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Digging Deeper into the Roots of Terrorism

By Kazi Wadud Nawaz, New Age Islam

22 July 2016

“A spectre is haunting Europe-the spectre of Communism” said Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto. Now in the 21st century i.e. in the era of the "project new American Century" a new spectre has started haunting  Europe, America, Middle-East, Africa, Central and    South  Asia including Bangladesh, Pakistan and India  – that’s the Spectre of Terrorism.

Closed eyes cannot evade perils. We   admit it or not, surely at the moment we, the people of Bangladesh, stand face to face with the stark reality of Global Terrorism. The whole nation now stands shocked and dumbfounded to see the inhuman cruelty of a number of ideologically perverted members of the youth community.

A series of terrorist activities results in individual target killing, organized killing of foreigners and general public are being unleashed one after another. More alarming is the increased trend of terrorist attack on the foreigners, religious minorities and law enforcing agencies. 

The Government of Bangladesh always denies the existence of IS or any other internationally branded   terrorist organizations in our country.  Government’s strategy of denial of IS involvement in different terrorist activities that have occurred so far within the country, has been subjected to severe criticism particularly in different International Media. Their unusual enthusiasm to force Bangladesh Government’s acquiescence on the existence of IS or its Vassal organizations, aim at achieving specific Geo-political objectives.

 The Gulshan tragedy no-doubt has offered the vested interests abroad   their long coveted opportunity for fishing in the troubled water and increased the danger for external intervention. So from Geo-political point of view   Bangladesh Government’s “Strategy of Denial” is quite logical and justified as an effort to avoid external intervention.  But we must understand that only Denial without consolidation of Politico –economic institutions and strengthening national unity won’t solve the problems. The target chosen by the terrorists clearly show a long term planning and well-calculated move for achieving specific geopolitical objectives. This Terrorist project aims specifically at achieving following Objectives;

Create a favourable environment and increase the danger of foreign intervention.

Stemming the economic growth of Bangladesh through transmitting negative messages to the foreign investors

Disturbing the existing communal harmony within Bangladesh and consolidating   ground for Reactionary Communal politics in the neighbouring countries.

To distort Government’s Image and spoil its credibility to justify anticipated future initiatives of vested interests at home and abroad towards regime change.

To enact anti terror Rules and regulations and take its advantage to suppress political opponents and rob the people of their freedom and democratic rights

 The Neo-cons in US Administration have enacted a good number of anti-terror legislations after September Attack on World Trade Centre just to rob the workers and citizens of their freedom, facilities   and democratic rights. The Neo-Con -manufactured terrorist activities taking place  in any strategically important part of the world in general aims at “Creating a right major crisis to force other nations of the world to accept the New World Order”[David rockfeller,2000].

The Global War on Terror of the Neo-conservatives in U.S Administration has only one objective that is to organize a conspiratorial proxy-war to overthrow legal Government of Sovereign Nation States   to serve vital strategic interests.  The Terrorist Organizations like Al-Qaeda, IS, Al-Nusra, Boko Haram etc are their foster-children to be brought up as an instrument of disruption of the national unity and subverting  Nation State Sovereignty for creating a favourable environment for external intervention and  regime change. National Unity is an essential pre-requisite for an effective anti-terror initiative. National Unity, Institutional Stability and State-Sovereignty are inseparably connected with each other.  We believe and express our solidarity with Bangladesh Government’s assertion that there is no IS in our country. If at all there is any, it must have sneaked in to our socio-political landscape with the help of foreign intelligence agencies taking advantage of disunity and chaos prevailing in the country. 

 Terrorist acts in the middle-east, Africa, France, America or anywhere in the world including Gulshan incident of Bangladesh is a terrorist crime which has specific geo-political objectives and no connection with any religion. In each case, targeted religious community have been made scape-goat. But in reality, the crimes are committed by the trained and paid agents of different Intelligence Agencies to serve specific geopolitical purpose of concerned countries. An anti-terror partnership Agreement has recently been signed between U.S.A and India.  A critical analysis of the Terms and conditions of Indo-U.S Global Partnership in war against terrorism as articulated in the joint communiqué signed by the US president and the Prime Minister of India will reveal the real objective of the partnership. 

To effectively combat terrorism in any country the concerned Government must have a consistent anti-terror policy and required sincerity in policy implementation. Stability of politico-economic institutions and strong national unity are essential preconditions for security against terrorism. Corruption and plunder of public exchequer leads to criminalization of economy which in turn leads to criminalization of politics creating an unstable political situation.  Criminalization of economy and political instability create a fertile ground for mushrooming terrorism. So far as our anti-terror policy is concerned we seem to lack consistency and sincerity of purpose. We are very much vocal against terrorism but at the same time we have joined so-called “anti-terrorist coalition" led by Saudi Arabia which in reality will serve the Neo-Cons plan of action for Balkanizing the Middle-east. The So-called Anti-Terrorist Coalition has been formed to strengthen terrorist insurgency of IS and its affiliates to topple legitimate Government of Syria and Islamic Republic of Iran. 

In the name of War against Terrorism the Neocons in the US administration have robbed the American people and workers of their freedom, facilities and democratic rights. So is the case with the Ruling Class of any other countries clamouring for fighting Terrorism.

Taking all these factors in view Gulshan Incident cannot be treated as an emotional upsurge of a number of ideologically perverted youth or a group of disgruntled political elements. The Guys involved with this Incidence have mostly come from the rich and higher social and family background. They received modern education and habituated in foppish Western Style of Living.  Visiting Cubs and Bars with girl friends was a routine work for them. These guys brought up under modern education system and western culture, tired of the monotony of affluence became too much eager for the amenities of the paradise and suddenly turned out to be fanatic Islamists while committing such a horrendous and heinous crime. This is really strange!

 It is a well-planned conspiracy against a sovereign country hatched by the vested interests at home and abroad aimed at achieving specific geo-political objectives.

Delayed trial and execution of the criminals committing crimes against humanity has given those elements sufficient time to reorganize and build up an ideological ground for counter-attack. The long gap in their trial has created   confusion regarding transparency of the judicial process and also created an environment of cleavage and disunity in the country.

A number of countries mainly the USA and India have come forward to extend help and co-operation to Bangladesh government in boosting up anti terror counter measures. Anti-terror partnership ratified recently between the USA and India is very much significant in this respect. The Joint communiqué signed between President Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaffirmed respective country’s resolve and willingness to combat terrorism from the standpoint of their respective geo-political interests all over the world.

The Partnership is in fact a declaration of mutual support and recognition of each other’s authority of intervention in countries lying under their respective sphere of influence on the plea of combating Terrorism.  This is really a danger signal for small countries like ours! The track record of US sincerity and commitment towards combating terror in the Middle-east has been clearly displayed to the whole world through their hypocritical war against their foster child IS / DAESH in Iraq and Syria. 

Revival of the Spirit of anti-Imperialist nationalism and strengthening national unity are at the moment essential pre-requisites for an effective anti-terror campaign and safe-guarding nation-state sovereignty. Terrorism is a global phenomenon born out of Neo-cons’ strategy for implementing the "Project New American century "(PNAC) based on military theory of" War without Border.”  Waging a strenuous ideological battle at all level on national scale against Neo-cons’ concept of "Long War without Border” is a great strategic necessity for success against terrorism.    Strengthening national unity, ensuring institutional stability and building up anti-imperialist national platform to safe-guard nation-state-sovereignty -all   collectively form the foundation of success against Manufactured Global Terrorism.

Engr. Kazi Wadud Nawaz is an NGO Development Consultant


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