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Scholar’s Ink And Martyr’s Blood

By Khushwant Singh

September 12th, 2010

Sheikh Abdullah Azzan, an Islamic scholar, wrote, “The life of the Muslim Ummah is solely dependent on the ink of its scholars and the blood of its martyrs.”

It sounds profound. But take a close look at the calibre of the scholars of different faiths and what their followers imbibed from their ink when they used it to spread their message.

First examine their role in Islam. By common consent the most widely respected in the Ummah (Muslim Community) is Osama bin Laden from Saudi Arabia.

He has followers in all Muslim communities in the world who are known as the Al-Qaida, Taliban and dozens of others, all committed to jihad against infidels and Muslims opposed to bin Laden.

His principal target is the Royal House of Saudi Arabia. So he dares not enter his motherland. He now lives in hiding in the hills between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Americans have made many attempts to kill him. So, would we if we could lay our hands on him because his followers infiltrate into Kashmir with the intention to kill innocent Indians in the name of jihad, spill their own blood to achieve Shahadat — martyrdom.

Let us examine the case of Hindus. Their revivalist was Veer Savarkar whose large-size portrait hangs in Parliament. He was a weird sort of scholar. He wanted a monarchy — a Hindu Rashtra with the King of Nepal as Samraat (Emperor) of India who would show religious minorities their proper places. He strongly disapproved of people like Gandhi whose murderer he was named and Nehru who preached equal respect for all communities.

He was the inspiration behind Hindu militant groups like the RSS. Most of the leaders of the BJP were from its ranks. They wore white shirts, khaki knickers and carried danda in their hands and paraded like boy scouts.

They destroyed the Babri Masjid and took leading roles in killing Muslims in Gujarat. They spilled blood but not their own.

And finally, the Sikhs. Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale hardly deserves to be called a scholar. But his message went down the rural rustics. He said: besides kirpan, Sikhs should carry pistols and have motorcycles to get to their targets.

And so they did. His answer to critics was to have them eliminated. So in 10 years he created havoc in Punjab.

Some halfwits are still trying to keep his memory alive: Many gurudwaras abroad display large photographs of him at their entrances. And a few brainless youngsters wear T-shirts with his portraits.

So much for the ink of scholars and the blood of martyrs!

Source: The Asian Age