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The Ideology of Terror Alone Is the Cause for the Widespread Phenomenon of Global Terrorism: The Terrorist Is Merely a Tool, a Weapon

By Basil Hijazi, New Age Islam

03 June, 2014

As a matter of fact, the ideology of terror alone is the cause for the widespread phenomenon of global terrorism. A terrorist is just a tool or weapon in a hand, because he doesn't engage in thinking for himself.  Many a time terrorists even don’t know whom they are going to target or why they are going to mercilessly kill an innocent civilian. For instance, when the terrorist who killed Faraj Faudah was brought to the court and asked why he killed him, he replied because he was a Kafir (disbeliever). But when the advocate asked him how he got to know that he was a Kafir or whether he read any of his books, he simply replied: “I am illiterate”.

Obviously, such a stupid killer was working as a tool for the ideology of terror. This ideology is so fatal and dangerous that it can jeopardise not only a family or society but rather an entire country. As a result of that, people begin to peddle hatred, intolerance and discrimination against each other under the false assumption that by doing so they would do a great favour to the cause of Islam.

Moreover, this ideology of terrorism is not restricted to only Islamic organisations; it also has roots in other entities and even countries like Israel and other imperialist countries. If we take a holistic view of this widespread phenomenon, we will get to realise that its poisonous tentacles sometimes reach out to the tribes and families.

Today’s world is completely different from the ancient ages our predecessors lived in. People of great fame known as “Hujjatul Islam” or “Khalifa” can no longer be held in the same esteem. For the caliphs in the early era of Islam would wander around in order to know the actual situations of the people or public pulse about the government’s policies. That sincerity cannot be seen or expected today, because while countries and cities are now densely populated, means of communications have also drastically changed. Despite that, it seems that the Muftis (who issue the Fatwas) of our time are not able to fathom this simple reality. Or maybe they are not willing to digest it.

However, combating the menace of terrorism does not imply that we should fight against religion, as some of the intellectuals are loudly claiming to do. These people are, in fact, silent supporters of terror ideologies. The revolutions in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia followed by strong reactions made it patently clear that people are now growing mature in understanding the striking disparities between Islam and terror ideologies. Nonetheless, we do see some people who fail to understand the nuances of this ideology, because the self-styled religious clerics have turned it into a difficult and incomprehensible mystery.

Al-Qaida has proved to be a clear example of this thought and it will turn out to be more dangerous if we did not put a halt to it. This ideology has potential to grow more dangerous with the passage of time. For instance, today we have “The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”, a terror outfit that proved more dangerous than even the al-Qaida. Looking at its mindless acts of terror, it could be called as the greater version of the al-Qaida. The renowned Saudi columnist Jamal Khasqaji calls it “the extent of extremism”.

Nonetheless, when the US embarked on its stated mission of war against terror, our naive people thought they will take not so long to eradicate the menace of terrorism from our country. But what we see now after one and a half decade has passed that the situations are getting from bad to worse. On the other hand, ideologies of terror are growing far and wide stemming from a hideout. I would not hesitate to confess that people like me were naive in our perception of the developments. No control over acts of violence and terrorism has been exercised as yet. Just last year, the number of people targeted and indiscriminately killed was far greater than that of the previous years.  All this is substantial evidence that war on terror has terribly failed on all ground and fronts, be they verbal or literary. It is the pressing need of the time that not only the victims of terrorism but also the safe and sound people should come out to combat this ideology, or else the situation will spin out of control.

A regular columnist with New Age Islam, Mr. Basil Hijazi hails from Pakistan. He is a freelance journalist with special interest in Comparative Religions and History. Educated and trained in Saudi Arabia in the department of Islamic Studies, he has acquired expertise in the Arab politics. A staunch supporter of liberal and secular values, Mr. Basil Hijazi is vehemently opposed to retrogressive views on Islam. He opines that Islam is a flexible religion that can be compatible with the changes and necessities of the modern era. However, he holds that Islam has been reduced to a global controversy, rather than a religion, due to the obscurantist and retrogressive views of the present-day Ulema. Therefore, he is of the view that Muslims cannot do any tangible development without keeping with the passage of time.

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