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Radical Islamism and Jihad ( 11 May 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Extremism is a Way to Ignorance rather Than Martyrdom

By Saima Shahzadi

May 11, 2011

Islam is a religion which brought light to darkness of ignorance and gave guiding principles to spend a successful life. Undoubtedly Islam is a complete code of life and every aspect of life has been explained in Holy Quran. It is a religion of peace, spread not by sword but by good manners and is spreading like a fragrance in the whole world. Islam favours equality and freedom of speech; a freedom which prohibits vexing of other’s heart. Followers of Islam can never take life of an innocent, then who is involved in suicidal killing of people at mosques, schools, shrines of selected one’s and public places. Who is playing with the lives of children as well as innocent people? It is also extremism to consider one’s doctrine right and others false. Similarly killing and disguising women for land or estate is also extremism.  There is a difference between rights of Allah and people; authority of punishing someone for not saying prayer or not having beard relies on Allah; no one has right to decide life, death or fate of others. A Muslim is answerable for bringing up his wife, off springs and those who are under his command. He can advise others with good manners to say prayer or do good deeds but he cannot force anyone to say prayer by pointing out his gun at him. Islam gives preaching of harmony, endurance, tolerance and patience. Extremism is a way to ignorance rather than martyrdom. A true Muslim is never in favour of killing anyone in the world. Guardians of extremists should know that they are not just collecting money but fire of hell as well. The justification of becoming Abu Jahal of today by accused priest of American state of Florida, after burning prescriptions of Holy Quran should be highly degraded. But it’s not wise to destroy national assets of Pakistan by reacting extremely against this incident. Why Pope Benedict did not put petition in American court against this defiled action of Ready Johns. World cannot bear this clash between civilisations. America should have to take action on these wrong deeds of cursed Ready Johns. There are different Islamic organisations which are involved in extreme activities. Out of these organisations, some are arguing that they are performing jihad to eradicate the allies from Afghanistan by neglecting government’s command to remain calm. Is it possible to get rid of allies by doing suicidal attacks on mosques and shrines of religious scholars? It is the right of every country to secure its national interests. If America and Britain are using Pakistan so as to honour their interests, it is not their fault as it is the inability of our leaders. Let’s see whether our leaders have potential to face these challenges. They are taking advantage of simplicity of people by exciting them against America and Britain instead of securing national interests. Release of Raymond Davis is also a true representation of it. America had done what it should have to do in order to release its citizen but it would not be possible without unfair support of our leaders. Therefore, no extreme group has right to perform suicidal attacks at any site of Pakistan by taking this incident as their prime issue. It is a conspiracy to lose confidence on freedom of justice and to keep Pakistan aback from civilised nations after making decision on their own. Extremism is a tumour for this society; they have made Pakistan a play thing with people spending a living dead life. It can be said that these extremists are operated by someone else; it is not martyrdom but a way to ignorance which will lead them to blaze of hell than orchards of heaven.  Pakistan is an Islamic state; no one is allowed to proclaim jihad against any state including Pakistan by merely agreeing with few people having similar opinion. National interests of Pakistan are far more affected than any other country due to the extremists’ activities. Authoritative class of Pakistan is even not able to control the extremism in spite of using their power. Today, investors are not ready to come and invest in Pakistan. National subsistence of Pakistan is pledged with I.M.F. Pakistan, a nuclear power, with its rulers begging from I.M.F and other monetary organisations in the name of loan. The powerful authorities of Pakistan are not only lacking in vision but also not accepting each other’s mandate. The extremism that started in Pervez Musharraf’s regime is further strengthened in last three years, no one even strived to analyse the stimulators for this sudden increase. Policies have remained same though faces continued to change in elections. Education is the only weapon to defeat extremism. Our national media can play a vital role to fulfil this purpose. It is necessary to add such material in coursework which gives awareness against extremism. It is the need of an hour to incline youth towards harmony and to displease them of extremism. “Seek knowledge whether you have to travel to China” is one of the famous quotes of Holy Prophet (PBUH). But these so-called Taliban have destroyed the educational institutes in different cities by rebelling against the Islamic state. These so-called Taliban ask people for charity and then kill their loved ones by purchasing weapons from it. It is considered a rebel against state to give them zakat, Fitrana or any fund. Extremism does not deserve any monetary or moral support. Those people who provide them funds are equally responsible for murdering people; when extremists kill others with the weapons bought from their money. Pakistan is a strong fortress of Islam and extremists are busy in weakening it. Few extremists cannot hijack Pakistan. People should have to help state to get rid of this tumour of extremism. For the moment, Pakistan has more threat from internal than from external powers.

Source: The Frontier Post, Pakistan