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Radical Islamism and Jihad ( 5 March 2013, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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The Taliban View of Islam and Governance: ‘We Do Not Accept This Anti-Islamic System Called Democracy’ – Concluding Part


The author of this article Asmatullah Muawiyah is the former head of the banned terrorist organisation Sipah-e-Sahaba (Militia of the Companions of the Prophet) and the emir of Punjabi Taliban, Pakistan. In this article, he reiterates the Taliban’s ideological stand echoing Maulana Maududi’s view on democracy that it is an un-Islamic form of government and a system based on Kufr (non-belief). Of late, he has been trying to have a ‘meaningful dialogue’ with the Pakistan government for reasons known to him since his organisation Taliban has declared the Pakistan government a government of Kafirs though the majority  of the ministers are Muslims and Islamic Shariah is the basis of the law of the land.

In this article the Maulana has tried his best to drive home the point that all the social, political and economic ills of Pakistan are the result of the 65 years of this democratic system based on non-belief (Kufr) and only a system governed by the Taliban will rid the country of the corruption the country is mired in.

It should be noted that in their writings, the Talibani scholars harp on common issues of the people of the Pakistan and shed crocodile tears for them by mentioning the poverty, corruption of their leaders, plundering the wealth of the country by the feudal lords and Nawabs who have captured power, and never ever say anything on the issues of killing of Shias, destroying the Sufi shrines and carrying out suicide attacks on civilians in the residential and commercial areas.  In the concluding part of this article the Maulana exhorts the youth and the common people of Pakistan to revolt against the government with the help of bullet not ballot and encourages them to cause bloodshed and anarchy in the name of implementing Shariah. He has tried to show the human face of Taliban (though it has none) by shedding tears on the plight of the common people. Like most Urdu writers, he has used rhetoric and emotional rants to arouse public sympathy in favour of the Taliban covering up their inhuman terrorist activities killing everyone who disagrees with them. They did not hesitate even to attack a 13 year old Muslim girl for peacefully opposing their policy. This article shows their duplicity in the worst form. We at New Age Islam will keep exposing this duplicity of these terror mongers and enemies of Islam. — New Age Islam Edit Desk


By Maulana Asmatullah Muawiyah, Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad

(Translated by New Age Islam Edit Desk)

March 6, 2013

Therefore, the infidels also accept such Muslims who withdraw their demand of the establishment of the Islamic system. When they accept the slavery of the Kufr, they get the permission of prayers, fasting, pilgrimage and Zakat. They get permission for setting up and running religious madrasas, they get the permission to deliver sermons and proselytising and propagation of their faith as India, Britain, France, America and Europe – all the countries of infidels grant them permission to follow their religion. But when you talk of caliphate, of Islamic system, then leave aside Europe, your own so-called Muslim governments will not hesitate to crush you as has been witnessed in the Arab world and Pakistan. The tiger who renounces the claim to leadership or kingdom and accepts the life of a cage will not inspire awe or fear in anybody.

So, O Muslims, this is the basic point which you need to understand and which Maulana Abul Hasan Nadvi has elucidated very beautifully in his book ‘Dawat o Azmat vol 6 p 57:

“The most important point is that Sharia cannot be followed in the absence of Sharia based system. An aspect of the practical system of Islam is based on government. A total aspect of the Quran becomes invalid without a government. Islam itself cannot be protected without force. For example, the financial and civil system of Islam becomes invalid.  That’s why Islam stresses on acquiring dominance. That is the reason; Islamic caliphate began to be considered important and sacred. It was preferred by the holy companions over the performance of the last rites of the holy prophet (pbuh) but many ignoramuses do not understand this subtlety. Hadhrat Hussain rendered his sacrifice for its protection so that it does not pass over into ineligible hands.”

Now it is not merely a matter of ineligible hands. The Islamic system has been totally rejected. Our religious organisations and our respected Ulema have been demanding the implementation of Islamic Shariah. It becomes therefore clear that there is no Shariah based system in Pakistan. What system can there be other than the system of Kufr if it not Islamic system.

Dear brethren, that is why we don’t say ‘change the ruler’, our demand is ‘change the system’. We don’t have any grudge against Zardari, PP and the Leagues. Our enmity is with Kufr based system. We only wish that the government of Zardari ends and some pious, God fearing Muslim becomes the ruler of Pakistan. And if the system of Kufr persists, by God, we will not take rest for a day because our jihad is against Kufr.

After discussing the basic points, I will only say.... Go and ask reliable Ulema if the responsibility of renewal and implementation of Islamic caliphate is with us or not. I am not talking of the government-backed Ulema but of the real Ulema who speak the truth. The renewal of caliphate and the implementation of Shariah is obligatory for us. Ulema have unanimity on it. Rather, the renewal of caliphate has the status of the belief of ahl-e-Sunnah. Without it, Islam and the followers of Islam will disintegrate. This is the fact. So why should you delay and what should you fear? Stand up and remove the obstacles from the path of Islam with bullets not with ballots. The referendums, Hartals, demonstrations and processions are all democratic inventions. All these yield nothing except the loss and destruction of the assets of the nation. You break the heads of each other, destroy the shops of each other, destroy properties hurt yourselves. Police beat and kill you and you attack the police and the army. All this is a joke, a sham. So all this should stop now. Come say Bismiilah, take the first step and move forward with the beautiful slogan of ‘Shariat or Shahadat’ (Shariah or martyrdom) to realise the dream of the sisters of Jamia Hafsa and the martyred brothers of Lal Masjid. Move forward and the paradise is waiting for you,, houris and Gilman are queuing up for you. Break the shackles of slavery, shun the satanic ways. The holy Shariah will come only through the holy path, when it will shed the holy blood of your chests!!!

O our trader and businessmen fraternity, you are exploited and oppressed so much...

You have to pay some money to everyone from the local SHO to the district officers in order to run your business smoothly. You have to present gifts to the local politicians, you have to carry the burden of hefty electricity and gas bills and above all there are taxes, inter-district restrictions and Zardari’s pocket money. Aren’t all this resulting in the destruction of your business and price rise? The tax you pay is in fact interest which you pay to the international institutions because the loan they give to the government is repaid by you in the form of taxes. So if you replace the word interest with tax, will its reality change before God though the two parties consider it interest?

On the contrary, the Islamic system of government makes the annual payment of Zakat mandatory for you. It makes the collection of Zakat an organised and principled affair which is spent on your basic needs and facilities.  Most importantly, it goes to your account of the Hereafter by providing clothes and food for the poor. Providing your industry with electricity and water is the responsibility of the Islamic government. Providing protection to you and to your property and wealth is the responsibility of the Islamic government. Please come forward and help us in coming out of this oppressive and atheistic system. Stay shoulder to shoulder with the holy warriors for removing the obstacles from the path of the Islamic government.

O the youth studying in schools and colleges, who is giving importance to your hard earned degrees? Who cares for your merits? What matters is money. Its shine and sheen comes as bolt from the blue for you. Who gets the opportunity to move forward and prosper except the scions of the generals, federal and provincial ministers? Your parents pay your fees with great difficulty but it will not give any result.

The system of co-education has been formed only to exploit your basic instincts. This system of education has been overemphasised to destroy the most precious possession called modesty and pious feelings. The situation that prevails in our colleges and universities cannot even be imagined in a Muslim society. Today it is difficult for the girl of a noble family to get education and to protect her modesty. Hasn’t sin been made easy and righteousness difficult? Hasnt sin becomes a matter of pride and righteousness a cause for shame? Please believe me, the main reason behind all this malady is the system based on Kufr. That’s why you have been led astray from the knowledge of revelation. You were linked to the educational system of Lord Macaulay. This system of education created the causes of destruction rather than construction in your youth.

My young brethren, march forward, challenge the pharaohs of the time, walk astride with us in the struggle of the implementation of Islamic system. The sun of your youth is at the peak. Tomorrow it will start the journey of old age. March forward to implement the shariah and protect the modesty and exhaust all you energies for the sake of Deen. Only Islamic system can give you peace of mind and soul and justice. Islam will grant you a befitting place according to your abilities and skills and not on the basis of clan, tribe and recommendations. Come march forward, the caravan of Shariah is heading forward. Join the caravan against justice and oppression, against this evil system. Islamic system of governance guarantees a bright future for you. You will not receive any good from the Zardaris, Kayanis and Geelanis. Come rise and let’s throw this satanic system in the Arabian Sea. Let’s implement Shariah. You will be blessed in this world as well as in the Hereafter.

O the students of madrasas recall the battle of Shyamli under Maulana Nanatawi. Recall his sentence, ‘I want every student of our madrasa to cause a crack in the fortress of the British government even if our madrasa is destroyed in retaliation.’ Indeed, this atheistic system is nothing but the fortress of the British. If this fortress is not felled, the knowledge of revelation (wah’i) will not be valued. The scholars do not get any respect and appreciation in a society where the knowledge of revelation (Quran) is not valued. Today the world calls madrasas the refuge of the orphans and the helpless to alienate the students of the madrasas from the society. When the worst aspect of the atheistic system is that it rejects the universal principles and laws of the Quran, how is it possible that it will embrace the possessors of the knowledge of the Quran.

Trust the power of God instead of worrying about the power of the enemy. March forward. Try to understand the point of view of the holy warriors, the Taliban. They are the products of the struggles of our predecessors. They are the next generation of the evolution of the thought and struggles of Syed Ahmad Shaheed and Maulana Mahmood ul Hasan r.a. They are the result of the patience and restraint of Hussain Ahmad Madani and the training of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi. Do not try to understand Taliban from the point of view of the newspapers, periodicals and so-called religious magazines that are published with the American dollars.  These so-called religious magazines only strengthen non-belief and atheism. They are the springs of lies and the battlefronts of Dajjal.  These private and government owned TV channels are playing the role of drones for the Iman of the people. Lo and behold, if the Ansar and Muhajireen living in Waziristan were not on the true path they would not have become victims of Kufr. Their bodies would not fall to the ground everyday and they would not have become an eyesore for the world of Kufr.

Think over it. Is it not true that those supporting the Kafirs against the Muslims are infidels and apostates? Isn’t the same treatment as for the Jews and Christians recommended in the books of exegesis?

By God of Muhammad, if Ulema testify that the system in vogue in Pakistan is indeed Islamic and that the government’s support to America is permissible by Shariah, that reinstatement of NATO supplies by the Parliament is not tantamount to supporting Kufr against the Muslims and therefore lawful, that the covert support of Pakistan army and the government of Pakistan to America in drone attacks is lawful and right from the point of view of Shariah and that the Pakistan government’s assistance to infidelity (Kufr) is very much Islam, then I  present my head and body for any punishment. I will come to Islamabad. You can hang me.

But if the support to Kufr is Kufr, rejecting the Islamic law is Kufr, if all the reliable books of jurisprudence particularly the Hanafi book of jurisprudence, Fatawa Shami call for jihad against the implementation of the atheistic system instead of Islamic system, then O student brethren, why are you in a fix in fulfilling your religious duty?

It’s enough. March forward. The destination is not in sight and the journey is long until the caliphate is established. Without the caliphate the knowledge of revelation (Quran) cannot be protected and implemented. If you want that the mosques and madrasas do not remain as such but turn into religious courts, if you want that the reign of the Ummah passes into the hands of people of knowledge, then do not sit silent as you have been doing for the last 64 years. Do not remain silent spectators. Rise and do something great. Your brethren present in the mountains of Afghanistan are a bright example for you. Now do not delay. God is your protector and saviour. It is a matter of the survival of Islamic Shariah and the honour of the Deen. If we could not play our role according to the wishes of God of heavens in this critical juncture, our posterity will not forgive us. Please rise, do your duty.

O people of Pakistan! If you want to get rid of the barbaric inhuman police, because their ugly face is not hidden from the people as a prisoner woman was raped by these savages the whole night in Wah Cantt Texila. People are disrobed on the streets and beaten up. Everyone is insulted in the police stations. Powerful people from moneylenders to ministers are oppressors. Rise now, how long will you remain silent on this daily humiliation and insult. In a country where the guards turn into thieves and robbers, where the government machinery becomes a curse for the poor, where justice is hanged, where the noble people are considered rogues and rogues and lecherous people are respected and honoured, where sin is facilitated and good deeds are made difficult, where oppression is commonplace, there silence becomes tantamount to support to oppression and injustice. Come, instead of giving support to the oppressors, let’s become obstacles in their path. This is our message, our invitation our aspiration. Rise and join us as it is God’s ordainment. March forward for the sake of the implementation of the Shariah, the Islamic system, O tigers of God, march forward to strike a severe blow at the system of Kufr. May God help us... Amen!!!

Source: Nawa e Afghan Jihad, March, 2013