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Hardcore Wahhabis like Akbaruddin Owaisi should find a new home, perhaps in some corner of Somalia or Sudan


By Madhav Nalapat

6 Jan 2013

It is not only in Tunisia, Syria, Libya or Egypt that the ability of cell phones to take photographs and even capture action on video is making waves. A certain Akbaruddin Owaisi, apparently unaware that he was not a resident of Taliban-infested Quetta but India's own Hyderabad, held forth in considerable detail about the sexual prowess or lack of it of males subscribing to a particular faith.

The MLA from Andhra Pradesh seems to have considerable interest in the reproductive accoutrements of males of a certain faith, judging by the time he devoted to the subject in his Adilabad speech. And because some enterprising owner of a cell phone recorded Owaisi's speech in full and disseminated in such a manner as to make it go viral online, the entire country is now aware of the nature of the MLA's tendency to aggregate hundreds of millions of widely diverse people into a single, simplistic, category.

Owaisi's speech is a cry of pain, of agony, at being forced to live in a secular, multi-religious society rather than in the more pristine environs of a state that cleanses itself of any human beings not subscribing to the dominant faith. Rather than undergo the torture of coming into daily contact with those including, thankfully, the overwhelming majority of India's Muslims who do not subscribe to his hardcore Wahhabi tenets, perhaps it is time that Owaisi began to shop around for an alternative country of residence.

This cannot be in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), as all the countries in this group host millions of varied faiths, including that particular faith which our long-suffering legislator seems to loathe the most. Perhaps some corner of Somalia or Sudan will serve the purpose of giving the refreshingly frank legislator a place of residence where there are only hardcore Wahhabis such as the man himself.

(These are excerpts from M D Nalapat’s weekly column in Sunday Guardian, New Delhi.)

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