised like the army that receives financial assistance for spreading the religious and sectarian thoughts of the Arab countries in Pakistan.  Such a scenario is dangerous for the state of Pakistan as well as the outer world.  The minorities are at the mercy of the extremists and there is bloodshed in Karachi and Peshawar every day but no one seems to be ready to raise the issue from any platform.


English translation of the letter of Taliban published in The News

An open letter on behalf of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan to the non-Muslims (Shia sect)


Masjid Imambara Jafaria Colony

In particular, and all the Kafirs (Shias) living in the state of Pakistan are hereby informed that majority of the people living on this land are Muslims and the followers of Islam. The non-Muslims are in the minority and all the sects of Islam follow the true Deen except the Kafirs, that is, the Shias who are causing severe damage to and maligning Islam in the name of Islam. Therefore, the Tehreek invites all the Kafirs (Shias) to accept Islam and warns them that if the Kafirs (Shias) want to live in peace in this region, they should follow any of the three conditions:

i)       Accept Islam

ii)      Pay Jizya

iii)     Or migrate

Failing to obey any of the three above-mentioned conditions, the properties and Imambaras of Shias will be seized and the women of the Kafirs will be held in mutah (temporary marriage). The children will be enslaved and will either be converted to Islam or used as bonded labours. If the Kafirs did not obey this proposal of the Tehreek, the killing of the Kafirs will be lawful for the Tehreek and the Shias will themselves be responsible for all the loss.

From: Muslim Khan, Commander Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan


The author of nine books including the recently published book ‘Punjabi Taliban’, Mujahid Hussain writes a regular column for New Age Islam. He has been writing for various newspapers as an investigative journalist for the last two decades. His writings cover a wide range of issues involving Pakistan. In recent years, local, regional and international affairs relating to terrorism and security have been the subject of his study.