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Look who hijacked Jamia

By Arif Mohammed Khan

Posted: Oct 01, 2008 at 0033 hrs IST


 “And fear tumult or oppression, which affects not in particular only those of you who do wrong. And know that God is strict in punishment.” (Quran, 8.25)

Ibn Katheer commenting on this verse has quoted a Prophetic tradition saying that “if a people, despite being strong and numerous, do nothing to stop those men among them who do wrong, then they will be surrounded with punishment”.

History is full of instances showing how a small group of people or individuals by their odious acts have inconvenienced the communities they belong to.

Today the Muslims as a community are passing through a difficult period on account of the activities of terrorists who shamelessly use religion to justify their crimes.

A common Muslim, like his compatriots, is busy earning his daily bread and raising the family. With increased awakening about modern education, good numbers of Muslim families from rural areas have moved to urban centres to ensure education for their wards. A casual survey of the families living in Jamia Nagar will show that the majority of them hail from villages and depend for their income on rural sources. In many cases it is only the mothers and children who are living here, while the men spend most of their time in native places to arrange the necessary means for the family to carry on in Delhi. Their only concern is a safe and peaceful environment congenial for academic pursuit.

On the other hand, attracted by this large population, more than two dozen Muslim outfits have established themselves in this neighbourhood taking upon them the responsibility to lead and organise the religious and social life of the community. They include organisations like the Personal Law Board, Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat and Jamaat-e-Islami. None of these organisations is known for promoting social reform or education. Most of the time they are competing with each other in crying wolf and pressing the need to fight against imagined threats to the Muslim religion and identity. Occasionally they also succeed in securing positions of power for their nominees and this political patronage helps them to widen their network in the community.

If we look at some important events of the past then an idea can be formed about the activities and mindset that is promoted by these organisations.

After the official ban on The Satanic Verses, Mushirul Hasan, the present vice chancellor and then teacher in the history department of Jamia, said in an interview to a weekly that a ban on the book would only boost its sales and increase the circulation of the objectionable writing. His remarks were not in support of the book, its contents or the writer, yet they provoked an angry and violent protest inside the campus. The Muslim outfits worked overtime to instigate and excite the feelings resulting in a situation where despite continuing on the rolls of the university Mushirul Hasan could not enter the campus for more than three long years.

During the war in Afghanistan, public expressions of solidarity with Osama bin Laden were made and posters in his support were pasted in the area by some self-appointed champions of Muslim interests. This was done despite the knowledge that Osama and Al-Qaeda were directly involved in Terror activities in Kashmir. I remember having met many Muslims from Jamia Nagar who expressed their utter indignation over the episode and felt sorry for not being able to oppose these undesirable activities.

In 1990, Prof Mushirul Haq, the vice chancellor of Kashmir University, was killed by terrorists in Srinagar. Since he was an old teacher of Jamia, his burial took place inside the campus. As an academician I had held him in great esteem and during the Shah Bano controversy had sought his opinion on several occasions. I went to attend his last rites and walked almost a kilometre with the funeral procession. After reaching the burial ground suddenly the lights went out and in that darkness I was attacked with an iron rod, causing head injury. Later, inquiries revealed that the students who had organised the blackout and attack belonged to the Jamaat-e-Islami. It is important to recall that the banned organisation, SIMI, was mostly manned by young activists inspired by philosophies like that of the Jamaat-e-Islami.

The other organisation with headquarters in this area is Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat. On the slightest provocation they would call for a boycott of celebrations of Independence Day or Republic Day giving rise to communal tension. It is true that on every occasion they had withdrawn the calls, but that did not help in lessening the tension.

The most important Muslim organisation operating from the Jamia neighborhood is the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and its affiliates. During their agitation against the judgment of the Supreme Court in the Shah Bano case, the members of AIMPLB made public exhortations to break the legs of Muslims who differed with their stand. Their supporters went to the extent of suggesting that Supreme Court judges are not competent to interpret Muslim personal law.

It is important to recall that during parliamentary discussion of the bill that was brought in to negate the impact of the Supreme Court judgment, almost every minister who rose to defend the measure referred to the apprehensions of threats to law and order arising on account of an aggressive and violent agitation.

Such activities of these Muslim outfits are as much a source of consternation to common Muslims as they are to other Indians. Occasionally some Muslims raise their voice but they lose nerve when they see the political promiscuity and influence enjoyed by these extremist elements.

The establishment must realise that the police can fight terrorists, not terrorism. Terrorism can be contained only by a strong political will that identifies and isolates individuals and organisations promoting a violent mindset and does not favour them with political patronage.

The writer is a former Union minister

Source:  The Indian Express, New Delhi




Form a Govt. funded forum to promote moderate views among Muslims by C.K.Sunil on 2008-10-01 16:47:42.368214+05:30
The Editor, you are the only one promoting views like that of Arif's. Continue to do that. Then so many other moderate true Muslims will come out with similar views and opinion. That is the only way we can rescue the Muslim community from the clutches of a few extremist elements. APJ Abdul Kalam should take a lead as BJP suggested a few days back and others like a number of Arif's should join him. Government should fund this movement for the best interest of the country. It is very difficult to expect this from the present Congress as they are busy funding legal aid to accused terrorists! Also their track record is not encouraging. I remember how Rajiv Gandhi scuttled similar voice of Arif during Shabanoo verdict controversy.

Thank youby Gaurav Upadhyay on 2008-10-01 16:29:14.994292+05:30
Thank you sir for penning down such a good article that should compell the indian Muslims to look amongst them the cause of their and in general India's problems. Such moderate and modern voices in the Muslim community as yours are quite rare and must be encouraged.

commentby dinesh prasad on 2008-10-01 15:33:21.238489+05:30
hats off to you Mr-Arif m. khan for this article.In the barron landscape of Islamic world-there are few like you who assure us infidel Hindus that there is still hope.all those who claim to be the protector of Muslim in India including -Mulla Mulayam singh yadav etc are misguiding Muslim for their vote and Kursi .Muslims need to understand -why muslim are so backward in the entire world including the 52 countries they have in their own rule ?. pl do write mr Arif -as your voice of sanity is like a flower in desert. Dinesh prasad

Change from MJ akbarby Pinaki on 2008-10-01 15:29:14.754883+05:30
I stay in ME and frequnetly encounter Pakistanis in daily life....and I use to show them MJ Akbar (and others) whenever they said India me "islam khatre me hai" but I was very disaapointed with MJ after his article on recent Jamia nagar I will perhaps show your article to them saying muslims are in as bad condition in India as Hindus are

Jamia Hijackingby r gopu on 2008-10-01 15:05:12.952898+05:30
That only newspapers like the Indian express which are labelled right-wing by our jehadi secularist and China worshipping communists, allow such dissenting opinions is part of the problem. As long as not just political parties mollycoddle terrorists, but so do the media, both print and TV, both English and Indian languages, that even NGOs like human right groups and intellectuals, tilt fully towards Islamo-fascism, means that the street jihadis, Maoists, and sundry other terrorists and their supporters only hear accusations against Hindu hegemony. They never hear a countering voice except from Sangh parivar groups, or on the internet. As long as this remains so, the partition in the minds of Indians will continue.

Fresh airby ris on 2008-10-01 14:07:26.42438+05:30
Dear Mr. Khan your article is a breath of fresh air, I wish there were more sane politicians who could boldly speak in the same voice as you across all communities, I hope your article and thoughts will encourage others and bring some harmony in our country.

Jamia Muslimsby D.A.Eswar on 2008-10-01 13:44:04.676273+05:30
Good analysis and writing. Every Muslim should read and spread these facts

Hats Offby Sam on 2008-10-01 12:43:24.462495+05:30
What a man!!!!!! Few people have the courage to say what you have in the current surcharged communal atmosphere in our country but you are a noteable exception.Thank you sir for finally calling a spade a spade. I am sure there are a lot of people from your community who think like you and may support you in private but is unwilling to do so in public due to the "political promiscuity" as you have so aptly put. I hope such "political promiscuity" comes to an end after the next general elections.You should be leading our country and I request all right thinking Indians to support you so that we get a chance to live in a better society, which is free from hate, in the future.

Muslim Leadershipby Ghulam Faruki on 2008-10-01 11:37:48.544516+05:30
I agree with Mr.Arif Mohammed Khan that secular political parties must not favor Muslim leaders who are communalist and non-progressive. Secular politicians should cultivate and promote Muslim leadership which is secular, moderate and truly nationalist. 

Terrorism: A Need of Holistic Approachby Sanjeer Alam on 2008-10-01 10:56:01.185167+05:30
Arif Mohd. Khan in his article, 'Look Who Hihjacked Jamia' (I.E, October 1) aptly points out that police can fight terrorist but terrorism. However, terrorism in India, as he does, is narrowly conceived. Terrorism in public discourse overwhelmingly means Islamic terrorism and it is often isolated from other forms of disruptive activities which involve homicides/genocides such as communalism/casteism and naxalism. When a problem is narrowly defined, the strategy to combat it usually remains to be partial and is bound to be a failure. The need is, therefore, to have a holistic approach. Communalism is intrinsically linked to terrorism and vice versa. The need is to to monitor the activities of the non-state actors/communal organisations, the breeding ground of terrorism. And the the state must ensure that there is a fairplay in the course. Once the germination of seeds of inter group violence is neutralized, it would be easier to deal with terrorism. 

who hijacked Jamiaby GRRAO on 2008-10-01 10:54:23.297624+05:30
This is a ppears to be a good analysis of what is happening on the gorund at Jamia. Through this channel I would like to implore Shri Arifji to translate his article in to both hindi and urdu and send the same to the urdu and hindi press in the country. This I am suggesting that this should be read by as many Indian muslims as possible. Then only there can be an element of resistance from the common muslim who is facing tremendous amount of problems in his/her day to day life.

Well saidby Rajesh on 2008-10-01 10:32:36.379588+05:30
Well said Mr. Arif. Muslims needs persons like you as a guiding force for their prosperity. I fail to understand about these fundamentalist organization who never in their life speak about prosperity. They always ignore the positive and clear writing of Holy book , which talk of Humanity and interpret the other saying in a negative way. They are the worst enemies of Muslims. I appeal to Muslim masses to please secure your future and try to differentiate between a rabble rouses and real friends

Look who hijacked Jamiaby ismail zafar khan on 2008-10-01 10:10:26.846266+05:30
The above article written by Mr. Arif Mohd Khan is fantastic and seems to be the correct analysis regarding behaviour of the so called muslim rahnuma. i compleltely agree with him in critising the self appointed massiaha of the muslim community. no doubt their activities have jeopardised the whole community in beliveing that every muslim is terrorist in the eyes of gullible people and impressionable mind and govt should look into the suggestiion and for God'sake stop patronising such people and organisation.


brave you are

by Gaurav Upadhyay on 2008-10-01 16:35:53.601399+05:30
very well said my dear friend

Jamia hijackedby Anshul Gupta on 2008-10-01 10:02:47.828373+05:30
A sensible voice and supports his arguments with facts. How many muslims like Mr Khan are there aginst those bleeding heart secularsits?

Look who hijacked Jamiaby Madhu on 2008-10-01 09:50:29.349157+05:30
The writer is very humble and straight forward Muslim personality. However, such people are shunned by political party of every hues. He was in the forefront during Janata Dal regime but so called progressive, forward 

Look who hijacked Jamiaby R. Vasudevan on 2008-10-01 09:38:08.567294+05:30
A superb well analysed article. Whether it is Muslims, or Hindus, politics has been the main reason for the growth of terrorism in this country.

Look who hijacked Jamiaby Balakrishna S.Pai on 2008-10-01 09:35:43.712615+05:30
Though I do not agree with Mr. Arif Mohammad Khans views generally, this time he has hit the nail on the head. The reason why terrororism is gaining ground among the muslims in the country is because the organisations which encourage fundamentalism and anti India rhetoric and separatism among muslims is encouraged by the congress and the govt. The common muslim has come to think that he is not an Indian anymore but only a muslim and his identity is only as a muslim and this country owes nothing to him or that he owes nothing to the country. The govt. policies and the congress is responsible for it. Unless these fundamentalist organisations and their backers are shown their place it may be difficult to root out terrorism from the country. 

Right words at Right Timeby MANINDER SINGH on 2008-10-01 09:01:12.677377+05:30
Hats off to Arif Mohd Khan-Don't let water cross your head.Muslim intelegensia should distant itself from these fanatic forces and come forward with courage to spread true message amoung disgruntled muslim youth.If these Extremist forces will dominate so the noble,educated section of muslims will be the biggest sufferer of the retaliation by the worst ,irrational Sagh pariwar elements.WISH ALL SENSIBLE MUSLIMS TO RAISE THEIR CUDGELS.

terrorist and terrorismby raj on 2008-10-01 07:34:38.080865+05:30
i appreciate Mr. Khan's comments. i hope more muslims would rise above fear or parochial loyalty to own indianness as their own as much as it is of others. may be there is a future for all of us indians together. 

Need to hear your voice more oftenby SauPa on 2008-10-01 06:33:58.04904+05:30
Often times, I have come to respect opinion expressed by Mr. Arif Mohmd. Khan.Unlike the long list of useless leaders -Mulla Mulayam, Lallu Yadav, Arjun Singh, Shabana Azmi, Raj Babbar your voice should be heard. Your is the voice of India.....