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The Long War against Islamic Supremacism and Jihad

By Jeffrey Imm

November 5, 200

Summary: In the long war against ahead, human rights leaders fighting against this ideology must the challenge as a struggle between the inherent human rights of equality and liberty Islamic supremacism - not extremism, radicalism, militancy, fascism, or even Islamism. To gain widespread American public understanding and support, it is essential that the supremacist nature of be communicated and compared to America's against white supremacism in the war of ideas. It must be conveyed that the ideology of Islamic supremacism itself is a threat, regardless of whether its adherents use "political" or tactics. In addition to Islamic supremacism being the basis for Jihadist tactics, it must be clarified that the ideology of Islamic supremacism is used to repress and crush those seeking equality and liberty in and around the world.

We must overcome short-term political events and efforts by those who would
with Islamic supremacists. We must recognize that ultimately the inalienable human rights of equality and liberty will over Islamic supremacism. We must embrace our challenging, but historical, role in continuing the efforts of America's founding fathers in defending the inalienable human rights of equality and liberty, and the that "All Men Are Created Equal."

To fight
in the long war ahead, we need to: (a) the debate on Islamic supremacism, (b) a national and collaborative human rights network to challenge Islamic supremacism, (c) political action groups to support candidates for office willing to challenge Islamic supremacism, with a focus on the 2010 Congressional elections, (d) activist and information resources, with increased outreach to youth activists, (e) in challenging Islamic supremacism, including coalition partners involved in women's rights, academic freedom, religious freedom, freedom of speech and press, energy independence, and economic independence, and (f) to reach those in the American public and media that do not understand the need to confront Islamic supremacism.

We need to clarify to the American public that it is an
the Islamic supremacist ideology that opposes equality and liberty. We need to dispel the confusion and misconception that a "minority" supremacist group in America is not a threat to American liberties, and demonstrate the impact of Islamic supremacism in the lives of innocents today in America and around the world. We must clarify that America's freedom of religion must not be perverted to protect "freedom of supremacism," and reference the history of white supremacist groups who to be "victims" when confronted with demands for the human rights of equality and liberty. American human rights activists against Islamic supremacism supremacist ideologies, because in America's of its identity, we recognized that equality and liberty are inalienable human rights. In promoting such a human rights campaign of hope, those fighting against Islamic supremacism must show to those who would reject a campaign of hope, equality, and liberty - and offer a hand out to those who change their views to recognize that the hope of freedom is a noble pursuit for humanity. Those challenging Islamic supremacism must be understood as fighting for a . While we reject the atrocities, suppression, injustice, and evil done by Islamic supremacists, our efforts are to keep hope alive for those threatened and suppressed by Islamic supremacism in America and around the world.

I have divided this battle plan for the campaign ahead into the following major topics:
I. A Single Focused Message for the Campaign Ahead

America must be opposed to Islamic supremacism because it is against the inherent, inalienable human rights of equality and liberty that are the basis of America's very identity as defined in our. We must be opposed to because, as a supremacist ideology, it is against such human rights of equality and liberty. We have seen this around the world. America must be opposed to Islamic supremacism in all of its tactics using economic measures, energy independence, communications, education, and foreign policy. We must be opposed to Islamic supremacism because it is also the root of Jihadist terrorism, and failure to confront this ideology, failure to de-legitimize Islamic supremacism will only increase the risk of future Jihadist terrorist attacks on the United States and around the world, and will undermine all of our homeland security preparedness efforts. Finally, we must use every tactic to de-legitmize and defeat this ideology of Islamic supremacism and its threat to America's democracy, to America's economy, to the safety of innocent American women and children, to America's national security, and to human rights around the world.

We must focus this message away from a war of ideas against "extremism," "radicalism," "militancy," "fundamentalism," "Islamism," and even "fascism," because these terms do not clearly convey the challenge to America today. Osama Bin Laden is
against the meaningless and useless term Finding a commonly understood definition of "radicalism" or "militant" is impossible. The term "fundamentalism" gives false legitimacy to a supremacist ideology. Advocates of surrender in the war of ideas to Islamic supremacists have justified their actions in making such an ideology seem acceptable by the use of the term "Islamism." The term "fascism," while denoting a grave threat, does not provide the important insight with America's successful history in the war of ideas against supremacism that is essential in the American campaign ahead.

But by its very definition, Islamic supremacism is clearly opposed to the human rights of equality and liberty.

It is essential in our focused message for the campaign ahead that we clearly convey the ideological threat as
to avoid debates on other terms that will not be consistently understood by the American public. America has a against white supremacism that we must use. In that history of a war of ideas on supremacism, America also a supremacist ideology does not mean merely confronting a "tiny minority" of individuals, but knows that confronting supremacism calls for confrontation of large numbers in a war of ideas. Americans know that supremacism is an opposite to equality and liberty. Even without understanding every group, every individual, every nuance of Wahhabist, Khumeinist, and other branches of Islamic supremacism, the American public will grasp this fundamental truth.

In the campaign ahead, we need a renewed focus on fighting the ideology of Islamic supremacism at all levels - in energy resources, in economics, in education, in foreign policy, and in mass communications. America needs to focus on more than simply military theatres of combat, and focus on the larger, global war, so that it does not win battles, but lose the war against the ideology of Islamic supremacism.

We need a national human rights campaign against Islamic supremacism that will
religious leaders, women's rights organizations, energy independence groups, freedom of speech and press activists, academic freedom activists, youth organizations, businesses, and political organizations. This will require an coalition of individuals opposed to Islamic supremacism, and it will also require focused, dedicated to reach our elected representatives. This human rights campaign against Islamic supremacism will need to challenge America's elected representatives, analysts, and government to ensure that they truly represent America's commitment to equality and liberty, or work to replace them with individuals that will.

II. Why We Will Win the War against Islamic Supremacism

To those who are discouraged by short-term political events and by those who have surrendered to the forces that call for
with , keep your hopes alive.

We are not wrong. We will not be defeated.

Let's start there and embrace those truths, as we plan our strategy to win the war of ideas ahead of us. No matter what short-term political decisions are made, no matter what tactical mistakes are made by American leaders in "engaging" with or "reconciling" with Islamic supremacists, those of us who will oppose
are not wrong and we will not be defeated.

We know that we are not wrong, because our
defines America as well as a larger, human principle. It fundamentally defines that we are a United States because of our willingness to defy others who would deny the inalienable human rights of equality and liberty. We know that we are not wrong because supremacist ideologies are, by definition, against equality and liberty. We know that we are not wrong because the Islamic supremacists have over and over again, documented their supremacist view into Sharia, documented their supremacist values in the so-called We know that we are not wrong because not a single day passes without another new Jihadist atrocity, based on the ideology of Islamic supremacism.

We know that we will not be defeated, because as long as one American is left that believes in the inalienable human rights of equality and liberty, we still have a fighter. We know that we will not be defeated because, even if all 300 million Americans were destroyed, the inalienable human rights of equality and liberty are more than just American values. We know that we will not be defeated because such inalienable human rights will ultimately surface, even if continents were conquered by the Islamic supremacists, and because they are inalienable human rights -- inevitably another champion of equality and liberty would rise up again from humanity.

So there is no question. Those who stand against Islamic supremacism are not wrong, and they will not be defeated in the long war ahead. In the war of ideas and the war of values, equality and liberty will ultimately triumph over Islamic supremacism, regardless of what short-term advances or tactical victories Islamic supremacism makes over time. This is a human truth, and this truth should give all freedom fighters moral courage for the long war ahead.

III. A Daring Agenda for Equality and Liberty

As the Islamic supremacists and Jihadists have telegraphed their agenda to promote
and , so we publicly need to set a daring agenda which tells the Islamic supremacist community, its defenders, and its appeasers what we intend to do. Those who will tolerate and support Islamic supremacism should know what we have planned. That is what those who have no doubt of their victory do.

Our major agenda items in the fight against Islamic supremacism must include focusing the debate on Islamic supremacism, a national human rights campaign network, concentrated political action, expanded and coordinated resources, coalition with other human rights groups, and rallies to gain public support.

III.A. Focusing the Debate on Islamic Supremacism versus Equality and Liberty

As stated above, this single, focused message is the most important agenda item. We oppose
in every one of its forms and tactics because it is inherently against equality and liberty. We must frame this debate repeatedly and publicly. We must explain the contrast of Islamic Supremacism Equality and Liberty to communicate to anyone, any time, at any opportunity. We must have the conflict clearly defined on thousands of web sites, in the print media, to our elected representatives, and in print material for mass distribution. We need a mass public campaign to clearly communicate that fundamental challenge to Americans, and remind them that as Americans, they have a personal responsibility to support the defense of the human rights of equality and liberty that is the for their freedoms, their lives, their prosperity, their future, and their nation.

We need to refute the arguments of those who refuse to acknowledge the ideology of
. While it has divisions in Wahhabism, Khumeinism, and other branches, its divisions share the supremacist nature of Islamic supremacism as an ideology equality and liberty. We need to rebut those who argue that this is merely a rather than a global threat. We need to denounce those who would appease Islamic supremacism based on the un-American thinking of . By our clarification of the supremacist nature of the threat, we must underscore the fallacies of those that efforts calling for engagement with "political" Islamic supremacist groups, as they will provide legitimacy and increase the numbers of those who support Islamic supremacism.

Our campaign must clearly communicate that we are supporting inalienable human rights of equality and liberty, and that our battle is more than simply with Jihadist tactics, but is against the Islamic supremacist ideology and all of its tactics, as the ideology itself provides the basis for Jihad. Our war on Islamic supremacism will absolutely be a single-issue campaign; such laser focus is essential for our success. While the battle for human rights of equality and liberty versus Islamic supremacism may have many components and coalitions, our campaign must stay exclusively on the issue of Islamic supremacism. If an issue has nothing to do with Islamic supremacism, we must let another group handle it. Our national campaign will be challenging enough in "only" fighting Islamic supremacism.

We are absolutely fighting in a popularity contest. But we need to refocus that contest from a popularity contest of personalities and individuals to a popularity contest of ideas. Ultimately Americans will support the ideas of equality and liberty over any supremacist ideology, including Islamic supremacism. American citizen activists must reframe the war of ideas to demonstrate this clear distinction, so that the American people clearly understand why it is essential for them to defy and reject Islamic supremacism, Islamic supremacist tactics, and Islamic supremacist organizations.

III.B. National Human Rights Campaign Network to Challenge Islamic Supremacism

has an 600 chapters in the United States. In addition, , , , and other groups have many more associated organizations and chapters around the nation. In terms of those fighting against Islamic supremacism, the largest national group that I am aware of is the Brigitte Gabriel-founded with over 200 chapter leaders (and this should be noted as a significant accomplishment). There are also those individuals affiliated with the, , blogs such as , and hundreds of led by individual citizens concerned about Islamic supremacism.

For an effective national human rights campaign network to challenge
these groups need to prioritize future coordinated and collaborative efforts. To challenge Islamic supremacism on a national level, Americans need to create a significantly larger national campaign network of activists to: (a) frame the debate and educate the American public on Islamic supremacism equality and liberty, (b) address the issues of Islamic supremacism on a local level in community functions, (c) to challenge Islamic supremacist groups at local functions, and (d) communicate citizen demands to fight Islamic supremacism to their elected representatives. Collaborative efforts mean that leaders of national organizations should communicate on at least a monthly basis to coordinate efforts and resources in such a national campaign, using email, conference calls, meetings, and other communications. Collaborative efforts should also involve joint speaking engagements, joint rallies, and joint efforts among groups in regional areas.

Local and statewide human rights groups against Islamic supremacism will need to perform regular resource assessments of volunteers to ensure they have individuals with diverse skills in recruitment, public speaking, writing and research skills, and knowledge of Islamic supremacism and Jihad. This is another reason why collaborative efforts among existing groups is essential, so that individuals with appropriate skills in the same regional area can be identified to ensure an effective balance of talent in local anti-Islamic supremacism groups.

Local and statewide human rights campaigns against Islamic supremacism will also necessitate media coordination skills to identify and contact media and print publications to further establish the anti-Islamic supremacist movement as a vital policy issue for the American public's attention. Today, representatives of groups linked to Islamic supremacism write commentaries and editorials in local and national print media, and they are regularly interviewed by national American media. The "silent majority" against Islamic supremacism are not represented by such media outlets. On a local, state, and national level, advocates against Islamic supremacism must reverse this disgraceful trend. But to accomplish this, we need to start one local newspaper at a time, as our cause continues to build increasing momentum as a national priority - so that America's mainstream media can no longer ignore the majority of Americans that support equality and liberty over Islamic supremacism. Certainly our efforts at
communication and need to continue. But to accomplish meaningful change, Americans against Islamic supremacism must reach beyond those who already agree with us and read such postings. We need to escalate this issue to the public media attention with the focus on the war of ideas of Islamic supremacism equality and liberty.

III.C. Political Action to Fight against Islamic Supremacism

It is past time to take the gloves off politically and get serious about this fight. Willingness to take concentrated, focused political action against Islamic supremacism could create a historic political realignment to ensure our representatives support equality and liberty as their top priority. In the campaign ahead, those against Islamic supremacism will need to be
political influence against Islamic supremacism and in defense of equality and liberty.

A political war against the
would require a dedicated, centralized political action organization based in Washington with an objective to establish political campaign offices in every one of the 435 U.S. congressional districts to represent American citizens' demands. Such a political war would have to be able to offer more than 501(c)3 non-profit organizations' voter guides. It would have to expect that asking politicians to speak out against Islamic supremacism also requires active political support for them. It would need organized political action to elect and retain those representatives in America's government that are committed to fighting Islamic supremacism. Those against Islamic supremacism can never allow another Presidential campaign to occur where the positions of the candidates on Islamic supremacism are not clearly and unequivocally understood by all American voters.

The first objective for a political action organization against Islamic supremacism would be to impact the 2010 Congressional elections by identifying and actively supporting those candidates for office committed to fighting Islamic supremacism -- aiding those incumbents that support this war or aiding challengers to those who don't support this war. In the next 6 months, this would require that a political organization identifies those Congressional districts where it could make the most impact, and make certain that it had political campaign offices established in those Congressional districts in the next 12 months, so that it could build political campaign groups to help elect representatives committed to fighting Islamic supremacism. Americans against Islamic supremacism need to recognize that this is very much a political war of ideas that will require political organization and resources.

III.D. Expanded and Coordinated Resources

Our most important resource is, and will continue to be, the average American citizen activist. On an organized, national basis, they are also our scarcest resource. So along with refocusing the issue, our other top priority must be in recruiting additional resources to both the human rights and political causes of fighting against
. Those against Islamic supremacism must recognize that both initiatives are needed in this war of ideas. Therefore, such campaigns would need a massive recruitment drive for volunteers in both human rights and political organizations. Human rights volunteers would be focused on research, public education, public rallies, debates, and coordinated action with other human rights groups. Political volunteers would be focused on supporting anti-Islamic supremacist candidates for the 2010 Congressional campaign and other elections. To truly be effective, the anti-Islamic supremacist movement must be able to have sufficient resources to do both simultaneously. Recognizing this may lead to groups within the anti-Islamic supremacist movement to identify resources that could focus that could be designated for such distinct, but equally vital initiatives.

Expanding the youth participation in the anti-Islamic supremacist movement should be a key objective in the long-term success of such recruitment drives. Increased youth participation offers several important benefits in the war against Islamic supremacism: enhanced visibility on
, networking within other youth community organizations, identifying resources that can be dedicated in public canvassing efforts, offering new insights in communication to the youth community, and most importantly ensuring continuity and growth of the current anti-Islamic supremacist movement leadership. The current anti-Islamic supremacist movement should seriously assess its membership; if the majority of its activists are 40+ years old, then it needs a dramatic outreach to the youth community in the fight for equality and liberty against Islamic supremacism. This war of ideas for equality and liberty is everyone's fight. We cannot win without growing support among America's youth.

We must anticipate that we will lose some activist human resources, and that there will be turnover among our activists. Therefore, we must be seeking to continuously grow and recruit new activists to allow for and anticipate such turnover. Moreover, as our efforts become more visible and more public, some individuals and leaders will be forced and pressured to drop out of the anti-Islamic supremacist movement. We must not be surprised or disheartened by this. The cause of fighting for
against is larger than any one individual or any one group. As previously mentioned, this is why collaborative efforts between groups will be so essential in the campaign ahead. Furthermore, many of the activists against Islamic supremacism may have to expand and learn new skills to accommodate what will be our constant challenge to have sufficient resources. This may require giving up something that you currently do well to take on new tasks. Such change is inevitable and will be a milestone of the anti-Islamic supremacist movement's growing success.

Coordinated campaign efforts will also require coordinated
and in the long campaign ahead that specifically address the war on Islamic supremacism and why it is essential to liberty and equality. Many of my are obviously larger than mere "blog" postings; this is deliberate - they are intended to help the movement with documents for the campaign ahead. The anti-Islamic supremacist Internet network of documentation and resources needs to leverage all available tools, and offer redundant resources in the event that we lose some web sites. While we value such web resources and documentation, we must also not fall into the trap of believing that mere Internet documentation constitutes a human rights campaign. Such documentation are merely tools for activists in a public campaign. Web and documentation resources should also be carefully screened by Islamic supremacist campaign leaders to ensure that they focus on the need to defend equality and liberty, and are not corrupted by frustrated individuals calling for hatred or supremacism of their own. We must ensure that all activist resources understand that as human rights fighters for equality and liberty, we are against all supremacism.

III.E. Coalitions for Equality, Liberty, Freedom, and Independence

We need to fight smarter in the campaign ahead, and by clearly defining our issue as one of fighting for equality, liberty, freedom, and independence, and by engaging with other human rights and related organizations in shared coalitions.

This should include developing coalitions with such groups involving:

-- Women's Rights. A pressing issue in the United States and around the world is continuing
of women by Islamic supremacists, including issues of rape, honor killing, and the unequal treatment of women in Islamic supremacist societies. The recent who said that she was raped, and was then accused of adultery in Somalia (based on ) provides another horrific example of this human rights travesty. We have also seen the numerous Islamic supremacist and the use Islamic supremacist around the world. American women right's organizations must also understand that such Islamic supremacist "honor killings" and abuses happen in . We must develop coalitions with leaders such as and women's rights organizations in coordinating the campaign against .

-- Academic Freedom. The growing efforts of professors and academia with an agenda in accommodating or appeasing Islamic supremacism remains a major challenge for America's
. We must coordinate efforts with organizations for academic freedom and anti-Islamic supremacism to support the national campaign against .

-- Religious Freedom. Islamic supremacism is a fundamental threat to all religious freedom. We need to work with groups dedicated to religious freedom such as
, , religious leaders, and religious organizations. Such supremacist threat to religious freedom and the demonstrated abuses of Islamic supremacist governments to religious freedom around the world should make religious leaders in America a natural ally to this national campaign. It is vital that the issue be clearly defined to such religious leaders that we are facing a fight between equality and liberty versus supremacism in the war of ideas against .

-- Freedom of Speech and Press. The American media should be another major ally in the national campaign against
Islamic supremacist governments in other parts of the world have arrested and convicted journalists for Islamic supremacists have attacked and threatened print media around the world. Islamic supremacism is, by definition, and . As Americans did during the war against white supremacism, it is vital that a grassroots freedom fighting organizations engage local news media to convey why the ideology of Islamic supremacism is so dangerous to these human rights.

-- Energy Independence. There is no more pressing issue in the war against
than . Every day that the issue of is not addressed, Islamic supremacist groups' funding increases through petrodollars and foreign funding. We cannot raise funds for a war of ideas against Islamic supremacism, while giving the enemy funds with our other hand through petrodollars. This national security priority is also a priority for the war of ideas so that the endless funding to Islamic supremacism groups and lobbying in America and around the world is curtailed, and so Jihadists are not continuing to be funded through the failure to address and . We must identify and develop coalitions with committed to America's freedom as part of the war against Islamic supremacism. Moreover, such energy independence must be an individual commitment by activists in the cause against Islamic supremacism.

-- Economic Independence. As the American
has shown, it is imperative for America to rebuild its economy. Such economic rebuilding cannot tolerate the to organizations such as AIG which retained its while . Such commitment to American economic independence in a globalized economy must include the recognition that is often used for Islamic supremacist "charitable" causes including itself. American taxpayers cannot have millions spent in efforts to prevent money laundering to Jihadist groups while allowing via to. The growth of undermines our by allowing an ideology that is equality and liberty to infiltrate our very economy itself. But when we have the for government employees (planned for in Washington DC), it is clear that we need to escalate the war of ideas to the American public.

III.F. Mobilizing America - One Town Hall at a Time

We must get out from behind these computers, blogs, and email, and get on the streets of America.

We must mobilize the American public to challenge
in our cities, states, and country - one town hall, one conference, one public hearing, one campus debate, one public outreach campaign at a time. The campaign against Islamic supremacism must attack the ideology in public on all fronts, and confront those who would , , or the Islamic supremacist ideology that is equality and liberty.

We must hold public rallies and demonstrations to support equality and liberty and denounce Islamic supremacism for the threat it represents to these human rights. We must join in public coalition activities with other human rights and liberty organizations. We must hold and attend press conferences where we can reach the local, state, and national media.

We need to reach the core constituency of
- the American public.

Many of them
. They have been deceived by nonsensical propaganda that we attacking religious freedoms or persecuting "victims" of discrimination. That is the same that and white supremacists tried to use in the 1960s - that white supremacists were misunderstood "victims," whose "rights" to impose supremacist segregation were being violated.

Our fellow Americans deserve the truth on Islamic supremacism, and we won't reach them by merely preaching to the choir over the Internet. We need to reach those who don't understand what is going on, who aren't aware that the war of ideas is between Islamic supremacism versus equality and liberty. We need to reach those with a short attention span that don't pay attention to what is going on in the world. We need to reach those who have taken the rights of equality and liberty for granted and have forgotten how fundamental they are to their lives. We need to reach those who really would rather not know about the threat of Islamic supremacism because that way they don't have to listen to their conscience.

A number of leaders on this issue have been facing the public for some time, at
, at , at , and at other public forums. The efforts of these leaders should be an encouragement to all of us to do the same. But we must also realize that we can't get there with only a handful of leaders speaking out against Islamic supremacism.

In a 50 state nation of 300 million people, we need hundreds of American citizen activists speaking out to the American public against Islamic supremacism. We have to learn from lessons in the past that increasingly such human rights activists against Islamic supremacism need to also find optimum forums to reach the public. We can't have a mere handful of leaders against Islamic supremacism tucked away only in academic conferences or in forums on Capitol Hill, where they can readily be shouted down or ignored. We need to not only get out from behind the computers; we also need to get out of the hushed conference rooms. We need to change the rules that are keeping our message supporting equality and liberty quashed.

The war against Islamic supremacism needs visibility to the general American public. The freedom fighters against Islamic supremacism need to appear in unexpected, unconventional public venues to raise the general public awareness that a war of ideas is even taking place. We need a march for freedom in Washington DC, in Boston, in New York City, in Atlanta, in Chicago, in Dallas, in Los Angeles, in San Francisco, and in every major city in the United States. We need to campaign for freedom and against Islamic supremacism directly to the American public.

The war against Islamic supremacism must be understood not just as a counterterrorism issue, not just as a foreign policy issue, not just as a Federal Government Issue. The war against Islamic supremacism must be streamlined into the basics of what it is - a clash of equality and liberty
Islamic supremacism. The American people must be educated that this attack on the inalienable human rights of equality and liberty is not just in Afghanistan, not just in Iraq, not just in Iran, and not just in Pakistan --- but is a global attack by Islamic supremacism on equality and liberty to all people in the world. It is an attack on American equality and liberty. It is an attack on the future that all will inherit.

We need to change the rules that have kept this human rights threat of Islamic supremacism from reaching the masses of the American public -- from the
that won't report on it, the who won't talk about it, the that would rather focus on tactical measures, and those that look the other way on it. We need to go around them and go directly to the American public on this.

It isn't going to be easy, and it certainly won't always be kind. We can expect a lot of rejection, a lot of abuse, and a lot of confrontation in bringing unfiltered, honest truth to the American people. There are many with a vested interest in keeping the American public in denial and in ignorance. But those of us who are human rights fighters against Islamic supremacism know that ignorance is not bliss, but ignorance condemns helpless and hopeless innocents in America and around the world to the abuse of Islamic supremacism. We need to directly reach the people that can begin to change that - the American public - whose daily lives are dependent on the defense of the inalienable human rights of equality and liberty that Islamic supremacism would destroy.

IV. A Shared Understanding on Why All Americans Must Oppose Islamic Supremacism

A primary challenge in the war of ideas against Islamic supremacist groups in America is that many Americans don't see the current threat of Islamic supremacism in their lives, just as some did not recognize the threat of Nazi-supporting Germans in America prior to World War II. They aren't concerned about the
and of Sharia in the United States, they are oblivious to Islamic supremacist , and they unaware or unconcerned about in America. To some, the 9/11 attacks were a long time ago. To others, with so-called "political" Islamic supremacists in America is falsely perceived to be a means to a tactical "security" end. Within America itself, the greatest challenge in getting some to understand the priority of the war of ideas against is the minority status of Islamic supremacism in the United States, just as it has been in Europe. Some lack the perception that a minority supremacist group in the United States could be any type of a threat. As a result, they are willing to be led down the erroneous path that objections to Islamic supremacism are really objections to other Americans' "freedom of religion."

Of course, "freedom of supremacism" is an obvious contradiction, but that argument isn't being heard by the majority of Americans. America's Constitution does not guarantee freedom to destroy equality and liberty. In fact, our
are fundamentally opposed to supremacism. We need to reframe the argument to make it a clear that the war of ideas is between the inherent human rights of equality and liberty Islamic supremacism. We need to consistently and extensively point to the supremacist elements in Islamic supremacism. We have to make it clear to the American public that Islamic supremacism is against equality, is against freedom of religion, is against freedom of speech, is against freedom of the press. We need to make it crystal clear to Americans that Islamic supremacism is an ideology that is against America itself.

We need to use the examples of Islamic supremacism in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in Saudi Arabia, in Iran, and in other nations with Islamic supremacist ideologies and political organizations to consistently explain to the American public exactly what Islamic supremacism means and why the ideology of Islamic supremacism is a threat to their freedoms. We need to explain that the source of Jihadist terrorist threats to America is not based on alleged grievances or errors in American foreign policy, but is based on an Islamic supremacist ideology that hates and despises equality and liberty.

Before the
movement, we have seen other supremacists try to pervert America's freedoms for supremacist causes. In Alabama Governor , he defended such an anti-American attack on equality as a challenge to "sound the drum for freedom" and as an opposition to "tyranny." White Supremacist "In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever." Yet as the American public became educated on this disgrace of white supremacism; it became clear in the 1960s that white supremacist for segregationist measures of races was not a defense of any freedoms, and his white supremacism was against America's commitment to equality and liberty.

Now once again, we have the challenge of the minority Islamic supremacist
in America trying to pervert America's freedoms for another supremacist cause - to gain protection and cover for a supremacist ideology in the guise of "freedom of religion" or cultural relativism, while America. As it was wrong with the leaders of , so it is also wrong for the leaders and appeasers of today. As a result of white supremacism, Americans learned the imperative nature of fighting such a war of ideas against supremacism. It is the moral obligation of Americans to clearly convey that we are fighting against an ideology of Islamic supremacism, not "extremism." As Jihadist tactics are based on this ideology of Islamic supremacism, this obligation is also a national security obligation of all Americans to protect and defend our nation. We challenge Islamic supremacism in America because every day that the ideology is legitimized, appeased, and tolerated, the threat of new Jihadist attacks on America grows as well. We learned in America's that without the , our ability to reduce the threat of supremacist violence and hate would never improve.

To advance our cause, we must be understood as being fighters for the human rights of
. We must communicate that it is because our nation is based on such inalienable rights of equality and liberty that all Americans must oppose Islamic supremacism.

V. We Reject All Supremacism Because We Are Americans

As human rights activists for
, "the enemy of my enemy" is NOT necessarily our ally. Over the next four years, we will see a parallel to some efforts in other parts of the world. Groups with racist histories that otherwise claim to oppose "Islamization" are not allies. Those who truly reject Islamic supremacism also reject other groups with a history of supporting other identity-based supremacism, because supremacism is inimical to all human rights. As human rights activists for equality and liberty, Americans against Islamic supremacism should carefully watch for those groups infiltrating our cause who would espouse supremacism of their own. Those who support white supremacism or other identity-based supremacism are no allies of American human rights groups fighting for equality and liberty.

As fighters for human rights, we categorically and completely denounce those fringe white supremacists who will surely attempt to try to infiltrate and possibly even hijack our message in some areas. The fringe white supremacists stand on the same side of inequality and anti-liberty values as the Islamic supremacists. That is why we have also seen
and in the past actually support Islamic supremacists groups and terrorists. Do not be fooled. They share the objectives of hatred, violence, and inequality with the Islamic supremacists.

The message of those who support the inalienable human rights of equality and liberty is a message of love, equality, and respect for humanity. We fight not out of enmity or for the purpose to repress and control others, but we fight due to our undying devotion to the principle that "all men are created equal," and for the dignity of humankind.

There is no "grey" area here. It is an uncompromising position. The fact remains that our uncompromising position must compare Islamic supremacists to other supremacists as part of our campaign to undermine that ideology. We implore any who seek to fight Islamic supremacism to first and foremost look into their own hearts and minds first, and renounce any supremacist beliefs that they may have once held. There is no room in an anti-supremacist movement for those who embrace supremacist ideologies.

We all reject ALL supremacist ideologies because that is the definition of being an American.

VI. The Courage of Understanding and Compassion

All people make mistakes. We need to never forget the inherent fallibility of all humanity, show understanding and compassion to humanity, and challenge all members of humanity to reach for its higher calling in embracing the inalienable human rights of equality and liberty. Our focus in such human rights requires such courage in understanding those who would seek to attack us and who would seek to destroy such human rights of equality and liberty. Our war is to end their influence and to stop their efforts, and to change the way people think about Islamic supremacism. But ours is not a war of hate, it is a war of compassion to humanity. Ours is a war to help those escape the prison of Islamic supremacism in their minds and hearts, to reverse the evil of
growth in society, and to work towards ending the daily atrocities of Islamic supremacism in the world. While we may be distressed over such atrocities, we must clearly communicate that our passion comes from the love of humanity and from our devotion to the inalienable human rights of equality and liberty.

Feel pity for those Americans who would mock our efforts against Islamic supremacism today. Feel pity for those who would call individuals who stand against Islamic supremacism names such as "Islamophobes," "bigots," "neocons," etc. Feel pity for those who attack us. Feel pity for those who put their mundane chores and interests above defending equality and liberty itself. Feel pity for those who were afraid to make the right choices because it would make their life difficult. Feel pity for the naive individuals who would waste their freedom of speech and press defending and appeasing Islamic supremacists who would take it away. Feel pity for those in our leadership and among our policy analysts who embarrass themselves by calling for
with Islamic supremacists. The more they do and say to suppress the freedom fighters against Islamic supremacism, the greater shame that will lie on their conscience. Every compromise that such Americans make with Islamic supremacism is a compromise with their own identities. Imagine the shame of having to justify this to their children and to the . They have to live with the consequences of their actions. They have to live with their imprisoned consciences.

I don't question the toll that the long war against Islamic supremacism has on its fighters - on their health, their relationships, their time, and their emotions. I don't question how the long hours fighting the long war against Islamic supremacism has on those who prioritize equality and liberty.

But imagine the sleeplessness, the weariness, and destitute nature of the consciences of those who had to live with not defending equality and liberty, who surrendered to Islamic supremacism, and who sold out to those who would "engage" and "reconcile" with Islamic supremacism. Their imprisoned conscience follows them everywhere, no matter how hard and how forcefully they repress it. Imagine having to live with that horrible burden of cowardice on the very values that define their identities as Americans. Imagine their moral pain when they face that they have stood on the wrong side of the history of equality and liberty.

Feel pity for them and take courage that you were able to learn and understand the threat of Islamic supremacism, and that you seek to do something about it. Take courage that you live with the consciences of free men and women, something that no one and nothing can ever take away from you. We are truly blessed to have been given the moral strength and vision to honor America's founding fathers by continuing the great fight for equality and liberty.

In the long war against Islamic supremacism ahead, it is essential to be gracious in our inevitable victories ahead and to embrace those who finally recognize the folly of their past. To those Americans that have stood against or have been unwilling to join the fight of free people against Islamic supremacism, we need to always offer our outstretched hand to help them free their imprisoned conscience. A freed conscience is the greatest weapon in the arsenal of equality and liberty.

It is also essential that in the war of ideas that we ultimately take pity on those who reject equality and liberty. Because if we believe in the truth that equality and liberty are inalienable human rights, then those rights belong to all people. Not so-called "democratic" voting by supremacists. But human rights, the right to change, the right to embrace the inherent, inalienable rights of equality and liberty is a right to all people. Pity those infused with an Islamic supremacist ideology that blinds them to such inalienable human rights. Imagine the horror of living in a prison of the mind that denies such inalienable human rights. Remember that our war against Islamic supremacism, even as it defeats such supremacists, will ultimately offer them a chance at human redemption as well. As we succeed in promoting equality and liberty against Islamic supremacists, they too may find the opportunity to free their minds and hearts from such prisons as well.

VII. A Campaign of Hope, Not Hate

Activists in the war against
must stay on their guard to manage their revulsion at the Islamic supremacism and Jihadist atrocities, their frustration at the inaction and surrender by analysts and government leaders, and the growing influence of Islamic supremacists amidst our media and legislature. We must not allow our disgust, anger, and disappointment to develop into the perception of hatred. While we fight a war of ideas against Islamic supremacism, we must never lose sight of what we are fighting to defend.

We are a campaign of hope, not hate.

We must never allow ourselves to be portrayed as being like the Islamic supremacists who abuse, suppress, kill, and attack hope on a daily basis.

We fight against the complacency, against the weakness, against the propaganda, against the misinformation, and against the Islamic supremacist lobbying efforts - because we are all about hope.

We are nation and a people founded and forged in hope... the hope that the inalienable rights of equality and liberty would be realized not just as this nation, but as inalienable rights for all humanity. That hope defines what the United States of America
itself to be on July 4, 1776.

Hope is what we are all about. That hope is the dream that Americans are blessed to live everyday. We are the hope to those imprisoned for their religion. We are the hope to those who have no freedom of speech and press. We are the hope to the women killed and abused in the name of an Islamic supremacist ideology. We are the hope to the children and innocents killed by those who murder in the name of an Islamic supremacist ideology. We are the hope to our armed forces fighting in foreign lands that need leadership in fighting Islamic supremacism. We are the hope to those in the world that live in the darkness of constant fear that the wrong word, the wrong action, could be interpreted by Islamic supremacists as a crime. We are the hope to those who seek reform, but fear to speak out.

America is and remains the fountain of such hope to our fellow citizens and the world. The helpless, the downtrodden, the abused, the voiceless, and those under fire - they are counting on the hope of America. They are counting on us to win the war of ideas against Islamic supremacism.

As human rights activists, we are fighters, but in defense of inalienable human rights of equality and liberty. We are warriors, but in defense of human dignity. We are challengers, but we challenge those who would mock the right of all humanity to dream, to grow, to reach for their higher and nobler selves.

We are a campaign with a
that reads "All Men Are Created Equal."

We wield the inalienable human right of liberty as our
to break the chains of bondage that would place on the minds and hearts of America and humanity.

So when we march in our long war against Islamic supremacism ahead, keep joy in our hearts and minds that we are continuing to fight for equality and liberty so someday our efforts may help all humanity realize the dream of freedom and say that they are...
-- "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

Fear No Evil... We will Not Be Defeated.

Keep Hope Alive.

Postscript - See also documents for additional reading and background information.



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