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An Open Warning of Dire Perdition to the Neo Khwarijite (Hatred Inspiring and Terror Mongering) Ulema of Pakistan – The Ideologues of TTP, Jaish e Muhammad and Their Likes


By Alishah Qalander, New Age Islam

12 June, 2014

This article is inspired by Tariq Fatah’s just posted piece, ‘Truth Must Prevail

Wanton terrorism and crude barbarism in the name of Islam is only on the rise. One of their Fatwas dated March last year called upon the members of Pakistan armed forces to carry out acts of sabotage with whatever arms, ammunition and even crude material they could lay their hands on such as dumping sand into the engine of a naval ship or using kitchen knives to slay colleagues. It had promised heaven to anyone who could pull a trigger on Malala. Late last year a terrorist outfit (al-Shabab) shot and killed the non-Muslims selectively in a Nairobi Westgate Mall, followed by an unbroken chain of terror attacks and suicide bombings all against innocent Muslims and Christians in Pakistan, Syria, and Iraq, and just the other day, the Boko Haram kidnapped some two hundred girls from a hostel in Nigeria. The acts of terror apart, these ideologues are setting precedent in Sharia Law that will put the entire Muslim community on shame. The latest example being awarding the most barbaric punishment of stoning to death to a Syrian girl for maintaining a Facebook Account that coincided with the news of public beating of a girl at the gate of Lahore Court under the eyes of public and police, and another being shot for falling in love – both in Pakistan. 

Tarek Fatah has done a good piece on this referenced above.’ But the article needs some bite and sting or else the ideologues of terror and hatred and their extremist and atavistic Ulema have become so bold in Kufr and Nifaq (in the Qur’anic diction) that any mild narrative against their ideology of terror and hate is hardly going to cause them any worry. Hence, they must be warned in a compelling manner of the perdition that may be awaiting them and is unfolding in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and other Muslim lands under their influence to the detriment of the broader Muslim community and at the expense of the faith and teachings of Islam. The truth, however bitter it may sound may be captured in the following imageries drawn on the Qur’an and medieval literary sources:

If the Prophet Muhammad were to come to life and visit a congregation of neo-Khwarijite (TTP, Jaish e Muhammad, al Shaba, Boko Haram, al-Muhajiroun, Mujahideen) and hate mongering Ulema, he may catch them all by their beards and bang their heads together somewhat like what the Prophet Moses did to Aron when he found that in his absence, his followers had abandoned the true faith he had preached (20:94).     

If the famous Italian 14th century poet Dante Alighieri were to be reincarnated and visit the lands under domination of the Neo-Khwarijite Ulema (they have adopted the innocuous name of ‘Salafis’ and ‘mujahidin’), he might substitute Mohamet for Ulema to produce the following modified version of his imagery of the lowest pit of hell.

“A cask by losing centre-piece or cant (old unintelligible expression probably implying a criminal who lost his head or bearing)

Was never shattered so, as I saw one

Torn from the chin to where one breaks the wind.

Between their legs was hanging down their entrails;

Their hearts were visible, and the dismal holes

That make excrement of what is eaten.

While I was all absorbed in seeing them,

They looked at me, and opened with their hands

Their bosoms, saying: "See now how ugly we look;

How mutilated, see, are we;

In front of them do their leaders weeping go,

Cleft in the face from forelock unto chin;

And all the others whom thou here behold,

Disseminators of hatred and of schism

In their lifetimes, and therefore are cleft thus

Torn by wild pigs and dragons, stung by snakes and scorpions- In the lowest pit of hell”

- Dante's Inferno, Canto 28, slightly paraphrased and modified for easy reading

Angry as most hatred inspiring and terror spawning Ulema in Pakistan and elsewhere may be in being relegated to the lowest pit of hell, torn apart by wild beasts and stung by deadly poisonous insects through the words of one of the greatest poets of 14th century Italy, they must remember what the Qur’an said about those companions of the Prophet who wilfully conspired against Islam as they are veritably doing by fostering hatred and terrorism in blatant, unwavering and vicious manner as a conspiracy to the Qur’anic message. Here is the Qur’an’s take on the wilfully conspirers against the faith of Islam, whom it called the hypocrites:

“It called them Rijz (spiritually unclean) (9:95), liars (9:42, 9:107, 58:18, 63:1) and deviants (Fasiqun) (9:96, 9:67) and hurled divine curse on them (9:68, 33:73). It charged some of the believing nomadic Arabs to being intense in Kufr and hypocrisy (9:97, 9:101) and identified the hypocrites as the most despised among the Prophet’s followers for opposing God and His Messenger, and singled them out as the comrades of Satan (58:19/20) and relegated them to the lowest depths of the hellfire (4:145).

So Dante would have hit right at the head of the nail by consigning the terror and hatred spawning Ulema of Pakistan and their ideological kins to the lowest pit of Hell. God alone knows what is going to be their fate – hopefully not as terrible as Dante speculated.


Alishah Qalander is a free lance writer, thinker and scholar specializing on Islamic theological sciences and modern developments in Islam.


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