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It Is the Terrorists Who Are Responsible For Terrorism


By Basil Hijazi, New Age Islam

Translated from Urdu By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

30 March 2018

This is the age of terrorism continuously taking place. But the question which is being asked most intensely is; what is the position of religions, especially of Islam, about this dangerous manifestation of terrorism which is largely affecting the people’s lives? Terrorism has affected the relations of nations and is playing the pivotal role in the ongoing wars at several fronts of the world. If appropriate measures are not taken to prevent terrorism, it is likely that many more such fronts will become the battlefield.

The global media tried to give religious colour to terrorism, attributing it to a particular region and assuming that people of this particular region are followers of Islam. However the fact is that terrorism is an act committed by a human being, regardless of his colour, creed and faith. This is a bad attitude and evil selection of character. As a human behaviour, this evil act is found in all classes of people; regardless of whether they are related to ethnic groups, religions or communities.

We need to be cautious about such efforts of those people whose goal is to see terrorism in context of war between Islam and Christianity, or sometimes to raise the slogan of Sunni terrorism and sometimes the slogan of Shia terrorism.

We reject all such terms, which are likely to intensify hatred among nations and religions. The killing of innocent people in Central Africa is not Christian terrorism against Muslims, because the Christians’ central and spiritual leaders do not consider it legitimate. They strongly reject this terrorism, condemning the perpetrators of such crimes against Muslims. Similarly the oppression on Christians and Yazidis in Iraq is not Islamic terrorism against Christians, because the religious authority of Muslims, Jamia al-Azhar condemns all such crimes which harm any human being or humiliate any religion.

Similarly we do not accept the view that the ongoing killing of Muslims in Burma is Buddhist terrorism, because the groups supporting terrorism do not represent the religions. Such terrorist people represent their own agenda. Terrorism is a criminal act which is neither Christian nor Muslim. Similarly this criminal act is neither Shia nor Sunni.

In our opinion, the act of accusing any religion or region of terrorism harms the efforts of preventing terrorism. This is because the people of the accused religion or region come or are forced to engage in defensive position. Thus instead of repelling terrorism they get involved in making efforts to defend their position and the global powers lose trust in the people of this religion and region. This leads to increasing individual strength of terrorists. It should be noted that prevention of terrorism is a collective responsibility. It is therefore very important to combine the capabilities available to the global community and utilize them against this evil act.

However, Islam describes terrorism as an act of evil and this position of Islam does not change even if the perpetrator of this evil act changes. As per Islam, It is an evil act to kill the innocent people, whether they are Muslims or not. Terrorism is an evil act, whether its perpetrator is Muslim or not. This act is based on oppression which cannot be given any title other than evil and ugly, whereas the perpetrator is entitled to condemnation.

In some traditions and juristic [Fiqhi] references, the ‘warrior’ has been defined as “the one who takes up arms to threaten people, whether he is in the Islamic or non-Islamic state.” This explanation indicates that, in accordance with Islam, anyone who threatens peace and freedom of the civilians, whether only for frightening them, is a warrior who should be prevented and punished. This definition of ‘warrior’ as made by the jurists [Fuqaha] and theologians is wider than that of terrorist.

However, under the pretext of preventing terrorism, one should not torture the peace-loving civilians. In other words, one should not commit greater evil to prevent evil. In order to punish any terrorist we should not destroy the entire nation. We should not drive the peaceful civilians out of their homes. The goal may be pure; but it does not give any justification to the killing of the innocent civilians. If this continues, this will become more dangerous than the terrorism that we are fighting against. Does the global community think that the civilians who are killed in the war against terrorism will sing the song of peace?

Urdu Article:

It Is the Terrorists Who Are Responsible For Terrorism دہشت گرد ہی دہشت گردی کا ذمہ دار ہےدہشت-گرد-ہی-دہشت-گردی-کا-ذمہ-دار-ہے/d/114654



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