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The Taliban View of Islam and Governance: ‘We Do Not Accept This Anti-Islamic System Called Democracy’ – Part 2


The author of this article Asmatullah Muawiyah is the former head of the banned terrorist organisation Sipah-e-Sahaba (Militia of the Companions of the Prophet) and the emir of Punjabi Taliban, Pakistan. In this article, he reiterates the Taliban’s ideological stand echoing Maulana Maududi’s view on democracy that it is an un-Islamic form of government and a system based on Kufr (non-belief). Of late, he has been trying to have a ‘meaningful dialogue’ with the Pakistan government for reasons known to him since his organisation Taliban has declared the Pakistan government a government of Kafirs though the majority  of the ministers are Muslims and Islamic Shariah is the basis of the law of the land.

In this article the Maulana has tried his best to drive home the point that all the social, political and economic ills of Pakistan are the result of the 65 years of this democratic system based on non-belief (Kufr) and only a system governed by the Taliban will rid the country of the corruption the country is mired in.

It should be noted that in their writings, the Talibani scholars harp on common issues of the people of the Pakistan and shed crocodile tears for them by mentioning the poverty, corruption of their leaders, plundering the wealth of the country by the feudal lords and Nawabs who have captured power, and never ever say anything on the issues of killing of Shias, destroying the Sufi shrines and carrying out suicide attacks on civilians in the residential and commercial areas.  In this article the Maulana has tried to show the human face of Taliban (though it has none) by shedding tears on the plight of the common people. Like most Urdu writers, he has used rhetoric and emotional rants spiced by Urdu couplets to arouse public sympathy in favour of the Taliban covering up their inhuman terrorist activities killing everyone who disagrees with them. They did not hesitate even to attack a 13 year old Muslim girl for peacefully opposing their policy. This article shows their duplicity in the worst form. We at New Age Islam will keep exposing this duplicity of these terror mongers and enemies of Islam.—Edit Desk, New Age Islam


By Maulana Asmatullah Muawiyah, Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad

I swear by the holy Prophet (pbuh) that the democracy they advocate is Kufr (non-belief), injustice and rebellion against God.  It has nothing to do with Islam.  Sorry for the offence, but I am speaking the truth. Isn’t the ordainment of the Quran clear enough? The Quran says:

“If you follow the majority of the people on the earth, they will mislead you away from the path of God.”(Al An’am: 16)

In his ‘Tafseer Roohul Ma’ani ‘ vol  4 p 11 Allama Allosi writes:

“It is like getting misled and misleading others too and the evil thoughts are corruptive forces that originate due to ignorance and conjuring up lies about God. ‘They follow shirk and deviance.”

2. Shah Waliullah has rejected the theory of democracy while explaining the meaning of “If you follow the majority of the people on the earth”

3. Qari Tayyib Qasmi Deobandi writes in his ‘Natural government’:

“It (democracy) is Shirk against God both in terms of God’s Omnipotence and Omniscience”.

4. In ‘Beliefs in Islam’, p 230 Maulana Idris Kandhlawi writes:

“Those who say that it is the government of workers and common people, such government is undoubtedly atheistic.”

Hadhrat Maulana Mufti Mahmood (r.a) while replying to the query of a lawyer in Mingora, Swat had said:

“We curse democracy.  It permits the marriage of two men as Britain has passed a bill allowing this by majority. “(Islamic caliphate p 177)

Who can forget this sentence bearing cosmopolitan significance that “I consider all the isms except Islam atheism?” Isn’t then democracy a new religion and a separate ism vis a vis Islam?

5. In Fatawa Mahmoodiah, Vol. 20 p 415, Maulana Mahmoodul Hasan Gangohi writes:

“There is no scope for this democracy in Islam (therefore, it is an atheistic system) and no sensible person can see any virtue in it.”

6. In Malfuzat Thanwi p 252, the following sentences cab be found:

“A democratic system which consists of Muslims and non-Muslims alike will only be a system based on non-belief or atheism.”

7. Mufti Rasheed Ahmad, in his Ahsanul Fatawa, writes:

All these are sprouts of the tree of the satanic western democracy. There is no room for this atheistic system in Islam. “

8. In ‘Apke masail aur unka hal’ (your problems and their solutions), vol 8 p 176 Maulana Yusuf Ludhianvi writes:

“Not only that democracy has nothing to do with Islam but it is also the antithesis of Islam. And obviously, the antithesis of Islam is only Kufr (non-belief).”

9. Maulana Aashique Ilahi Bulandshahri in his Anwarul Bayan Vol. 1 p 518 writes:

“The democracy propounded by them is an ignorant system which has nothing to do with Islam.” (What has nothing to do with Islam is obviously Kufr)

10. In Fathul Mulhim, vol 3 P 284, Maulana Taqi Usmani writes:

“Islamic system is different from political democracy and dictatorship. (in other words Islam and democracy are poles apart with no commonality between them.)

11. Maulana Fazl Muhammad writes in Islamic Caliphate p 117:

“The Islamic Shariah based Shura and the present day democracy are diametrically opposite. The latter is synonymous with the waywardness of the western free society which has no proximity with Islamic Shura.”

12. In his book ‘Aalami yahudi tanzeemein’ (World Jewish organisations) p 197 Mufti Abu Lubabah Shah Mansoor writes under the subtitle ‘Democracy: the creation of the Jews’:

“In fact, this system neither proves worthwhile according to any intellectual standard nor has it proved beneficial practically. Nor is it naturally perfect. It is a brainchild of the Jews.”

When we rip apart the curtains of anti-Islamic conspiracy of democracy, a section looks down upon us with condemnation as if we are trying to prove democracy anti-Islamic in vain. Actually, we are only exposing the Kufr hidden in democracy. If Shah Waliullah, Allama Allosi, Qari Tayyib Qasmi Deobandi, Maulana Idris Kandhlawi, Maulana Mufti Mahmood, Maulana Mahmood ul  Hasan Gangohi, Maulana Thanwi, Mufti Rasheed Ahmad, Maulana Yusuf Ludhianvi, Maulana Aashique Ilahi Bulandshahri, Maulana Taqi Usmani and Maulana Fazl Muhammad together declare democracy a system based on Kufr, how can we embrace this shit? The truth is that the atheistic sections have presented democracy as an alternative to Islam. The importance and significance of the Quran and Sunnah in Islam is enjoyed by the constitution in democracy. The punishment of violation of the Quranic ordainments and Sunnah is death. Similarly, the followers of democracy punish the violators of the constitution with death. The difference is only in words and terms. Islam uses the terms Halal and Haram (legitimate and illegitimate) while democracy uses the terms legal and illegal.

It is surprising that the crime of attaching democracy with Islam is committed in broad daylight. Islamic Republic of Pakistan! It’s a pity that the filth of democracy has been attached with the noble and sacred entity of Islam. It is wrong to call it Islamic republic (democracy). Great Ulema have objected to this term.

1. In ‘Apke masail aur unka hal’, Maulana Yousuf Ludhianvi writes:

“Sometimes the slogan is raised that Islam is the flag bearer of democracy and sometimes the term of Islamic democracy is coined, though not only that the idol the West worships has nothing to do with Islam but also it is an antithesis of Islamic ideology. Therefore, it is summarily wrong to graft democracy onto Islam or convert democracy to Islam.”

2.  Maulana Fazl Muhammad writes in ‘Islamic Caliphate’ p 176:

“Some people call it Islamic democracy. It is same as calling something Islamic wine.”

3. In Ahsanul Fatawa, Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Vol. 6 p 94 writes:

“By taking democracy as synonymous with consultation, some people started saying that Islam was compatible with democracy though the issue is not so simple. In fact, there is an established philosophy behind democracy that cannot walk a step with Islam as having faith in secularism is the precondition for democracy. In democracy, whatever the majority considers legitimate becomes Halal while in Islam even the prophet does not have the right to  declare legitimate what is illegitimate and vice versa. How can a layman then have this right or power? The Quran says, ‘The majority of the people do not have knowledge’ and democracy gives those who do not have knowledge the control over your fate.”

In fact, democracy does not grant the parliament the authority to formulate new laws though this authority is enjoyed only by the Islamic Shariah. God says, “They have left Allah and taken the dervishes among the scholars of the Christianity and Judaism as their gods.”

Hadhrat Udi bin Hatim who was previously a Christian (later converted to Islam) said that when I visited the holy Prophet (pbuh), a golden cross was dangling from his neck. “He (pbuh) said to me, ‘Udi throw this idol off your neck.’ When I came back, he (pbuh) was reciting the verse “They have left Allah and taken the dervishes among the scholars of the Christianity and Judaism as their gods.” I said to him, ‘O messenger of God, we do not worship our dervishes and Ulema. Why then did you say that we have accepted the Ulema and dervishes as our gods?’ ‘The messenger of God said, ‘It is not the case. Actually, they declare legitimate what God has declared illegitimate and therefore you also believe it to be legitimate. Similarly, they declare illegitimate what God has declared legitimate and you follow them and believe it to be illegitimate. Thus you worship them not God.” (Ma’alim al Tanzil vol 2 p 285)

Explaining the meaning of ‘gods other than God’, Allama Allosi writes:

“They obey those who have declared Halal what God has declared Haram and vice versa”. (Tafseer Roohul Ma’ani  vol 5, 123)

All the exegetes have explained the verse in similar words. The authority of declaring Halal and Haram rests with God alone. Today they have accepted the parliament as their god like the priests of Jews and Christians. The punishment for the robbers and thieves proposed by Islam was changed.  Parliament also changed the punishment for the drunkards in contrast to Islam. License was granted to legal and illegal wine. License was issued for adultery (Zina). Who has formed this law? The same parliament became an ally of the infidels in their war against the Muslims by resuming supplies to NATO.

Source: Nawa e Afghan Jihad, January 2013

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