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The Culture of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism


By Basil Hijazi, New Age Islam

Translated by New Age Islam Edit Bureau

26 December 2017

In the previous column, this writer opined that the economic and social causes had little role to play in the spread of terrorism. Associating terrorism with poverty and oppression is a matter of complexity; which requires a complete explanation. In some people's views, this enjoys a complete license for the blind violence—such violence which is not in any way acceptable. This argument provides the criminals with justification for committing crimes. This is the same as one trying to justify robbery and theft under the excuses of poverty and social disorder. This argument, in my opinion, is baseless, because the crime is finally a crime and it should be condemned in all cases.

A culture has also emerged that not only accepts terrorism, but also campaigns for it. The very fact can be easily traced in the writings and statements of the moderate Islamic preachers, non-Muslim thinkers, writers, politicians and journalists. This issue is also to be resolved that, if the terrorists are not acceptable, then their “apologetics” should also not have been acceptable. But it is surprising that such groups are not prevented. Instead they are fully permitted to participate in the media circles and fool the simple and naive public.

In terms of succeeding or failing in the attainment of the required social justice, the overall responsibility cannot be put only on the government policies, as one issue is also of “destiny (Taqdeer)” and “the will of God”, that is, accepting the fate as it is, under the excuse of “will of God”. So if the claim is made this way that terrorism is a revolutionary movement against oppression and persecution, then why is it that this “revolutionary movement” is indiscriminately killing women, children and innocent civilians? What sort of relation is there between the objective of achieving justice and that of the merciless killing of the innocent civilians?

Why there is no birth of peaceful civil movements on the style of Gandhi and Nelson Mandela? Why don’t they openly declare their goals for attaining justice and freedom? What is clear is that these people commit crimes in the greed of paradise. In their view justice and freedom will be made in the eternal world of Hereafter and not in this mortal world. (But God is the lord of both the heaven and the earth, therefore our responsibility demands that we should make peace in this mortal world as well and not create disorder (Fasaad) in the way of God).

What should be done with the rule of obedience full of such examples and Islamic arguments? Why is the promotion and welfare in the destiny of Japanese nationality? And why hunger, depression and illness in the destiny of the Muslim world? When I put forward this issue to an Islamic scholar (Alim), he accused me of making objection against the “will of God”. Then immediately I had to come back from my “Kufriya” thought (disbelieving thought) in the way as if I had got safety for my life?!

Personally I am afraid only of finding that the acquisition of social justice is a justification for committing crime and violence or that the purpose of violence is to achieve justice, equality and development and that it is a human protest against cruelty, poverty and corruption. But fortunately, the violent and extremist organizations have never directed their objectives for achieving social justice and development, and nor did they present them as a license for those crimes occurring in Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Britain and many other countries. Actually the problem here is very simple that the oppression and corruption play an important role in providing with an environment appropriate for violence and crime. This concept is firm to the great extent of history and geography and is greatly identical to the concept of disease and immunity system fighting against the infection.

Resisting the disease is fully dependent on the immune system existing in the body. When this immune system stops working or becomes weak, the body becomes more vulnerable to various kinds of diseases and infections. A very simple and logical question arises here that should we, in that case, fight against thousand types of bacteria and hundreds of other causes creating virus and disease, or should we concentrate solely on curing the immune system?  

Indeed it is logical and reasonable that instead of fighting thousands of causes of diseases we should focus only on curing the immune system of the body. If the immune system gets cured, all the diseases will automatically be cured. The same example should also be applied to the fight against terrorism. We need to create the immune system required to fight against the culture of extremism and terrorism; which is possible only by justice and spread of knowledge. Justice and knowledge are human values, upon the attainment of which all the religions and civilizations agree.

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