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Radical Islamism and Jihad ( 29 Jun 2015, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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In The Name Of Religion, They Kill

By Mohamed Chebarro

29 June 2015

In the name of God they kill.

In the name of prophets they kill.

In the name of the holy month they kill.

In the name of their leader they kill.

In the name of a vane idea they kill.

They kill too because they disagree with someone else’s god.

They kill too because they deem other prophets impostures.

They kill too because they reject other people’s beliefs.

They kill too to disrupt other faith’s festivities.

They kill too because the other is different.

In protest to oppression they claim to kill.

In protest to their dispossession they insure that they kill.

In protest to social norms they disagree with they kill.

In protest to their alleged alienation and lack of social skills they kill.

In protest to their lack of fortune they kill.

In protest to their lack of social adaptability they kill.

In protest to their failure they kill.

In thuggery and petty crimes they believed and now they killed innocents.

In lunacy and in the hearing of voices, some of them believed and killed innocents in response to those voices that no one else has heard.

In freedom they never believed.

In freedom of expression they never believed.

In tolerance they never believed.

In multiculturalism they never believed.

In peace on earth they never believed.

In earth and the life on it they never believed, and in their killing innocents they believed that they will win the afterlife.

Against the Satan they claim to stand.

Against imperialism they claim to fight.

Against the American way of life they pretend to have gathered to fight.

Against the oppressive Israelis they said, they scream, that they have rallied.

Against their brothers and sisters mosques and neighbourhoods they fight.

What of it?

And the results? The Palestinians have not been liberated and some sadly recall the days they lived peacefully under occupation.

They claimed to be helping Syrians break the clamp of dictatorship but their attacks seem more engineered to break the revolution of the Syrians’ back, and increase the suffering of civilians of all faith, sects and ethnicity in that country.

The struggle in Iraq is to redress balance between an oppressed Sunni population in post Saddam Iraq and the oppressing Shiites who were installed in power due to Western intervention and later Iranian clout and influence. But it is the Sunni Iraqis that are displaced and Sunni Iraqi cities and heritage that they continue to destroy after looting them.

In Libyan town, Kuwaiti and Saudi mosques the victims are innocent civilians, in Somalia, Egypt and Yemen too.

ISIS, the Brigades of God, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, al-Shabaab, Hezbollah, all of these groups are tools to divide and destroy.

The lone gunmen in Tunisia that killed unarmed holiday makers is simply a criminal. These acts hurt Tunisia and its ten million hardworking citizens who care not for afterlife but for the immediate life of their kid’s fortune and education. Is this not what all Holy books called for, to live and strive to win in the afterlife?

In Kuwait, a mosque was targeted, just as mosques in Saudi Arabia were, and ISIS or others claimed responsibility for attacks that killed and maimed civilians. Attacking a mosque clearly disregards the sanctity of prayer, regardless of whether it is a Shiite or Sunni who is praying. They have claimed they are hitting at Iran and its growing influence and intervention in the region. It is bizarre how a group of villains believe that killing Kuwaitis in Kuwait, or Saudis in Saudi Arabia is likely to hurt Iran or its allies.

The three attacks on three continents is yet another ISIS effort to drive a wedge between states in the Middle East, and a wedge between Sunni and Shiites to divide those states and societies, as well as to further divide communities that have made up those countries for many years and to alienate Muslims living amidst non-Muslims.

Whether the attacks were planned to take place simultaneously or not, one thing is crystal clear - the perpetrators and their heinous crimes were against God, religion, culture and mankind!

Mohamed Chebarro is currently an Al Arabiya TV News program Editor. He is also an award winning journalist, roving war reporter and commentator. He covered most regional conflicts in the 90s for MBC news and later headed Al Arabiya’s bureau in Beirut and London.